Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

Thanksgiving Day was interesting. I welcomed the holiday with being at the airport at the stroke of midnight waiting for my Mom at LAX. She was coming back from a 3 week trip from her home country, Costa Rica. Her plane landed early, so had to be escorted two terminals downs. I rushed over just to learn that all together 4 planes and all their passengers and crew were clearing customs, so it was over an hour delay. It was good to see my Mom and was happy to hear she had such a great trip. My grandfather is my last living grandparent and is a strong 78! He makes his living building homes and as he gets older it hurts to do stuff like writing, so he didn't send any letters home this time. Instead, he made fresh bread that morning, so I just had to break my diet and try one. Man, he is a GREAT baker! It was so tasty! But I was good and only had one.

A few hours later my immediate family had a delicious breakfast of soy sausage, turkey bacon, chocolate chip pancakes, fresh fruit, my grandpa's bread, and egg whites. YUMMY!!! It was a small gathering as two of my sister's and their hubbies are now out of state and this year Jayla was with mom.

Afterwards, Jay and I got ready and headed down to San Diego to Jay's niece's (and boyfriend's) place. I was wiped out from the trip to LAX and waking up to make breakfast, so minutes into the drive I passed out. I guess I missed 2 hours of Thanksgiving Traffic. When we got there we were welcomed by the lovely couple, 3 kitties, a dog and a HUGE feast!!! Jay's niece was telling us that she wants to attend a culinary school and have a catering business focusing on cakes and baked goods. She was going to bake a cake for a friend's b-day part on Saturday and look at the amazing job she did!!!

I jokingly told Jay that she could make our wedding cake. Jay's response "oh lord!"