Monday, August 15, 2011

2 months away until race day

So whose idea was it to sign up for this race? Oh yeah, mine! I only have 8 weeks left and am confident that I will cross the finish line, but am not so confident I will do so in the time I would like. I did 15 miles yesterday and must say the latter part was rough and my sprinting at the end was slow, but I felt like I was pushing so hard. At least at the end of this run I didn't have the same thought as I normally do, which is subtracting what I ran from 26.2 and questioning myself how I am going to do it. I do know one thing, I need more songs on my ipod ASAP!!!

Here was my workout for this passed week:
Mon: Ran 3 mi
Tue: Rest
Wed: Ran 6 miles, even though I was supposed to do 4
Thur: Was supposed to do 7 miles, but after mile 2 my shin was hurting really bad, so did the elliptical, stair climber for 20mins, and the row machine for 500 yards x 5.
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest - It was Jay's graduation and I worked graves, so no way I was squeezing in a workout.
Sun: Ran 15 miles.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Baylementi FOREVER!!!

The last of four sisters is officially being taken off the market so to speak. This passed Thursday(8/4), Jay popped the question and I said YES!!

The day started with Jay and I going to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at this renovated theater in Brea that only charges $3.00. My sis told me about it and what a deal!!! Jay wanted to make the day perfect, so when we got there ask if I wanted a snack. I said no, but when we sat down and he got up to go to the bathroom I all of a sudden wanted either something with chocolate or sour, so asked for it. He must of thought "THIS GIRL and her cravings!!!" but came back armed with Reese's Pieces and Sour Patch Kids. The movie was excellent, but I do miss the characters Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan from the previous movies.

Afterwards we headed off to Beverly Hills for lunch at The Stinky Rose. It was a romantic lunch where we laughed, ate well and talked it up. We were greeted with yummy rolls that have a hint of garlic and onions, but we packed on the mix of garlic, olive oil and something green (I think it was parsley). Between both of us we ate 10 of them!!! For my meal I ordered a mojito to drink and the chicken & asparagus, fettuccine with roasted tomatoes and pine nuts. It was out of this world! Jay had the iron skillet roasted shrimp and a Guinness. Last time we visited this restaurant it was Jay's bday a few years ago. We left this time with the same thoughts as before, "when are we coming back???" Plans are in the works to go back THIS weekend for Jay's Masters Degree graduation celebration.

We hit up the local shops looking for luggage for our upcoming Jamaica trip and Jay got me some new running shoes and dress shoes. It felt good to walk around after eating such a big meal. My back had been hurting me a lot lately, which its probably due to working out and my core not being as strong as it such be. Luckily, Jay had the perfect cure... a massage! Someone had recommended this place that had an hour massage for ONLY $15! What a deal! Jay had to get cash, since the place didn't accept debit or CC, so we searched and searched for a business with English writing and about 2 miles away we bumped into a Rite Aid. When Jay first left the car he asked if I wanted anything and I said no. I honestly didn't, but THEN I saw people walking out with Thrifty's ice cream and I drooled patiently waiting for my love to return to the car. Clearly we were about to have a repeat of what happened in the theater earlier. He came back to the car and I somewhat thought (hoped) he would've came back with an ice cream cone for me, so when I expressed my desire for ice cream, my sweet honey bun went back and got me a single scoop of rocky road. Clearly I was living it up with food this day (maybe I am PMSing???). The massage was FANTASTIC! My back feels SO good after my massage.

We headed off to Ontario Mills for more shopping, but before we stopped there we went to King Taco to grab burritos for later and had dinner at Wing Nutz. Did I tell you this day was food filled??? Wing Nutz reminded me of Buffalo Wild Wings, but MUCH, MUCH better!!! Jay's BF is coming to town in a few days and I hope we stop by there :)

It started getting late and the mall was closing, so we headed home where Jay suggested that we go for a walk when we got home. I LOVE WALKS!!! Could this day get any better, I thought? I love taking walks with Jay through our neighborhood. We point out houses we like and talk about ideas for the house and other random stuff. We took this path we both had never been through and headed to, as Jayla refers to it, the "orange" park. We sat on a bench, looked at the stars and I rambled for about 30 mins as Jay tried to being the topic back to us. Typical girl, running my mouth about everything and anything. Haha! And then the moment came... Jay got on one knee and asked if I would marry him. *sniff!!!!* And OF COURSE I said YESSS!!!!! I wouldn't let this great, handsome, caring, loving, intelligent, thoughtful and great team member get away! So I am happy to announce... WE ARE ENGAGED!

Completed week 9

... of my full marathon training. I am pretty excited that I am training and even though I don't always stick exactly to the plan, I am working out more then I have for any other event that I have signed up for. *patting self on back!*

Monday: Swam laps for about 45mins with my sisters and niece.
Tuesday: Ran 6 miles (52.42), even tho my training calender said 3 miles
Wed: 10 miles (1:46), but was supposed to do only 7mile
Thur: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 4 miles (36.45) and weights
Sun: Rest