Wednesday, April 25, 2007

5 Questions

5 Questions, compliments of Jordan

1. What was your favorite memory as a little girl?

Growing up I lived on a street that had few houses and little traffic. There were tons of hills around us and when it would rain the street would flood. My sisters and I would take out our bikes, pedal cars, tricycle, and trashcan lids and go riding right in the middle of the street where the water was the deepest. Water would splash all over us! Funny thing is we would have all our rain gear on, too.

One time I wore my Dad’s rubber boot out and stood in the middle of the street holding an umbrella. I loved the sound of the water passing the rubber and the rain drops hitting the umbrella.

2. Why did you join the Navy?

Even though my Dad was not in the military, our house was run in such a fashion. With four girls, that was a good idea on his part. It kept us in line and organized or least was a good effort to do so. Plus, he was a huge History channel and guns/rifles fanatic. I grew up watching the military in action on TV and around fire arms. Even at an early age we were taught how to handle and shoot a pistol and rifle.

When I was younger I did a lot of apprentice work for my Dad’s Industrial Engineering business. All his contracts were with the government and I spent a lot of time on base at Point Magu - and 29 Palms Marine base in California. We would build and repair the officer homes on bases. I loved watching the military personnel work out and do practice drills. Everything seems so organized and seamless.

In High School, the recruiters visited our school and I did my home work on all the branches and what felt right for me. I brought brochures home and told my Dad and he was supportive and very proud. My ex bf talked me out of it and the next time I was single I went out and enlist.

Life seems to have such a great purpose when you are in the military. I was one of two of my ship mates that enlisted just “to serve” our country. I had originally wanted to be a medic and save lives. The enlistments rules change all the time and when I went to enlist, I was unable to request to be a medic because I did not have prior service, so was an Operations Specialist.

3. What are your feelings on the WAR in Iraq?

I am against it!

4. Tell me about your future.. Where will you be in 5 years?

If I could write my own story, this would be it

*fast forwarding to 4/25/2012*

I will be completing or just have received my bachelor’s of science degree in biology from Cal Poly Pomona and making plans to head off to UC Davis.

I will be in the best shape EVER because I will have been in the swim team.

Most importantly, I’ll be happy, healthy and at peace.

5. If you were handed one million dollars, what would you do with it and why?

First, I would hire a financial advisor to make sure I handle the money wisely. Some other stuff that comes to mind is:

- Donate a portion to UNICEF.They are a great organization that strive to unite for the sake of children’s health, education, protection and equality.

- Donate a portion to IFAW. I am an animal lover and this organization helps endangered animals.

- Invest some – I have a friend who is a millionaire and she invests her $ and lives off the interest.

- Save some for a rainy day – I would have some cash for splurging. Maybe a Glen Ivy Girl Spa day for my Mom and sisters.

- Open a college fund for my two nieces here in the U.S. – “Nacha” and “Lizzy Looper” I want those girls to get a good education and not have to worry about working while going to school.

- Travel to Spain and have a cup of coffee in the city that my ancestors came from. It’s something I have always wanted to do and is on that list of stuff I want to do before I die.

- Sponsor one of my nieces from Nicaragua to come and study in the U.S. I would love to fulfill one of my Dad’s dreams and ensure that my sister in Nicaragua and her family have a bright future.

- Buy a house. With prices now a days ½ the million would be going to this so if I have the cash might as well buy one and never have a mortgage to pay.


Anonymous said...

A 1/2 million these days would get you a very small house. A condo, basically. UNLESS you were to go out of state. Ooh, investment property in some great vacation spot! Party at Vanessa's vacation house!

Jordan - How come you didn't ask her to tell us about the time her female friend hit on her? TurboTiger and James would never forgive you for this. ;)

Vanessa said...

Maybe I would use the 1/2 mill then for a down payment.

And vacation property? I never thought of that. Not sure where I would want to purchase a house tho besides in CA.

Whine Girl said...

can I ask a 6th question???

6. would you tell me about the time a chick hit on you?


Anonymous said...

I'm really surprised in your last answer. I didn't see anything about donating to the Flat Coke and Flies fund. Hmmm...gonna have to work on that one. lol

I wanna hear about the chick hitting on you.

Anonymous said...

Oooooohhh, Tell me about the GIRL-GIRL story!!!!

Jane Doe said...

Actually Flat Coke I have a lot of girls hit on me. Last Friday I went to the bar @ the club and a girl came up to me compliment my outfit, said she was watching me and bought me a drink!

Anonymous said...

I remember those rainy days!
But i used to play in the huge backyard like a soilders and crawl in the mudd ready to attack :-) Good times! man doe stime fly! It seems like it was yesterday I was there! If i won alot of money lik ethat I would put it in to the kids college funds too! :-) Well... if i had kids I would put it in theres too :-)LOL! Love ya! :-)

Jane Doe said...

I was debating between that memory and the ones with Grandma Joyce's treats and watching He-Man with Brandon.

Rememeber how we used to go knock on their door and ask if they had any candy or ice cream. The must have thought our parents had no food at our house. Haha!

Anonymous said...

LOL! yeah I remeber that! LOL! Thats so funny!
On the trip to N. Carolina I bought a He-Man DVD and was watching it on the plane!
It is so chessy! :-D