Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ionic Foot Bath

I got an email right before my bday from Cristy with a Groupon gift certificate for 10 Skyburn workout sessions.  I thought it was super thoughtful and was excited to try out this wkout. It's a boot camp style workout at a trampoline park.  We went to the 6:30am class and since we were a small group we got a great workout with a lot of attention.  You do push ups, jumping jacks, weights, and use resistance bands while jumping.  It's tough!!
The next week we went again but were the only two, therefore we had an hour with 100% of the instructor's attention on is.  He had us do this one circuit of medicine ball slams, hi knees, rope drills and then sprint to wall climb and hop back top the start line and do it again. Mind you we are doing this on a trampoline the whole time. It was INTENSE!  It was so intense that both Cristy and I couldn't walk normal for a couple days.  I think it was the 90 calf raises that pushed us over the edge.
I decided to take advantage of another online group discount of acupuncture, massage and ionic foot bath to help my tight calves. I've never had a ionic foot bath.  You put your feet in this warm water and this ionic thing is placed in the water.  It is supposed to draw out toxins from my body and I can tell where the toxins are coming from depending on the color change.

The brochure showed some disgusting pictures of color change, especially from people who smoke and water turns murky brown. Ick!

Mine was turning orange which is indicative of joint toxins.  The tech asked me if I workoutit was toxins from that.  I honestly felt the swelling in my calves go down afterwards.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


My love brought in the groceries and said he had something in the car that I was going to love more than him. 
*heart melt*