Friday, March 30, 2007

Part of future dream home!

My boss got the new Wired Magazine in the mail and I noticed this ad on the back. It took me away to a peaceful paradise!

When I finally purchase my home, there is going to be at least one of these Kohler WaterTile bodysprays installed. Something to look forward to.

Back in the day . . .

Speaking of my Goth days . . . here are two photos that I came across.

Ahh... who would've thought that is Daddy's little honor student? I actually have designs on my face, but the picture was scanned in and is poor quality

I think every girl has a pair of what they call "F-me!" shoes. Here are mine! Patent leather Fredrick of Hollywood boots, with cool holes on the side.

Lunch time trouble

When lunch time came around today I found myself not hungry at all! I didn't want to stay in and just play on the computer, so I drove around and found myself at Old Navy. In only 30 minutes I was doing $100 worth of damage. I purchased black pants with tiny brown pin strips on them that were on clearance for $20 (score!), 6 pairs of socks, two tang tops, and black Capri shorts.

I have been neglecting myself when it comes to shopping for new clothes for quite sometime now and I find myself with few cute things in my clothes. Plus, for the last 10 years I worked in the beauty industry and the primary wardrobe colors were black, white and grey, so I don't have that many colored clothing options. And before that I went through a goth phase, so I have even more black stuff. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE BLACK and it's even on of my favorite colors, but I do need to mix it up a little bit!

And it looks like I might me having a shopping spree tomorrow, too! Kohl's is have a 50% off store wide from 8am - 11am. I thought, why not? And if I am going to be single, might ass well do it with style! :) Right? I am even thinking of getting a leather jacket soon, too! I've never had one and I think it's about time I get one.

More Koinkidinks

This work week has been super hectic! It's so unlike my usual mellow schedule with only a moment or two throughout the week of craziness, that I started to wonder "did my boss some how read my blog last Friday?" If so . . . um, Boss . . . I want you to know that I REALLY don't play on the Internet all day! Really, I don't! So please don't feel like you need to give me so many assignments :) I really am busy! *wink*

*me deleting cookies*

I think it might just be a koinkidink! But it did run through mind more that twice.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

James' 29th B-day Bash!!!

Last night was James’ Birthday Extravaganza Dinner at Taps Restaurant.

I left my house and headed to Cindy's ready to PARTY! I was making great timing and stopped off to get some gas and cash. I get a call from Cindy asking my ETA and offering to drive, so I could drink. I am so used to being the designated driver that I couldn't’t resist the tempting offer! Off we went to pick up Birthday Boy and on the way Cindy realized that she forgot her phone, so she dropped James and I off while she made a mad dash home to retrieve and hurry back to us.

I had never been to Taps before and it was a real treat. Cindy had recommended the joint and it was an excellent pick! Very cool place with walls decorated with framed articles regarding the restaurant. We sat in the patio where it was surprisingly warm. There were heat lamps above us and fireplaces to keep us toasty. Plus, ALCOHOL!

We started the night with a round of drinks and calamari appetizer. My first drink was Blue Bayou. It's in the Hurricane drink family and was yummy! There was a “James Bond” martini on the menu and James just had to have, after all it had his name written all over it. What a koinkidink!

My second drink was a “Red Ruby” martini made with pomegranate juice, vodka and some other good tasting stuff. This one was A LOT stronger then my first! For dinner, I was debating between a salad or salmon and when tossing the ideas out to Cindy she recommended that I have something heavy to soak up the alcohol – good advice. I normally don’t drink, so I am naturally a light weight. It was a good choice - Very tasty!

The night starts to get fuzzy for me about now, but I do remember having lots of laughs, good conversations and happy moments!

(Cindy, Jerry, Me, Paul's new friend (name? I had already had two drinks by the time she showed up, not my fault!), Paul and the one being carried is B-day Boy - James)

(Me & Cindy)

We are awesome hostesses!!!

(Cindy, James w/ mystery gift and me.)

I was doing bunny ears too but obviously didn't hold them up high enough!

(My phone and Cindy's phone.)

This seemed soo much cooler with drinks in me, but I thought it was amazing to see them together. It was like the yin and yang of phones. Mine has the color on the outside and hers in the inside, so I just had to take a pix. I guess you had to be there and have drinks in you to really appreciate the photo.

(My piece of cake)

Dude, it is HUGE!

(James and his piece of cake)

B-day boy got TWO pieces of cake.

(James & Nessa)
It was last call at the bar and we took a shot. It's call something like Mint Chocolate Cake and it really tastes like it, too. Another koinkidink... we also had mint chocolate ice cream cake!

(Cindy and James)

Here's Cindy and B-day Boy right before we check out with the Taps' Brewery in the back ground.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The future me!

I saw this in a magazine a few years ago and whenever I need to remind myself what I want to look like, I pull it out. She rocks and is great motivation! I am going to print tons of these and post them all over.

You have to check this out!

This is compliments of James.

The Big Guy upstairs ROCKS!

I think the writers of my Microsoft Excel book need a brain tune-up! The first bone I need to pick with them is - why do you call a “chapter” in your book a “project”? Why not call it a chapter? Second, why do you have 3 of each Project???? It WOULD make sense to have labeled your Projects 1-24. But NO… Some brainiac decided to have 3 sets of Project 1-8. This was the cause of all my confusion, yesterday!

See Monday night and Tuesday (at work) I was finally doing my reading and homework for my Excel final that evening and nothing was making sense. I was reading stuff I didn’t recall reviewing in class. Granted, I don’t really pay attention while in class, but nothing was ringing a bell. After 100 pages of reading (YES, 100 of them!), I gave up and was thinking about Plan B. I starting plotting for a why to get out of taking the test that evening and came up with this

- Skip class
- Go to Urgent Care for anything
- Get a physician’s note saying I visited
- Ask the teacher to reschedule seeing how I was SO sick that I even had to visit Urgent Care instead of going to class

This would have bought me two additional days to study. But then I thought, am I crazy? What if the teacher doesn’t allow me to make up the test? And what if I don’t find time to study between now and then and I would’ve missed class and gone to Urgent Care for nothing! Plus, I would now have to rearrange my Thursday evening plans. It’s just a stupid test anyways and it’s open book & notes (don’t have any because I don’t take any), so I should just go and that’s what I did… I went to class TOTALLY blank!

I walked into class and the feeling of being ridiculously unprepared overcame me a little bit. I had NO idea what the final was about and wanted to run for the door. Plus, I am PMSing and feel a little on edge right now, so the stress hits like 10 times harder then it normally would.

The teacher hands me my test and I thumbed to the section that I was reading and it dawns on me that something isn’t right. The section isn’t even remotely close to what the first questions is asking. I went to the index and looked up a key word in the question and the index referred me to a spot that is 350 pages back from where I was reading. Well, that solved all my confusion. Looks like the geniuses that wrote my the book created 3 of each Project (Chapter) and they are 1-8, 1-8, and 1-8. The only different between all of them is that the border color changes. So I was actually reading from the second set of 1-8, instead of the first! At that point I was so relieved that the thought of strangling them didn’t even cross my mind. Of course, today it did!

So anyways, I anxiously started reading the next question and to my surprise I knew the answer. What’s this? It makes sense? This was a God sent! I said a little silent prayer to the Big Guy upstairs and gave him tons of thanks and went back to finishing my exam. The teacher interrupts about that time and reminded us that we get extra credit if we write the page number where we found the answer next to each question. I said another silent prayer of thanks to the Big Guy!

I feel so much better today!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuff Titties

"Tough titty said the kitty, when the milk went dry"
Tuff titties, indeed! I went onto my AOL account and looks like two homework projects have been deleted by AOL. *sigh* Today is the last day of class and ALL homework assignments are due. This is what I get for waiting until the last minute to do homework AND for fooling around in class, instead of paying attention.
Oh well, I can still go into class early, download the projects again, and turn it in on Thursday for 1/2 credit.
I can't get that kitty phrase out of my head, tho! It's so catchy...

Purify me!

My Detox Packet came in from dragonherbs and the best news is that I get to eat during the 11 day detox. YEAH! I have done 1-day, 3-day and 21-day detox before and this is the first one that actually allows you to eat. There is a food list and it has fruits, nuts & seeds, healthy oils, vegetables, gluten-free grains, healthy protein (optional) and herbs and spices to choose from. This is going to be a walk in the park!

The Assist-the-Positive Cleanse is designed to open the channels of elimination such as the colon, liver, lymph, skin, kidneys, and breath.

My cool packet came with:

- Assist the Positive Elixir – Nasty tasting herb tea, but VERY good for you.
- Bupleurum & Rehmannia – Deep & superb detoxification herbs.
- Small Volcano – Helps promote BM.
- Spring Dragon Longevity Tea – tea composed of the best tonic herbs in the world.
- Omphalia 11 – Cleansing herbs
- Herbal Cleanse bath bags– Chinese herbs to cleanse the body and purify the skin
- Tao in a bottle – Anti-stress formula that contains relaxing and adaptogenic herbs

In addition to taking the above mention stuff daily, I have to work out every day for 60 minutes, drink fresh vegetable juice, drink water, drink the Master Cleanse drink (yuck!), meditate 5-10 minutes a day, take alternating hot and cold showers, give assistance to someone who can use a hand and take a few minutes to give thanks and reflect on things you are grateful for. I like the last two!

The Master Cleanse drink is the concoction of lemon, purified water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. It is one of the most god-awful-drink and its only purpose is to help you sweat. I might pass on this, like I have in the past. It really is terrible!

Before you start you need to “check in with yourself” and be sure that it’s a good time to start the cleanse and that you are not under an unusually high amount of stress or have a demanding schedule. This made me laugh! If I wait for that, then it might be months before I do the cleanse, so I will just wait to start until after my cycle.

One Spartan a day keeps the doc away!

Seeing how I am a HUGE fan of the movie 300; you can image my surprise when I came across Spartan apples at the grocery store. I just had to buy some and they are organic, too!

My all time favorite line from the movie 300”

“I give birth to Spartan men”

(The Queen’s response to the messenger when he asks what gives the right for a woman to speak in his presence)
... I think I'm addicted!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ball ‘N Chain

I was thinking about all my past relationships and that got me thinking… since 1993 I’ve pretty much been in one.

In Jr. High I had my first serious boyfriend (Robert) and we went out for 1 ½ years. Right after that relationship I jumped into another one with Jeff and we lasted a little over a year. Then I was single for a couple months and started dating my best friend, Paul, and we went out for 8 years. I took a year break of nothing serious, just fun, short-lived dates…about 3-4 of those. Then I met roommie and we have been off and on for the last 3 years. Wow, it’s like my whole life I’ve had a significant other. I think after roommie moves out, I am going to be single for awhile and just get to know me without a significant other.

I don’t know why, but I am really taken back by this! No wonder my entire family thought I would be the first sister to get married.


After martial arts practice, Sensei-T and I normally go to this Chinese Tea house and enjoy a cup of Mango Green Tea. YUMMY! It's so good sometime we go before and after practice.
We discovered that they have these delicious Green Tea Mini Crispy. They are little cookies shaped as a green leaf with peanuts and a caramel sauce dried inside. Every other week I buy a box and while enjoying them I noticed their "literal" translation for consumption:

"Edible Method - Open and eat instantly"

I went to see if I could download a pix of the cookie for my readers, because the are the cutest little things and I can't read are darn thing on the website ( because it's all in Chines (I think). So you will just have to trust me... they are so cute!

Inspired by Cindy

I found some real motivation to get back into hardcore, SEXY shape. My roommie invited me to a trip to Vegas with the guys. The trip will be at the end of April in celebration of roommie's big 28, so I have about a month to get in tip top shape. Since I will be the only girl, and they all know me as the "ex," I need to look HOT!

Here are some pixs to keep me motivated.

(me practicing martial arts in my Dad's home in Nicaragua. I look SO thin)

(me at the beach in Montelimar Resort, Nicaragua)

Updated: As promised.... this one is an upclose of me in Montelimar.

(Halloween 3 years ago)

- Workout (duh!), but I am going to write out a plan for each week, so that way I can see my schedule and not over commit or get burned out.

- Do a 11 day detox

- Schedule my 10 training sessions with trainer

- Do Sexy Challenge with two co-workers starting 4/12 for 1 month.

Puma Girl

I went out yesterday and bought a new one-piece swim suit for doing laps at the gym. I fell in love with it! Not only because is the same size of my last one, but also came in my favorite colors - black and purple.

As I was walking out of the dressing room, I saw a cute black Puma workout pants with rose colored accent strips on the side. I love Puma and have purchase tons of their stuff, but never looked at the red tags attached to them before. So while waiting for roommie to get ready so we could have our first meal of the day I decided to entertain myself by reading them. It was the evening mind you and I hadn't eating all day.... so maybe I was a little loopy, but these gave me a good laugh!

Their trade mark saying is "Helps-You-Look-Good."

Suitable for:
Standing at the bus
A fun night out
Serious sporting use
Meeting the Ex for tea

And then there is one with four picture and a saying under it
Picture of a Heart - "Love your neighbor" (aww!)
Picture of a leaf - "Eat more greens" (true)
Picture of a car driving of a cliff into water - "Cheer up it might never happen" (hahahaha!...I needed a good laugh)
Picture of a water drop - "Wash this when dirty" (duh!)

Veggies gone WILD!

See... I am not the only one at my work that does really do much work. I received this from CTO and since I lack creative bones, I got a real kick out of these.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The day in the life of an Executive Admin

Show up for work
Turn on lights
Log onto computer

Get keys from secret spot
Unlock drawers
Restock boss’s fridge

Unlock boss’s office door
Put Wall Street Journal on table
Change desk calendar to right date
Change desk cube dates to correct date
Clean eye glasses and place on keyboard
Place pen on key board
Spray room with Mango scented air freshener

Set up conference room
Restock conference room’s fridge
Spray the room with Lysol

Look at today’s calendar . . . wait for boss to come in.

Play on the internet until boss comes in :)

Boss arrives
Get him some tea, a Friday bagel, review calendar, and send him off to a meetings
Back to playing on the internet

Make a call for the boss
Reschedule some meetings
Back to playing on the internet, again

Boss leaves for the day…. And back to playing on the internet and the rest of the day free.

Life is good!

Ludicrous Smile

I have this list of things I want to experience before I die and last winter I crossed one of the list . . . I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!

It was while I was in Hawaii with my jujitsu school. Roomie and I took a van up to the North Shore and took the big plunge. The weather was perfect and overall I would say it was an intense experience. I was the first one the plane to jump, but right before we did my camera guy farted! OMG… it smelled so nasty! He thought it was hilarious, was kind enough to open the side door to let air in, and said it was a “beer fart.” Never heard of a “beer fart” before, but I do know that I NEVER want to smell one again!

Normally, tandem sky diving is done from about 2,000 feet; we went up about 5,000-7,000 feet. I remember when I first leaped out I felt like I passed out for a second or two. Later, I was told that the adrenaline, plus the lack of oxygen at that high of altitude probably did cause me to pass out a little.

Seeing how I will probably never do it again, I’m glad I did it in a place with such an amazing view! Don’t get me wrong, I love the experience, but I will probably never do it again.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eve of 9 months

I was thinking about you today on the way to work. I put on your sun glasses even though they are too big for my face. I still wear them and reminisce of our trips to Baja, that first time I put them on when visiting Frank’s cove, Tomb Stone and Repel Beach. Good times!!!


your Daddy’s girl forever!

The claws come out

I sent out a notification to all my email contacts letting them know that I have a new email account. And one of my sensei’s (I have 3), I’ll call him sensei – R, crossed the line a little bit and after being called out on it never apologize.

This is my conversation with him:

Sensei - R: (my new screen name)? Just when i thought you couldn't be any more sexy.

Me: You are the second person who has told me that that name is sexy! I don't get it..but thank you! :)

Sensei - R: If any other person tried to use that name, it wouldnt be as sexy. but with you, I picture you in a (screen name) leotard.... oh wait.... maybe i should keep that to myself.... lol

Me: Yeah, I would agree that those things need to stay in your head! Especially since you are my sensei AND have a girl friend.

I haven’t heard from him since. I really want to email him and tell that I at least expected an apology, because that would be the honorable thing to do and to remove me from the class website and email roster. Roomie and one of my co-workers say I should so do it. What are your thoughts?

And my other sensei (his father) emailed me asking when he will be seeing me in class again. I so feel like saying, “NEVER! Because I don’t train with men that lack integrity, honor and hit on their students and since your son is in your class, you won’t be seeing me anymore!” But I realize that is crossing the line, so I won’t do that. But man does it feel good to write it!

Lucid Dreams!

Last Friday I went to see 300 with James. He had offered to burn the soundtrack for me and I’ve been listening to it non-stop ever since. I even fall asleep to it! This might explain all the crazy, lucid dreams I’ve been having.
Yesterday, my alarm buzzer went off and I thought someone was choking me from behind with a rope. I quickly did a left elbow thrust, followed by one mean karate chopped to the snooze button and went back to sleep for 30 minutes.

A few nights ago I had a dream like the ones in the Carlos Castaneda books. I was on the beach very close to the crashing waves. I was absorbing the sun rays on a lawn chair and could feel the mist of the ocean water trickle onto my body. I looked to my right and there were three friends, equal distance apart from each other also taking in the sun on lawn chairs. The life guard was an announcer explaining the rules of the game and the significance of this day. I remember feeling so confused with all the activities going on and feeling like I should know what it going on, but was clueless. I looked out into distance, where the ocean meets the sky and could see 4 people walking on the water towards the shore. They would change from beautiful, seductive creatures to hideous things, like the ones on Pirates of the Caribbean. All of a sudden, this huge wave came crashing down on me and one of the 4 creatures talked to me. I couldn’t understand what it was saying because I was still underwater and could only focus on the bubbles coming out of its mouth. When I surfaced I could see tons of spirits rolling with the crashing wave and going to shore. I had a sense of urgency and swam as quickly as I could to catch up. I remember running to the local restaurant and noticing how difficult it was to running the sand. I looked around and no spirits to fight and then something spun me around. It was my best friend asking it I was ok and what happened, as he removed kelp from my hair. I woke up drenched in sweat.
Man, do I have an active imagination, especially in the dream world. And to think… I WAS sober! I guess this is all a product of listening to the 300 soundtrack, practicing martial arts like crazy and reading too many Carlos Castaneda books.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Buyer's remorse

I went to pick up dinner on Monday and noticed a beauty supply store right next to it. I’m running low on shampoo and conditioner so stopped in and asked for a recommendation on their organic products. The store associate was super friendly, helpful and recommended Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner because not only was it organic, but 100% vegan, too. I thought, why not and we headed off to the cash register. The most I have ever paid for hair products were $25-$30 for a liter size, so you can image my shocking response we it rang up to $100+. Each bottle was $49.95! OMG! My facial expression must have looked freaked out because the cashier offer me a 20% discount. I thought, wow 20% off….cool! Ring those puppies up and if I regret it later I will just return them. She also threw in a free bottle of $15 nail polish. We’ll the regret set in yesterday and I was going to return them today, but read the back of the receipt and the store DOESN’T do refunds. AH! I guess I’ll exchange it for a different brand and get more products for my money.

Moral of the story, ask about refund policy before making ridiculous purchases!

My Tattoos

I realize I don't have that many pictures of my tattoos, but I found this one. My favorite sister, Jessy, took it a couple years ago. Thanks Girlie! It's of the Egyptian Eye of Horus and in Japanese - mind, soul, body (in that order). I thought it would make sense to have the soul in the middle.

Some time ago after a hard workout in jujitsu Cindy and I were partnered up to give each other a massage. This is one of the best parts of class, because it means that we just did tons of throws, your body is aching and the teacher teaches us some massage techniques. All of a sudden, I hear Cindy commented that her middle name (or part of it) is on my back. Cool!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spank me!

I can’t remember the last time I attended ALL my classes for a full semester. Tonight I ALMOST ditched, but took a quick glance at my syllabus before deciding to do so and realized that next week is the final class. That means I HAVE to attend tonight. This a mile stone for me. I feel all grown up! So here I am screwing around in class and a girl behind me is having difficulties with her computer and the teacher keeps hanging out there. I tried to pretend to start working, but I haven’t paid attention for the last hour and have no idea what page he is on or what he asked of the class. Oh well! This reminds me of high school. I would ditch all the time, come in the day of the test, turn in my homework and ace the test and my poor friends would be pissed that I got a better grade then them. Currently, I have the highest grade in this class. My next class I am going to try to pay attention, too. I should be rewarded! :)

Sexy challenge

All part of bringing SEXY back is getting me to actually workout. I need a little push and thought I would put this out there and see if anyone takes me up on it. Are you up for the challenge? I need motivation to get back into shape and I was thinking of placing a bet with whomever wants in. You in? It will be for a set period of time, like a month, and it's just based on how many total hours spent working out during that time period. Since each person is different and goals vary, basing it off of inches lost/gained, weight lost or body fat lost would not be fair. So what do you think? We would have to figure out a prize and obviously food/meal would not be a good one. Maybe a $100 gift certificate to wherever the other person wants...or something else. I am open. Any takers?


Just found out that James turn one year younger, yesterday!

Happy belated birthday, James!!!

This sounds so much better in my head, then if I sang it out loud...

*clearing throat*

me, me, me, me *vocal chord sound check*





*holding cake with candles lit*

Make a wish, James!!!

Egyptian Winged Sun Disc

A couple of weeks a go I got the itch to get another tattoo. I have had a design in mind and just need to find an artist that can bring it to life. Here is the closes design I could find that I want to work with. Except I want a pyramid around the sun and the wings to not be so close to the sun. Someone asked me what it meant and my darn memory couldn't remember anything except that it is a protection symbol. So I looked it up and found all this cool info:

In the book Practical Egyptian Magic by Murray Hope it is said about this symbol and its use in Egypt:
Emblematic of the element of air, this consists of a circle or solar-type disk enclosed by a pair of wings. In ritual magic it is suspended over the alter in an easterly direction and used when invoking the protection and co-operation of the sylphs. [1]
A Masonic reference work describes it this way:
... the Winged-Disk, with the Uraei of Egypt, the original of which we find in the text summarized by Naville in the "Myths of Horus," pII. xii. ff.:&endash; "horus commanded Thoth that the Winged-Sun-Disk, with Uraei, should be brought into every sanctuary wherein he dwelt, and into every sanctuary of all the gods of the lands of the South and the North, and in Amentet, in order that they might drive away evil from therein...." This is what is meant by the Winged-Disks, with the Uraei, which are seen over the entrances of the courts of the temples of all the gods and goddesses of Egypt. [2]
Other occultic groups lay claim to the symbol and its use. A Rosicrucian reference work says this:
The Winged Globe is pre-eminently a Rosicrucian symbol, although the Illuminati may lay claim to it, and it may be admitted that it is of Egyptian origin. The Winged Globe is the symbol of the perfected soul making its flight back to the source of its creation in the Elysian fields beyond. [3]

It STARTED off so easy . . .

I love birthdays! It such a special time to honor that person and thank their parents for not watching TV that night they were conceived. My roomie’s b-day is just around the corner and I was torn between what to get him. And when I get in this mind frame and can’t decide I just buy it all, so before this gets super expensive I better ask if there’s anything he wants for his b-day. I was thinking he’d want that spa day we have been talking about, the XBox 360, or that leather sport coat jacket I fell in love with and he could use it when he bounces at the night club, or something like a nice cologne. Nope, he comes back with “a clip board” as his response. “You know the ones with compartment to put stuff in.” I was like “What?... a clip board” He said he saw someone at his work with one and could totally use it. He’s a personal trainer and I agree it would come in handy. So I thought that’s easy, I’ll do a search on and and see what my options are. Who would’ve thought there would be so many options? There’s some made of pressed wood, plastic, aluminum, some with funky colors like green or pink, some with a side handle and the options are endless. Arrgg! I think I am going to print them all out and have him choose. I feel a little weird saying, here look through all these and let me know which one you like. Cindy said she thought this was HILARIOUS. It’s like when her judge asked her what she wanted for her bday and she didn't want to trouble him or cost him too much so she told him "bookends." He ended getting her these 2 marble lions that are the replicas of the one outside a museum in NY. And another year, she told him corkscrew, thinking THAT's damn easy and cheap, and he gave her a complicated expensive set that came with wine guides, foil cutter, and this intricately handled mechanical bottle opener.

Lotto Junkie

Normally, I take lunch time to relax and escape from these cubicle walls. My escape place is a cool little spot that is up on a hill, has a park & field, picnic tables and library all in the same parking area. I love to spend time up there, take a stroll on the path and pick a spot to eat my lunch and read my book. When ever I forget my book, I head off to the library and pick one up. Well, yesterday I only was able to visit this spot for a brief moment because I have tons of errands to run and coincidentally one of them was to the library. Seems that one of the books I checked out on New Zealand was returned damaged and now I had to purchase it. So I went in to pick up the book and pay my $25 replacement and processing fee. There is just a little water damage. Are they kidding me? But what ever, I now have a book on New Zealand incase I change my mind and decide to uproot and move there.

After visiting the library I talked to sister #2 about my Dad's Estate stuff, I stopped by Black Forest Bakery & Cafe and got a decadent piece of Black Forest cake for my roomie's whose stayed home sick, stopped by the post office and bank AND had 10 minutes to kill before I was do back. WOW! I am efficient! So I did what I normally do when I have time to kill before heading back to work and went to AM/PM and bought lotto tickets and won! I won a whopping $3 with my Big Spin ticket and $2 with my Crazy 8's ticket! :) SWEET! I’ll save them and redeem them the next time I find myself with nothing to do during lunch.

Saint Theresa's prayer

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.

Monday, March 19, 2007

RIGHT side of the bed

I have a private Myspace account that is not personalized at all. I use it primarily to keep an eye on my 14 year old niece, who is at the age were she needs an eye to be kept on her. However, last October I must have been extremely bored at work or needed to write, because I actually used the blog feature and wrote a few entries. I was rereading them and really liked this one and decided to move it over to this blog.

Myspace blog - 10/13/06 - The last three mornings I have woken up in bliss. What shocks me more is this feeling of bliss is still with me even when I wake up late and realize that I did not set my alarm the night before. I came into work announcing that I woke up on the "RIGHT" side of the bed! What a concept -- to celebrate the RIGHT days! I am feeling a deep gratitude for those I love. I believe this means I am on the up side of healing. What a rejoicing feeling. Every morning should start this way! I can't remember if I had these days before my Father passed away. My memory is a little foggy, but I do remember being happy all the time and people complimenting me on it. Last night before practice I was told I have a glow about me. I feel like I am BACK! Positive and happy 'ol me.

Lucky #3

Friday night I went to see the movie 300, for the 3rd time and it was playing in theater #3. Looks like numbers were in my favor . . . I should have played the lotto that night. Oh well....


WARNING: Highly depressing entry.

Now that you are warn and want to read on, here it is - Today I find myself drained! This weekend has taken a toll on me. Don’t get me wrong, there were good moments, like watching 300 for the third time, trying the Yard House restaurant for the first time and getting about 5 hours of martial arts practice in, but as far as all the emotional drama, this weekend got me down.

My good friend and sensei has been going through a rough time in his life. He is going through a break up and is not handling it very well. He’s been talking about wanting to leave this earth on his terms and seems to keep bordering on edge of losing it completely. I was once told “it’s the ones that don’t talk about it that you have to worry about,” so that comforts me that he may not go forward with it and just needs attention. I said my good-byes and asked him about his final wishes. I guess since I recently experience a death in my close circle, I know how important those two things are and most people don’t say or ask those thing when approached with this situation. And then the draining continued….

To give you a little background on my situation. My roomie is my ex-fiancé and best friend. Early this year we split and are in the process of moving into separate places. I have been putting off doing spring cleaning to get ready for the move because I am in denial, but found motivation in starting by looking for pix for my new blog and to hunt down tax stuff. I threw away two boxes of stuff, recycled three and had ½ a box of stuff to be shredded. Reality set in that I’ll be moving out and it hit me hard. One of the hardest things to deal with is what to do with our kitties. We got them right when we moved in together and they are about a year old now. Should we share custody? I know that might sound silly, but we have considered it. They are like our kids, man! If we don’t do that, then who gets them? Dude, this feels like a divorce! And earlier that day a bomb was dropped (not the stinky kind… the drama filled one). My roomie was supposed to move in with my close friend and sensei, but my sensei texted my roomie that he didn’t want to move in with him anymore. He said he needed to go through his break up drama alone. They’ve been friends for over 10 years and basically my sensei just picked chasing a girl over his friendship and is telling all of us in the group, you are either with me or against me and if you are not with me, then I don’t really need you in my life. My roomie is heart broken. His best friends, sensei, and co-worker has just kicked him out of his life. So there I am listening and comforting my roomie and since things seem to hit me a day or two later I started to think - Where does that leave me? I feel stuck in-between! My sensei doesn’t know yet that I’m not talking to his ex-girl, either. When he finds out will he cut ties with me too? It gave me a lot to think about last night. My sensei told me “to just get over it” and “live in the now” when my roomie and I broke up and my Dad passed away. He is telling both my roomie and I to stop living in the past, to not look back, even if it’s to heal something, because it’s not living in the now. But isn’t he doing the same thing with his ex? What are you supposed to do when one of your life teachers doesn’t listen to their life teachings? So here I find myself this Monday morning at another crossroad in my life and too drained to look up at the signs and read where the arrow's say my options are. I think I’ll just sit here awhile and rest against the post.

Friday, March 16, 2007

One BIG kitty family tree!

These are my two kids, Angelina and Maxwell. Angelina is named after Angelina Jolie and Maxwell after the R&B singer. Last night I came home and greeted them and thought "Hey, you two... you now have an uncle!"


The way I look at it, if Cindy is my Blogger Mom and Dodo is her son, then that means he is my Bro and my kitties now have an uncle. Did I figure that out right? But my kitties will still call Cindy, Auntie Cindy.
Sorry the pix of Dodo is so tiny and has a weird border, I had to get it from Verizon online and it came that way.

What would I do without you???

Did I drink too much last night? If so, I am light weight! I only had two Bailey’s on the rocks (compliments of Cindy). Granted I had only eaten a few Do-Si-Do Girl Scout cookies topped with peanut butter & chocolate soy cream at 6:30 and it was now past 10:30PM. But it seems that the alcohol has impaired my memory and I can’t remember any of my log-in information, passwords, etc. Last night we had to open a fake yahoo account so that I could get a gmail invite, then set up a gmail account and finally set up my blog. This morning I can only remember one password, but can’t recall to which account it goes to. Arrgg! I fanatically emailed my blogger parents, Cindy and James, and admitted I was your typical kid and need help! Hopefully, my memory will kick in soon!

Just got an email from Blogger Dad and he refreshed my memory. Thanks, Blogger Dad! I think I am grounded, tho… He said no more cat nip for me!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

A bLoGgEr Is BoRn

*walking on stage*

*tapping mic*

Hello... is there anyone out there??? I would like to thank Cindy and James for helping create me tonight. It only took a couple of Bailey's drinks, some tech support, and one and half movies later for my birth :)

So a little about me... I'm an Aquarius who likes long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners... Opps! Wrong website j/k But seriously...I am an Aquarius, I have two kitties (bro & sis), scuba diver, martial artist . . . and this is me letting you into my life. WELCOME!

*bowing and exiting stage*