Saturday, January 23, 2010

FaceBook findings

So I finally joined FaceBook and see tons of people from H.S. The first two years of H.S. was a lot of fun, raising animals, being on competitive teams and making friends that I had a blast with. My later two years of HS were darker. I started ditching school a lot, gained weight, was partying and drinking to escape, etc, etc. So I found this old buddy of mine on FB. I'll give you the short version of what happen. This girl and I were really close and one night I left her at party. Instead of coming to my house that night, she went home and drunk!!! We never talked about that night again (from what i can recall) and we stopped hanging out. I've always wanted to say sorry for being a bad friend and not having the balls to talk to her. I have a tendency to avoid conflict when i know I am in the wrong. Anywho... today i found her on FaceBook and sent her a message basically saying I know many years have passed, but I am sorry for being a sucky friend!

I feel good for finally being about to tell her that even tho it's was so long ago.

The writing test

Woke up hella early today to make it on campus before 8:00AM. I wanted to get up, eat breakfast, get ready, wash dishes and re-read what this test was all about. It's the Graduate Writing Test that has to completed and passed before I walk across stage. Once you have 90 units completed, you get this wonderful hold on your registration. I paid the $18 and was her in the freezing cold by 8:40AM. There was a HUGE line outside one of the buildings, so I had no problem finding where to sign in. The yest was easy, write an essay on what a role model is and write about a good one or a bad one. There are 3 people that will read it. Two that grade it and I have to get at least 7/12 points and another that is the last say on your paper. I am pretty sure I passed and will be pissed if I don't!!!

During the beginning of the test they tell you that they have been doing this test since the 70's, which means my Dad took this test took. Pretty cool!

Well, I am taking advantage that I am at school, so am in the library and going to attach my lab that is due and my online chem homework.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Going in a cave

Since I no longer have a desk job, it's harder and harder to get on blogger. I find myself writing blogs in my head, but they rarely make it onto the actual thing.

The holidays were great!! A mini recap since I don't have time to upload pictures yet. We hosted both Thanksgiving and Christmas at our new place. My little sister and bro-in-law were in town for Christmas and stayed at our place for a few nights. We went to the shooting range, ate A LOT, watched movies, went to Oak Glen Apple Rance and hung out. Jay turned the big 3-0 and we celebrated the night with one of his old marine buddies. Jayla was in town for a few short days and Jessy's b-day was celebrated early since she was in town. School started up shortly after.

This past Monday was the official day of my 2nd qtr. I am taking the next biology series with a lab, chemistry and English. I feel the pressure of school already and the budget cuts. There was only ONE class offered for the next bio series class forcing me to sign up for M, W, F classes. UGH! I prefer T/Thur since that's when clubs meet and more school stuff occurs. Plus, I prefer to jam all my classes in two days, not three. My schedule is ALL day Mon and Wed. From 9am to 8:50p. I know it's a long day, but I have a 5 hour break in the middle, which allows me to head over to my job and put in some hours, study, or hit the gym. Friday I have class from 9:00am-11:30 and then head over to work from there. Did you know because of holidays and stupid furlough days I am missing 2-3 weeks of lectures/class, but am STILL responsible for the material?!?! What?????? I have to log into three website as well to stay up on all my assignments. Luckily, I am extremely organized for the most part and that will help me stay on track on when things are due. Hence, I will be in a cave studying, looking for more work, finishing my research work for the next 10 weeks...