Thursday, May 27, 2010

student pains

I can't believe my 3rd quarter is coming to an end. It feels like so much as gone on during this short period at school. I love my study groups and all the cool people I've met here. Although I love the campus and the friendships, I'm hoping to be out of here in 6 qtrs (2 years). I signed up for Fall qtr and am taking
- biometrics lecture and lab
- genetics
- chemistry
- scientific communication

I'll be here M, W, F.... which I'm not a fan of. I like to squeeze all my classes on Tue and Thurs, so I am here during club meetings and only have class 2 days a week. That third day of class just makes me feel like I'm seeing my teacher too much and get burned out quickly. I have a 4 hour break on Wed, so am thinking of adding a physics lab and lecture, but am just at the thinking of it stage. It would put me at 16 units and not sure if that is too heavy of a work load. I'm taking Trig over the summer, which is a prereq for it, so I have some time to think about it. Originally, I wanted to take chem over the summer, but the college is only offering one class and it is full. All these budget cuts are getting on my last nerve! It's definitely getting in my way of getting the classes I want and need.

Well, as this quarter comes to an end, I realize I'm not doing as good as I was hoping. While I have received many A's and B's, there are a few C's in there too. I can't get into vet school with many of those darn C's, so need to FOCUS! Or come to the realization that I won't be applying to vet school.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What it took

Back in October I filled out an application for an on-call/part-time police dispatcher position at my school. What followed was a lot of tests, $, and time! I really didn't it would be such a lengthy process.

The first process to be considered for the position was a 4 hour POST test that was a bubble in questionnaire as you listen to a recording. Passed it and was off to the next phase which was a panel interview. I passed with flying colors and got compliments from the interviewer about how well I was prepared and polished I was. Word got around about me, because when I came in for my second interview the Chief's assistant gave me the "I shouldn't be saying this but" people were impressed and there was a buzz about me. It was a nice compliment and I was happy she shared it with me. I had an interview with the Chief and finger prints the next day. After all that the pain in my ass "fun" began. I had to fill out a damn near 30 page application with so much detail about y life, family, friends, places I've worked, current places my references word, things I've done, etc, etc. It had to be accompanied with my transcripts (from 3 junior colleges mind you), copy of my birth certificate, credit score, H.S. and A.A. diploma. There was a page that had to be notarized, too. After it was submitted there still needed more info! Ugh! I had to provide them with a copy of my SS card, driver's license, reason why I don't have DD14 and proof of automobile insurance. The private investigator took almost two months to "clear" me to the next level.

My physical entailed meeting the doc and him checking my medical history and oddly enough being able to touch my toes and do a squat. I had to laugh when he asked me to do it. The place also took a urine sample, preformed a hearing and eye sight test and took some blood work. You would think I was being hired for physical intensive job! A dispatcher sits for almost 12 hours straight... was this all really necessary?

Any who... next was the psychological exam. 4 hours of IQ test, more bubble questionnaires, and fill in the blank crap and I was told that I needed to come back for my one-on-one with the shrink. I thought it would be done all in one day, but seems like I would have to back the hour drive once again. When I went back for my mental clearance check I was in the room a total of 20 minutes and all done. Seems like I am good to go and started training this passed Monday. Seems like a chill job. The only thing I don't like is that I am a one-man show and when I need to use the restroom, I need to find a police officer, my boss of someone to cover for me. That can get annoying! But other then that, things seem like a good decision.