Monday, April 30, 2007

Trigger Happy

How could I forget to tell you about this event in my Weekend Wrap Up? A while back I wrote about wanting to get my 5th tattoo done. Well, I went to Trigger Happy Tattoo in La Habra yesterday and met Dan, my new tattoo artist. I looked over his book of previous work, went over what I wanted to get done, and made an appointment with him for Sunday, June 10th @ 12:30 to get inked up.

Weekend wrap up

Friday James and I went out for dinner and for him to give me my souvenirs from his recent trip to Japan. James handed me a bag off goodies when I got into the car and I couldn’t wait to open them! He brought me back two cute charms; one was Hello Kitty and another one of a crystal ball with a dragon wrapped around it, sake, and a sake pitcher and cups set. He purchased the sake pitch/cups set the day he climbed a mountains and those mountains are the ones painted on the set. They are SUPER cool! THANKS JAMES!

We headed off to BJ’s Restaurant and had a blast. There was over an hour wait so we hung out and caught up on what’s been going on.

During our wait I got a call from my niece and oldest sister. My niece, who is a freshman in high school, is going to prom the following day with a SENIOR! OMG! My little niece is growing up too fast! She also wanted to let me know she signed up for the Black Belt Club at the martial arts dojo that I signed her up at. She will probably have a black belt by the time she is a senior in high school.

Our pager finally went off and we were seated and enjoyed a great meal of avocado egg rolls, lettuce wraps and BJ famous pizza, plus a pitcher of Berry Burst Cider.

Saturday, I was helping a friend baby-sit a house and it was a gorgeous day in Southern California. The three other girls that spent the night left and I decide to go swimming…NAKED! What can I say? It was hot and I didn’t have a bathing suit, so instead of waiting while my friend woke up and then cleaned the house, I entertained myself. I played catch with one of the dogs from the pool and then sun bathed. I am a little water bug so it’s like home for me to me in water. Sorry…no pictures!

Later on that night I went out dancing with Santa, Jay Jay, Rocky, Dennis, and two other guys. We went to Sevilla’s Night Club in Long Beach again and it was happening! I can't express how great it feels to go out dancing. It lifts my soul! I love the feeling of just getting lost in the rhythm of the music and then looking up at my pals during the song and seeing grins on their faces and seeing them getting lost in the music, too.

Sunday I had my first session with my trainer, Carmen. She is very knowledgeable and almost made me cry. Have you ever had one of those moments when someone is just giving you words of advice and they hit home? I see her next Sunday for a kick ass workout.

Aunt Martha

Guys, you might not want to read on... it's about girl TMI stuff!

Last Monday I came into work and was only craving these little, chocolate, Easter eggs that have a crisp shell on them that my co-worker has on her desk. Every bite is a little bit of heaven! I commented to another co-worker who sits across from her that I must be PMSing because who craves and eats these for breakfast? Later that day I started my period (my sisters and I call her our Aunt Martha).

Once I told a friend that my Aunt Martha was here and they thought I was talking about a real relative. Too funny!

Surprise in my pocket

You know how you might wear a pair a jeans to run a quick errand and then fold them back up because they are not dirty. Well, I did that and I pulled out a pair of jeans that I have not worn since 8/20/2006. My heart just dropped to the pit of my stomach as I pulled out the Robbin's Brothers business card with our Diamontologist contact information and my roommies and my ring preferences.

All it said on the back was:
"his -
0101379 - Studio 311 $795
hers -
0354771 - $795
0354994 - $1595"

I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed!

Today I got a call from an apartment complex doing a reference check on him. I lied to them and gave him a good reference.... obviously I would! They asked if he had left any damage and I said "no."

Friday, April 27, 2007

My new TOY

Seeing how I am going to be placing a bet with one of my co-workers to see who can lose the most weight during the month of May, I bought a little gift for me to help me keep track. It a Tanita InnerScan Scale.

It has an "InnerScan Body Composition Monitor" that accurately measures weight and body composition. This scale also provides in depth information about your body, which allows users to accurately monitor the impact of diet and fitness program.

It Calculates 6 different body composition measurements:
Body fat %
Body water %
Lean body mass weight
Level of fat surrounding user's vital organs in the trunk/stomach area
Estimates number of calories user can eat in 24 hours to maintain current weight
Weight of bone mineral in the body

I'm so sore!

At this pace, I am going to be getting some sweet looking legs! Last night I went out dancing AGAIN! My legs are screaming that they had a good time with the feeling of tenderness as if I just ran for an hour and half.

I was invited to go dancing with the Santá, Jason and Paul (Santá’s Bro) to Off Campus in Fullerton. Since last week we went to Hurricanes in Huntington Beach with Carmen (Paul’s wife), it was Paul’s turn to go out and Carmen stayed home and watch their two cute kids. We met up with some co-workers and buddies there and it was cool to have so many people there that know us.

I’ve been to Off Campus once before and they have made a lot of changes since the last time I was there. It used to be just a bar & dance floor, but now it has pool tables, upgraded dance floor, scuffle board, and, of course, a bar.

I had lost Santa in the crowd and was scanning for her when one of the guys in our group comes up and I asked if he’s seen her. He let’s me know that she is in front of the bathroom waiting for her bro. Only two hours into the night and he brother is throwing up. That’s the pits! He hasn’t been out in years and within less then two hours had consumed 7 shots of Petron and 2 Long Island Ice Teas. Poor Guy! While we were leaving club members were sympatric and even gave us words of advice to help him out.

On the drive we pull over a couple of times and Paul let me know in the middle of him throwing up that he thinks I am hot! Jason said “But your loyalty is to Carmen!” and Paul quickly reassured all of us, but just wanted me to know that I was Hot. Too funny! We all started laughing quietly. When we got to his house and Jason had to carry Paul to his house. Poor guy is probably hating life today and still praying to the porcelain God.

(Here's Jay Jay acting a fool! He is trying to get out of taking a picture, but we got him in one!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don’t shoot the messenger!

Yesterday was SUPER hectic at work. I had to come in early to set up for an 8am meeting and the day continued to run at full force. I had to miss lunch and to top it off I was the messenger for pissed off boss.

Late morning yesterday I get a call from my boss to tell me that he is outside and someone is parked in his reserved parking spot. We recently closed one of our buildings a half mile away and transferred all those employees over to the three building at my current location. Since then parking has become a challenge to say the least.

I called security twice and no one answered the phone both times, then I called the head of security directly and the first time I got his voicemail. Finally, the second time I got through. By this time by boss had checked with me twice on the progress and was not happy that I could not get a hold of someone. He had me call the head of security’s boss, his boss and his secretary to complain. He wanted this car towed ASAP and wanted the name of the person who owned the vehicle and the name of the person who he reported to. By boss was not a happy camper and I had to tell people delicately so that fact with my boss in ear-shot distance away.

Security was very nice and understanding. They even went around the building and asked (200+ people) if any one own the white, later model, Toyota 4Runner parked behind the building. Since the owner was not found, security had the car towed. I felt bad as I watched the car being towed and hoped the owner would run down and claim it before the y took off, but no luck.

Image being the person whose car was towed? Coming out of work and not seeing your car. I would have thought it was stolen and freaked out. Then I would have freaked out when I had to go claim it at the storage facility and probably have to pay $300+ to get it back.

This morning I received a report from security stating all the facts that occurred yesterday and that they were not aware of the owner yet, but believe it was so and so. They email me their badge photo. I guess for easy IDing. That was a little extreme, I thought.

So to the owner of the white, later model Toyota 4Runner I am so sorry for having to tow your car! I hope you got it back and it didn’t cost too much!

Pussy Cat Dolls Apparel

During lunch I went to Circuit City and bought a few CD's to rock out to and one of those was the Pussy Cat Dolls' latest CD. When I opened the package there was a catalog of apparel and when I got back to work I checked out their website. Seeing how summer is just the corner, I treated by self to a cute tang top and booty shorts to sleep in. I bet some of you thought I was going to wear them to the club! Haha!
Right after I made my purchase, I passed by my male co-worker that backed out of the Sexy Challenge and hit him up about it. He said he was down for starting it May 1st and stuck his hand out to shake on it. RIGHT ON!!! It's my work's earnings release and he was called to go assist with the set up, so I don't know all the details like how much we are betting, but I do know that it will last until May 31st and we are seeing who can have the most total workout time.
I told two of my female co-workers the great news and one wants to possibly do it starting May 1st, as well! However, she wants it to be based on total pounds lost.
What a GREAT turn of events! Looks like I am going to look smoking hot in my new booty shorts.
btw, I start training with my new 24HourFitness trainer on Sunday. SEXY here I come.

Admin. Surprise

Yesterday was Administrative Day and I wasn't expecting anything from my boss, unless, of course, I sent something to myself on his behalf. The way I looked at it is I keep him on track and I was the one who sent his wife Valentine's Day flowers and signed the card, so I didn't expect him to remember me and wasn't bummed that he didn't acknowledge it.
Today, however, I got a WONDERFUL surprise! I came to my desk and saw a 1-800Flowers box waiting for me. I opened it and saw a cute money tree. The myth is that you are supposed to rub the braided trunk every day and prosperity will be attracted in your direction. This is SO me! I have one at home that has grown to be almost as tall as me.
This cute good luck tree was from my co-worker's boss. I help her out a lot when ever she is out of the office and he sent it to me in appreciation of my support! Awww... how sweet!

Daddieo gots a blog!

I logged onto my email this morning and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me, an email from James letting me know he started a blog. Click here to check it out. He just came back from a 3 week trip to Japan and is starting a blog to show us what a great time he had! Can't wait to see all the great pictures and wonderful and crazy stories!
Welcome to the blogging world, James (a.k.a. Blogger Dad)!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5 Questions

5 Questions, compliments of Jordan

1. What was your favorite memory as a little girl?

Growing up I lived on a street that had few houses and little traffic. There were tons of hills around us and when it would rain the street would flood. My sisters and I would take out our bikes, pedal cars, tricycle, and trashcan lids and go riding right in the middle of the street where the water was the deepest. Water would splash all over us! Funny thing is we would have all our rain gear on, too.

One time I wore my Dad’s rubber boot out and stood in the middle of the street holding an umbrella. I loved the sound of the water passing the rubber and the rain drops hitting the umbrella.

2. Why did you join the Navy?

Even though my Dad was not in the military, our house was run in such a fashion. With four girls, that was a good idea on his part. It kept us in line and organized or least was a good effort to do so. Plus, he was a huge History channel and guns/rifles fanatic. I grew up watching the military in action on TV and around fire arms. Even at an early age we were taught how to handle and shoot a pistol and rifle.

When I was younger I did a lot of apprentice work for my Dad’s Industrial Engineering business. All his contracts were with the government and I spent a lot of time on base at Point Magu - and 29 Palms Marine base in California. We would build and repair the officer homes on bases. I loved watching the military personnel work out and do practice drills. Everything seems so organized and seamless.

In High School, the recruiters visited our school and I did my home work on all the branches and what felt right for me. I brought brochures home and told my Dad and he was supportive and very proud. My ex bf talked me out of it and the next time I was single I went out and enlist.

Life seems to have such a great purpose when you are in the military. I was one of two of my ship mates that enlisted just “to serve” our country. I had originally wanted to be a medic and save lives. The enlistments rules change all the time and when I went to enlist, I was unable to request to be a medic because I did not have prior service, so was an Operations Specialist.

3. What are your feelings on the WAR in Iraq?

I am against it!

4. Tell me about your future.. Where will you be in 5 years?

If I could write my own story, this would be it

*fast forwarding to 4/25/2012*

I will be completing or just have received my bachelor’s of science degree in biology from Cal Poly Pomona and making plans to head off to UC Davis.

I will be in the best shape EVER because I will have been in the swim team.

Most importantly, I’ll be happy, healthy and at peace.

5. If you were handed one million dollars, what would you do with it and why?

First, I would hire a financial advisor to make sure I handle the money wisely. Some other stuff that comes to mind is:

- Donate a portion to UNICEF.They are a great organization that strive to unite for the sake of children’s health, education, protection and equality.

- Donate a portion to IFAW. I am an animal lover and this organization helps endangered animals.

- Invest some – I have a friend who is a millionaire and she invests her $ and lives off the interest.

- Save some for a rainy day – I would have some cash for splurging. Maybe a Glen Ivy Girl Spa day for my Mom and sisters.

- Open a college fund for my two nieces here in the U.S. – “Nacha” and “Lizzy Looper” I want those girls to get a good education and not have to worry about working while going to school.

- Travel to Spain and have a cup of coffee in the city that my ancestors came from. It’s something I have always wanted to do and is on that list of stuff I want to do before I die.

- Sponsor one of my nieces from Nicaragua to come and study in the U.S. I would love to fulfill one of my Dad’s dreams and ensure that my sister in Nicaragua and her family have a bright future.

- Buy a house. With prices now a days ½ the million would be going to this so if I have the cash might as well buy one and never have a mortgage to pay.

It's alive!

Awhile back I bought some avocados and while enjoying one I remember Cindy’s post about her avocado and the seed that was sprouting inside of it.

I have a strong monkey-see monkey-do side of me and immediately put my avocado seed in a cup with water. I was good about making sure it had water and sunlight and it eventually split open and started to sprout.

Then things got a little hectic in my life and I forgot to water it for like a week. When I remembered my seed and decide to check on it I was sadden to see that the little plant life that was growing out of the seed had died.

I didn’t know what to do with it and didn’t want to just give up and throw it away, so I planted it in dirt and watered it about once a week.

To my surprise, it stated to sprout again! YEAH! I am so happy that it hung in there.

I hope mine grows as good as Cindy’s has.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nicaragua visting US

I heard great news yesterday! My 1/2 sister from Nicaragua is coming to the State real soon! We are the only link my sister has to our Father and she wants to come down for the year anniversary of his passing.

I have only met her twice, once when we did a family trip right after my parent's divorce and again about 3 years ago. She is a very sweet lady with tons of love to give. I keep in touch with her and all my nieces and nephew via email (gotta love the Internet!). They are SO cute! They are taking English classes and enjoy practicing by writing to me in my native language. I am so very proud of them and that that are able to understand my emails and communicate back.

Hopefully, she will be able to come the week of fourth of July, because my works has that week off for a mandatory shut down. I would love to take her to see all the cool stuff here in California like Disneyland, a Flamenco show, train ride to San Diego, Hollywood, Botanical Gardens, museums, etc. And I would love to send her home with a family photo. I'm going to email the rest of my family and have them plan on taking one while she is here.

Part 2 of this weekend

Saturday night Santa, Jason, Raquel (a.k.a. Rocky), and myself headed off to Universal Studios City Walk in Hollywood.

First part of the night was dedicated to Rocky and we went to her favorite place called Howl at the Moon. It’s a bar with two dueling grand pianos, a lot of crowd interaction, singing, games and the crowd really gets into it. We were really not feeling it, but were supportive that it had sentimental value to Rocky and tried to enjoy it as much as possible. We stayed there for an hour or so and then headed next door to the Rumba Room. This was more my pace! The two other guys from Friday night joined up with us moments after we entered. Upstairs the club was playing salsa music and downstairs there was hip hop and techno music playing. I can kind of dancing salsa, but Officer W and Santa are salsa dancing machines! I only saw them for a brief moment I was being pulled downstairs with the rest of group, but from what I saw I was inspired to seek out a great salsa class and learn to move like that! It’s a really cool dance and isn’t like dancing to hip hop, at all. Obviously! It’s more fluid. We stayed until the very last song. I almost forgot how much I love to dance and what a high I get from it!

The other guy that came with Officer W cracked me up and freaked me out at the same time! He’s a 21 year old cadet that doesn’t have much rhythm at all. He just stands there in the middle of the dance floor and watches you dance. If you make eye contact with him, then he will copy your hand movement for a brief moment. The rest of the night he walked the club as if he was a bouncer. I think he was practicing for when he become a cop.

Going out and dancing the night away reminds me of when I was in Jr. High and my old sister used to take me out dancing at a local Spanish Rock club. I used to get in with her expired driver’s license (when they used to accept them) and she would wait in the line next to me and if I got in, (which I always did) then she would meet up with me shortly after. This group reminds me of those days and the people I used to hang out with. They are all about having fun, sober or not. That is a big turn on (in a non-sexual way!) for me. It’s hard to find people that go out and just want to have a good time. Drinking optional and their motive is not to get you in bed. Sounds funny writing it, but that has been my experience.

Sunday I went to see Blades of Glory and was rolling the entire time. If you want to just go out and see a silly movie and want to just laugh away, this is good choice.

I think this weekend was on big endorphin ride for me!

Monday, April 23, 2007


This would be part two of this post:

Even tho in the post below I just wrote that Roommie and I had a "drama free" weekend, I still want to have this up here as a reminder to me about how things can be.

Luckily, lil sis' hubby works in construction and can patch most of the holes. The hall way door will need to be completely replaced. *sigh*


A couple of weeks ago I got a call on the way home from work. It was my ol’ college buddy, Santa. We had a lot of catching up to do and I was floored on how much has gone on since the last time we talked.

I remember the first time she met my Dad they talked and she kept telling him he was a “cool guy!” My Dad loved it and after she left he kept asking me “I’m a cool guy?” He was eating it up every time I told him that of course, he was! It must be the best feeling to be a parent and your kid’s friends think you are cool. On my Father’s urn it even says “In memory of a loving father, grandfather and cool guy”

Friday night we went over to
Sevilla’s in Long Beach. The whole night worked out perfectly. See we were delayed a little bit because Santa had to head back home to get her ID. Roommie was supposed to start bouncing at a new club but that fell through, so he called me saying that he was going to be working at Sevilla’s that night and would see about getting us on the VIP list. Half way to Long Beach we get a call from the guys we are following and they wanted to go to JC Fandango in Anaheim instead and right then I get a call from Roommie saying he got me, plus 6 on the list and seeing how it is a $30 cover charge we were ecstatic and off to Long Beach we went! It was a $180 savings! Thanks Roommie (even tho you'll never read this blog!)

The club has two dance floors and a restaurant. When we first walked upstairs I was so happy we didn’t pay the cover because some punk band was on and none of us were feeling it. One of the bouncers told us to rest assure a DJ was coming on in about 15 minutes, so we headed off to the bar and had a round of shots to start the night. The rest of the night continued to be GREAT! I had a blast and so need to be out and having the endorphins rush! Normally, the friends that go out clubbing are the type that only can have fun if everyone is drinking, but the group was all about dancing the night away!

Roommie was keeping an eye on us and making sure no one was causing trouble and intruding on our fun. About 12:30am he came off the stage and passed by and I asked what time it was… it was after midnight... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROOMMIE!

After the club I headed home and spent the morning with roommie. We went to bed about 7ish and I woke him up about 11:30am with breakfast in bed compliments of IHOP.

I was on cloud 9! Glad you are back in my life girl! And roommie glad we had a drama free weekend!!!
BTW... I wore the corset that I originally bought to wear for Roommie's b-day sex feast out to the club as my top. The pix only show the top lacy part and I am kicking myself now for not taking a full body pix. I love the way it looks with jeans. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wear it out again and take a full body pix and post it later.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Exiting the Roller Coaster

Today was supposed to mark my final day of my detox, but that didn’t goes as planned. Last Saturday I started to feel a little under the weather and Tuesday it hit me full force. I called in sick at work and slept the day away and that’s the day I got off the detox to enjoy some soup and over-the-counter drugs.

Hind sight, it might have not been the best time to start. At first I thought it would be a great time to start because it would help me look great for roommie’s b-day, jump start my work out routine and help me be more Zen. If I only knew that all hell would break loose, I so would have waited!

Roommie and I have been on this love hate roller coaster. I see that we are both really hurt right now and are hurting each other.

He is house-sitting for a client of his for a week and will be back at the end of the week to pick up all his stuff. YEAH! I am so relieved. It’s been over 3 months since we broke up and what an emotional roller coaster this has been.

Today another mini roller coaster came my way. Sensei-T said he could not longer be my martial art instructor if I ever thought he liked me or thought he hit on me.

To give you a little back ground. Sensei-T was Roommie high school track coach, martial art instructor and best friend for the last 12 years. When I enlisted in the military I need to learn how to do push ups and I hired a trainer at 24Hour Fitness and was assigned to Sensei-T and he introduced Roommie and I. Well, after a couple months Roommie and Sensei-T had a falling out and I was in the middle of it. Sensei-T was also having other drama in his life; his live in girlfriend of 8 years and him were breaking up. Sensei –T had called me one day and said at the end of his message that he loved me. Since he is not sensitive type of person, I took as he was hitting on me. Plus, I had never heard him tell his two step daughters or his girl friend of 8 years that he loved them. Like I said, that was just not in his character. Well, last night at work Roommie and Sensei-T get into a verbal fight (btw, they work together) and roommie brings up the past. Sensei-T thought I was still thinking that he liked me and said he couldn’t be my sensei anymore. I felt so helpless. I totally respect his decision, but was upset that this was all going down this way. Before the chatting was done he said he just need some time to pass and then we can resume training.

If only I wasn’t sick, I would so go dancing tonight to blow off some steam. Heck, I might just take some over the outer stuff and just go. And if I feel bad at the club, I’ll just drink a Hot Toddie.


I've been tagged! I was checking up on all my blogger buddies this morning and when visiting Flat Coke's page I noticed she tagged me with writing the 5 reasons I blog. So, drum roll please... in no particular order, here are my 5 reasons.

1. Cindy made me do it! j/k She did twist my arm a little, tho, and I totally thank her for it!

2. To get my daily dose of laughter. I see the funniest crap ever on blogs. Just like this.

3. Seeing how I am one of the MOST conceited people you'll ever meet. You know those gals that have to check themselves out where ever their reflection is (i.e. window, mirror, water, glass, utensils, etc). The #1 reason I blog is to talk about the 3 most important people... ME, MYSELF and I. .... NOT!!! (If you saw Borat you'll so get a kick out of the "not"). Seriously, tho, one of the real reason is to have a place to remember moments in time, write about new discoveries in my life, and a place to vent and get good feedback.

4. To keep in touch with friends and to meet new ones.

5. To keep me occupied at work. :)

And I am supposed to tag 5 people but the ones I know have already been tagged, excepted for Messy Jessy... so tag, you're it girl!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I deserve better!!!

My heart is bleeding and I start to think of all the “what if's” that could have been done to prevent this wound from bleeding. I guess this is just one of those hard lessons in life that I need to get.

After 3 ½ years you think you really know someone, but it’s a slap in the face when you realize you don’t and even more shocking to see their immature actions… terrible name calling, punching holes in walls (yes, walls!) & doors, and breaking furniture (that used to belong to my Dad) is so uncalled for! You have lost me forever because of last night…

I started to remember what was on my list of qualities that I wanted in a significant other and remembered all I had on the list were 3 or 4 things and I see where that got me. So I started a NEW list to put out to the universe for qualities of my next love:

Loving and Kind
Into martial art and metaphysics
Into spending quality time no matter what the activity is.
Has his act together financially
Keeps his word
Healthy – Physically & Mentally
Has a wonderful and loving family
Have similar eating preferences/likes/habits
Drug Free
Loves me for me
Studies and learns me
Open minded
Makes me laugh
And that's just the start!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Yesterday I was introduced to the real spa experience. Prior to yesterday, I had always gone to the independent massage places where they do have massages, wraps and facials, but NOTHING compare to a day spa.

Cindy and I headed off to Glen Ivy Spa mid afternoon for a girls day of relaxation. It was my first time going to a day spa and I was in for a real treat!

We walked in and it was like entering another world. Lavender and eucalyptus filled the air and the sounds of fountain were a sweet welcoming sound.

We sat in the tea lounge next to a roaring fire to enjoy some tea and fill out a sheet with our personal info.

We had about 45 minutes before our massages, so we soaked in the whirlpool for a little bit and then went into the steam room. The lounge where we waited for our massage has cold cucumbers that you could place over your eyes while you waited and green apples to munch on. My name was called shortly after sitting down and I head off to for my 80 minute “Stress Reliever.” My masseuse, Melissa, gave me a free hot stone massage towards the end. It was very soothing and nice to way to end the session.

As Cindy and I walked out of our massage we were approached by the staff and asked if we wanted to try a complimentary exfoliation. Both of us tried the Sugar Glow scrub and it was like a bit of heaven. The showers are just like this one and the scrub smelled and felt great! After the shower I felt like a million bucks.

We relaxed in the steam room again and then head off back into reality. Since the spa is attached to the mall, I decide to go in and cash in my Victoria’s Secret gift card that my lil sis game me. I bought some cute panties, Love Spell lotion and spray and a new bra, which I am wearing today! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shower thoughts

This morning at the VERY EARLY time of 3:22AM (PST) I got a texted from lil sis. She accompanied her hubby to North Carolina to check out Duke University’s Campus and she was letting me know that they arrived safely, but luggage hadn’t made it, yet. Obviously, she forgot about the time difference!

It was my brother-in-law’s first time on a plane and her first time with someone who had never flown before. She sent the family an email the day before asking for us to keep them in our thought and prayers for their entire trip. Funny thing is yesterday while in the shower they came to mind. The shower is where I get a lot of thinking done and I said a little prayer for them. The entire day I kept thinking about them. I was happy for brother-in-law, but a little sadden. If he gets accepted, lil sis will move to North Carolina for 3 years. *sniff* Nooooo!

Lil sis is my FAVORITE sis. She knows everything about me and is one of my best friends! I know it’s selfish, but I want her to stay! *pouting*

But it will be cool that he will be going to one of the schools by Dad attended and I know what ever happens that it will be good for both their futures, so GOOD LUCK Bro!!! Hope you get what you want! And if you do move you BETTER take good care of my sis while you are there!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Corn Cups

I was enjoying my freshly juiced drink and noticed on the cup it said:


How cool is that? I've never heard of Greenware until today. What will they come up with next?

Enjoy the journey

Yesterday, I was bored out of my mind at work and was thinking of stuff to look up on the Internet. I updated my NetFlix movie list and noticed two movies on the waiting list with release dates still pending. One of which was Peaceful Warrior.

I had really enjoyed reading the book and even read the sequel, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior, so was anxious to see the movie. Plus, I had gone to hear Dan Millman (author of the books) speak at the Mind, Body & Beyond Expo about the book and about living life to it's fullest. I really like the way he thinks and what he has to say.

Since I had tons of time to kill and needed some more things to look up I went on a search to find the DVD release date and to my surprise it was not only back in theaters for a limit time, but also playing at a local one until this Thursday. I was SO excited and quickly texted roommie that there was a showing at 9:40PM and he texted me back “let’s go! Today!” Last summer it was in theaters and we had missed it by one day, but not this time around. I was so excited to have bumped into the theater showing.

I came home around 6ish and was feeling tired from starting the detox and took a nap… a long one. I woke up at 9PM and hurried to get ready and out the door. I called roommie to let him know I was going to be running a little behind schedule and he commented that it was ok and he was just exiting and I was just behind him by a few minutes. I called him when I arrived and he was still driving. I confirmed directions with him and thought he must have passed it. Then as we talked for the second time I realized I gave him incorrect direction. I meant to tell him to take the Imperial exit from the 91 Freeway, but instead told him the Imperial exit from the 57 Freeway. He was like 15 minutes late, so we missed the beginning. Opps!

Besides that little hiccup, the movies experience was GREAT! The main character, Dan, reminded me a lot of my roommie and the character named Socrates reminds me of Sensei-T. I even emailed Sensei-T that Socrates will be his new nickname.

I can recall one of the first life lessons Sensei-T taught me was to enjoy the's journey that is. Well, in the movie Socrates takes Dan out for a hike. He says that he has been wanting to take him to this special place since the first time they met. Dan was so honored and thrilled that he was gloating for the entire hike. After 3 hours of hiking Socrates tells Dan that they have arrived. Dan asked "did we hike for the view?" as they stand on top of a hill looking at a beautiful sky line. Socrates says no and points to a rock next to Dan's foot. We hiked for that rock, Socrates explained. Dan was upset that he hiked 3 hours for a rock and Socrates apologized to Dan for upsetting him and changing his mood from being happy the entire way to now upset. Socrates was teaching Dan to enjoy life's journey and to be present in that moment. It was a good reminder for me, too!

This is one of those movies that I will actually purchase for my collection. I am not big on buying movies unless I will watch them time and time again.

Oh... and the movie was filmed in Orange County... where I live! And one of the shots was taken in downtown Fullerton where I grew up. This night was filled with koinkidinks!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Emailing with love

Oldest sis emailed me today and at the end of her email she wrote this:

"May God fill your day with inspiration....may you be driven to move because you're healthy and you can.......may you see all the wonderful qualities in you and may you feel inspired to
just do Nike!!"

It touched a special place in my heart! *sniff*

Eliminate The Noxious

Last night I decided that I would start my detox the following day and went to Whole Foods Grocery and filled my cart with organic fruits, veggies, nuts and grains that were on the "Assist-the-Positive" food list.

Even though I went shopping last night, I keep forgetting I can eat today. I am so used to only being able to consume liquids and herbs that being able to snack on raw almonds at my desk is a real treat.

This morning I did #8 on the list of instructions and took alternating hot and cold shower. I could only do this twice because it was shocking. I thought the cold water would be more of a shock, but having hot water touch my VERY cold body stung. I am so NOT looking forward to my shower for the next 10 days, but I am sure I will get used to it.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Plan B

Today I got an email from my female co-worker saying that she is backing out of the "Sexy Challenge" which WAS supposed to start this Thursday. She is just wrapping up a one month challenge with another co-worker and she is poo'd. She said she will think about starting one at another time but needs a break, so now male co-worker who was supposed to start with us is also backing out! ARRGG!

So I created Plan B *sigh* .... and this is part of it -

I signed up for two events:

Boot Camp Challenge - I've done this event before and included the course map to the left. It's a 3 mile run with drill instructors "encouraging" you along the way. The run takes place in Camp Pendleton and runners have to go through actual marine obstacle courses. It's really a lot of fun and a lot of military hotties for eye candy!!!
The second event I just signed up for is Heart Ridge Half Marathon. It's 13.1 mile course through rolling hills and fire-roads. For this event, I have to start training hard core at LEAST 3 months in advance, so this will be just the motivation I need.

My weekend

Another weekend just flew by. Friday I met up with lil sis to shoot a video of me doing martial arts at Balboa Beach. At first I felt silly, because here I was in my gi and a lot of people were staring from the pier at me, but after awhile I totally forgot that they were there and got into it.
On the way back we stopped by The World’s Finest Erotic Gift shop – Condom Revolution where I dropped $220.00. I bought some gag gifts for roommie’s upcoming b-day, a cute little (and by “little” I mean TINY) black, pleated skirt, tang top that reads “Ask not what the pussy can do for you, ask what you can do for the pussy” (half tempted to air brush a pix of one of my two kitties on it), red & black corset, and a whip!

Afterwards, we headed over to lil sis’ house to download pix of me and start editing. A friend had let her borrow the movie 300, so I watched it for the 4th time.
I saw the final draft of the video yesterday and it looks AWESOME! I had forgotten my escrima sticks on Friday, so I want to add that piece in, so maybe we will get to it this upcoming weekend.

Saturday was really weird for me. I woke up feeling tight all over, sinus pressure, and my body ached as if I had the flu. I scheduled a back, shoulder and neck massage and thought that would set me straight so I could go to martial arts practice at 4PM. Normally I can take a lot of pressure on my back, but this time I was wimpy. I kept hearing popping and crackling while my massage therapist broke up my knots on my back. Eeww! Afterwards, I didn’t feel great at all. In fact, I felt worst. I was debating whether to soak in hot water or ice it, so I called Sense-T. He explained that I am storing all my stress in my body and the massage just released a bunch of toxins, so I should go sweat it out. He recommends I go for a light run or sit in the steam room, but I couldn’t move though. I just went home, slept, woke up about midnight to watch the movie Open Season

and went back to bed. I haven’t been to gym to work out in two weeks and realized that I use exercise as my stress outlet. I decided to take Sunday easy and head back into the gym on Monday.

Sunday, I went to practice with Sense-T. His motorcycle was recently run over, so he asked me to take him on some errands. To our surprise a lot of places were closed and we finally figured out that it was Easter Sunday. We headed off to the Block in Orange at had breakfast. I had never eaten at the Corner Bakery before and I have to say it was pretty yummy! Sensei-T got oatmeal with cranberries, green apples, bananas and cinnamon. It looked so good! Next time I will try that. I got home, took a nap, and then roommie and I had dinner at the BEST Southern BBQ in town – Lucille’s and picked up 4 movies. I only stayed up to see two of them – Prestige

& Borat

Both REALLY good!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Human DNA Secrets Uncovered

Subject: The Human Genome.

For many years molecular biologists have been mystified by the fact that very little of an organism's DNA seems to serve any useful function. The mystery is now finally solved. The reason why only 30% of human DNA performs any useful function is that the rest of it is comments! Once we decode a typical human genome, we see that the contents begin as follows...
* Human Genome
* Version 2.1
* (C) God
/* Revision history:
* 0000-00-01 00:001.0 Adam.
* 0000-00-02 10:001.1 Eve.
* 0000-00-03 02:111.2 Added penis code to male version. A bit messy - will require a rewrite later on to make it neater.
* 0017-03-12 03:141.3 Added extra sex drive to male.h; took code from elephant-dna.c
* 0145-10-03 16:331.4 Removed tail.
* 1115-00-31 17:201.5 Shortened forearms, expanded brain case.
* 2091-08-20 13:561.6 Opposable thumbs added to hand() routine.
* 2501-04-09 14:041.7 Minor cosmetic improvements -- skin colour made darker to match my own image.
* 2909-07-12 02:211.8 Dentition inadequate; added extra 'wisdom' teeth. Must remember to make mouth bigger to compensate.
* 4501-12-31 14:181.9 Increase average height.
* 5533-02-12 17:092.0 Added gay option, triggered by high population density, to try and slow the overpopulation problem.
* 6004-11-04 16:112.1 Made forefinger narrower to fit hole in centre of CD.
/* Standard definitions
#define SEX male
#define HEIGHT 1.84
#define MASS 68
#define RACE caucasian
/* Include inherited traits from parent DNA files.
* Files must be pre-processed with MENDEL program to provide proper
* inheritance features.
#include "mother.h"
#include "father.h"
#ifndef FATHER
#warn("Father unknown -- guessing\n")
#include "bastard.h"
#endif/* Set up sex-specific functions and variables
/* Kludged code -- I'll re-design this lot and re-write it as a proper library sometime soon.
Construct genitals
#ifdef MALE
Penis *jt;
/* G_spot *g; Removed for debugging purposes
#ifdef FEMALE
Vagina *p;

Thursday, April 5, 2007

You just have to laugh it off

This morning I was restocking the conference room's fridge when a diet coke fell out of my hand, hit the carpeted floor and EXPLODED! Soda flew onto my clothes, on the credenza, in between the credenza and fridge, in the fridge and on the carpet. It was everywhere! I went to my desk and grabbed my handy dandy Shout Wipes and cleaned myself up and then called Facilities and had them come shampoo my mess.

Note to self: order paper towels for conference room. Beverages napkins don't absorb crap!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Glitch in the system

I went on American Express' website to download some old statements that I can't find and forgot my UserID. I tried about 10 of them and noticed the option to answer my "secret" question, so I click on it and it popped up a box for me to type in and instructions to put the answer to my secret question in the box, but there was no question to answer. I thought maybe it's my Mother's maiden name, enter it in the box and no luck. Then I randomly put another answer and it worked! Sweet! It disclosed my UserID and I totally forgot I had even created that one. I decided to write down all my UserID names down and I have 23 of them! OMG! I am out of control! Most people use the same ones, but I tried not to and looks like I did a good job at it.

Chivalry still exist!

I had to make a trip to my work's "E" building to pick something up for my boss. It's about a 1/2 mile away so I just made it part of my lunch plans. As I was walking up to the lobby door, I heard "don't you dare get that door!" I turned around and it was one of our IT guys running up to open the door for me. I was really taken back, because he was the one with stuff in his hands and was about 10 to 15 steps behind me. I sincerely said "WOW! What a gentleman!" He said "it should always be that way!" then smile and took off to go enjoy his lunch he just bought. As I walked up stairs to the second floor I could help but smile.

That is one thing that I did notice coming to work here. Men are very polite here! True gentlemen. Also, people here call you by your first name, ask you how you are doing and really are interested in knowing and men still open doors for ladies. I love working for companies that have a family environment. It's so much different then my last company, but I was in the beauty industry before this job and things can get snooty there.

Last night I was pampered!!!

Cindy and I have been emailing back and forth about scheduling a spa day and yesterday I got a great email from her inviting me to her honey’s house to not only schedule the spa day, but for dinner, jacuzzi time with margarita and dessert.

After work I rushed home, feed the kitties, grabbed my bathing suit and headed over to meet up with Cindy and her Mr. W. Dinner was almost ready when I arrived and while waiting I relaxed on Mr. W’s massage chair. I SO want one, but am told it’s about $3K. It one that reclines, warms up, vibrates, kneads, taps and more! I think of it as a bit of heaven! Just incase someone out there wins the lotto and decides to buy me a gift…. I want that chair!!!

Dinner was delicious! I had Japanese curry with veggies on top of wild rice and asparagus on the side. I rarely have a home cooked meal, so it was a real nice feeling to sit down at a reasonable time, eat a great meal and have wonderful company! My normal dinner routine consist of eating something I heated in the oven around 10PM, having cats meow at me and/or beg for attention and sometimes they even drop stink bombs and I totally have to abort the meal! So this was a pleasant change of pace.

We chatted for awhile and Mr. W made us margaritas and soon after we headed off to the jacuzzi. I didn’t realize that my toes were frozen until I dipped them into the hot water and felt them defrost. Where I sat were two jets one with really hot water and another one with tons of pressure. My lower back was aching, so I let the comforting massaging jet release the tension.

The strangest thing happen while we were in the jacuzzi. One of the other neighbors came in and sat with us. See if it were me, I would have gone to the other jazzuci where no one was occupying it, but this neighbor came into the one we were in and started up conversation with total strangers. I was impressed because I so do not have that skill! Well, I guess I do if I am drunk, but sober I lack that ability. I remember studying her and almost taking mental notes. When it would get silent she would bring up random stuff, ask questions, make eye contact, etc. It didn’t look that hard. I guess it wouldn’t kill me to try! Wait… now that I think about it I do that at the gym sometimes in the steam room. So I guess I don’t lack that ability completely. I just need to water those social seeds in me. She left after 15-20 minute to go catch the TV show Hause and we headed back after the second set of jets turned off to get some dessert. Mr. W had 5 different kinds from ice cream sandwiches to cones. Yummy!!!

After that Cindy and I search the web for spa deals and I think we are going to see if anything is available for this Saturday at Glen Ivy Spa.

Man, this night was a real treat! I think every night should be like this one!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I miss my old Primary Care Physician

Shortly after lunch I started to feel really weird. My chest felt like someone was sitting one it, I had shortness of breathe, I felt like I was going to pass out and things started to get numb and tingly. I couldn't concentrate. I logged onto Aetna's webpage and found the local Urgent Care and got directions. I waited about 30 minutes to see if it would pass and then told a co-worker that I was heading off to Urgent Care and she offer to take me. I have such good co-workers!

I have never experienced this before! So I get in to see the doctor and I couldn't believe the things that were coming out of his mouth. He said "well, it doesn't seem anything cardio... but I can do an EKG, but that is expensive." You are too young and you seem to be active so having cholesterol problems couldn't be it. Mind you he doesn't have a test results in front of him, hasn't asked me about my life style or eating habits to know any of this! Then he looks up at me and says do you have any family history with heart disease. I was so peeved at this point. Why do I fill out the survey, if you are not going to look. I told him yes, my Dad just passed away from hypertensive Cardio Megely (sp?) which boils down to a heart attack due to high blood pressure or something like that. And my Grandfather passed away from a heart attack at ta young age, too. He offered me a chest x-ray, but he didn't think it would show anything. What type of doctor is this? He offers me test, like I have to select what type of testing I need. I kept asking "what is your recommendation?" and "that's it?" He finally diagnosed me with a chest inflammation that comes on randomly with no cause and advises me to take 400-600mg of Advil and if it still bothers me after 3 days then to come back. WTF? Are you kidding me? Oh and he said for me to take a vacation. This was such a waste of time and $20!

My Tummy Growls, too!

Yesterday I avoided eating as much as possible because I was afraid I might up chuck what ever I ate. Gross… I know!

Roommie made me waffles for me in the morning but I took a bite and felt yucky! So I skipped breakfast, only had a cup of soup from Daphne’s for lunch and snacked on a 1lb of mini peeled carrots through out the day. When I got home from work my stomach was aching and I was feeling weak and dizzy. Plus, I am having the WORST period EVER! Everything hurts! And I just got over the worst PMS episode ever, so I wasn’t in the best of shape. Roommie came home and we were supposed to go eat right away, but we ended up talking about stuff that we needed to go over, then he offered a back rub and that lasted an hour and we had some other set back that finally got us out the door around 10PM. We went to BJ’s Brewery and feasted. You know you are hungry when you are having a great conversation and then the food arrives and it goes silent for like 20-30 minutes. We order the Thai Wrap appetizer (which I normally get as a meal), I got the minestrone soup and he got a salad, we also had one entrée each AND shared a brownie sundae dessert! We must have been starving because we order all that and ate almost of it! Today I can’t get food of my mind. I must have been a fat kid in a previous life.

Life's little helpers

Yesterday I went down to John Wayne Airport to host a meeting in one of their private charter conference rooms. I arrived early waiting for the catering service to drop off lunch and for our guest of honor to show up. Shortly after my arrival my boss showed up and I must say it was nice to have company while I waited and sure beat reading all the stuff on the wall.

We soon were told that there was a short flight delay and we had about 20 minute to kill, so my bossed proposed we sit down in the lobby. We had a real good chit chat about each others lives while checking out all the planes. He told me about his past jobs, his passion for flying planes and asked me about my hobbies and life experience and the best part he was genuinely interest, he wasn’t just passing time. I must say I really enjoy working for my boss. He is surprisingly down to earth and humble for a man in his position.

Part of our conversation lead to questions about my college background. He was the second person from work to ask me about my school in the past two weeks. I told him that I had attended two years of college and due to some family circumstances I had stopped going for some time and am in my first semester back.

He told me to stick with it and that he would do anything for education. He had good advice and advised me to not get stuck in the “corporate box.” “Working will always be an option” he said. It touched a certain cord with me and made me look back at my different “working” life. Pretty much my whole life I have been working. Whether it was cleaning houses and offices with my Mom for her private cleaning business, being my Dad’s secretary & janitor for his business, a Sale Associate at my first couple jobs to Human Resources and my current job. Ahh… am I in the box??? This made me also think about a recent conversation I had with my good friend Cindy about different paths I was thinking of taking.

You see, I was thinking about uprooting and these were some of my options:

Move to New Zealand for 6 months to a year with a friend. Just a temporary escape.
Move with sister #2 to Colorado and go to school out there.
Move to Camarillo, CA just because I always wanted to live there.
Quit my current job and go to school full-time

Recently, #1 (which was hot on my list) was scratched off the list. I was planning to visit New Zealand come July with, I’ll call her Sunny. I soon learned from our same circle of friends that Sunny was planning on going with me in July but not returning with me. Since I was going spot Sunny some money for the trip, the whole thing about not returning with me left a bad taste in my mouth and I decided to veto the trip. Plus, the reason behind me going was to run away from all my drama here in CA. Even though it would be a temporary fix, it wouldn’t help me in the long run, so another good reason to cross that one off the list. In addition, my boss just informed me that New Zealand is on the British school system and if I took any course there, it would be hard to transfer them to the US School system and I might not get credit at all.

#2 & #3 on my list were all options that were helping me run away from this area and weren’t doing anything very productive. I guess I am afraid of bumping into my ex (Roommie) and seeing him with another girl. Plus, he works at the same gym that Sensei-T and my older sister do, is in one of the same circle of friends and I just didn’t want any reminders of him.

So…. (Drum roll, please) I have decided on # 4! This is my current plan. I am going to keep my job until I finish my Dad’s estate stuff, because I need to be in the area for that and want to finish up all those loose ends before starting a new life. In the mean while, I will go talk to counselor at school and make a plan and talk to the bank about student loans, look up Federal grants info, etc. I will still enroll and attend evening classes, as well. Then when everything seems good to go, I will put in my notice in at work and head off to my new life. Honestly, I am excited but nervous at the same time. I think I will even try out of the swim team! I am a little fishy and an Aquarius, so that will be something to look forward to. Plus, it will keep me in shape!

All this reminded me of an entry that I wrote not too long ago on my MySpace account:

MySpace Blog – October 12, 2006
I look back at people like my Father and my boss who came to this country and made something of themselves. My Father came here when he was 18 years old, didn't know the language and his living arrangements was sharing a room. Before he passed away he had earned a BS in engineering, own a home & business, one of the colleges he attended was the prestigious Dartmouth.... He had made it! I look at my life and wonder when I am going to "make it." Where did these people get their drive? I am blinded by the luxury of being a citizen and not having it "rough." I am just living, especially in the shadows of these two icons. I want to see the big picture! Now I have to sit down, with me, the raw me, and ask myself those life questions. What do I want to do to improve mankind? Where do I want to be? What truly makes me happy? And then accept the fact that I might need to sacrifice in the now for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Off to the starting line to make my impression on the world. . .

Monday, April 2, 2007

Quiet Zone... please keep it down

I drank too much last and it hit me a little harder then expected. Maybe it's because I was PMSing, or had an empty tummy or that I am a light weight and took in too much.... either way I am paying for it today. I have the worst hang over ever! I just want to crawl into a quiet cave and sleep the day away. But no, I have to drive down to John Wayne Airport and play hostess for work. :(

I was supposed to start my workout schedule today, too. But I really don't see that happening.

But I am such a girl... I purposely dressed cute today, so I would feel better. I have a cute black suit and my new shoes on! I am going to ignore the fact that my feet hurt already, tho. :)