Friday, July 31, 2009

Passion Fruit Tea

Last night Natalie made the long trip from her house to our new place. She called when she hit some bad traffic and I was happy that my bro-in-law taught me a short cut that I could direct her through. Still I think it took about an hour and 15minutes to arrive. She is our 2nd non-family guest and got the tour of our new house. She even brought us a bottle of Merlot to celebrate our new purchase. I think it’s cool to hear different people’s point of what they would do in this room or that space. Afterwards we were off to Starbucks to catch up and have some good ol’ girl talk. It was late in the night so I didn’t want a lot of caffeine and tried Starbuck’s Passion Fruit Ice Tea. Hmmm… I think I now have another drink to add to my favorites. It was full of flavor. We got carried away with our conversion that we didn’t realize they were closed until someone had to cut our conversation short with the bad news. Luckily, there were some benches and tables right outside and the chatting continued. We talked about family, our goals, relationships, cultures, religion and how we wanted to enhance our lives. She mentioned that she wanted to have more bonding moments with friends like having everyone over to make cupcakes or enjoy a bond fire in her back yard which is set up for entertaining. Now I have an itch to bake cupcakes!! Too bad I won’t be doing any of that while on this weight lost competition. But lemon cupcakes do sound good.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Define “Lite”

Many moons ago I used to go to my sister’s boot camp workouts and be able to make it through the whole thing. Sure I would be sore, but it was a great work out. Since I am back on the working out band wagon and doing the weight loss competition at work, I asked her to email me a similar boot camp workout to do at my local park and this was the “lite” workout recommendation she sent me:

Warm up:
Jog 5-7 minutes
10 Arm windmills/toe touches for each side, 10 squats, and 10 push ups (3 times)

Work out:
30 jumping jack
15 push ups (3 times)

30 front kicks
30 squats (3 times)

15 cross squats
15 push up
60 high knees (3 times)

Lunges back and forth on a flat area (she didn’t give me a number, but I did 7 each way)
20 tricep dips (3 times)

Run for 5 mins
Stop and do 15 push ups (4 times)

And Tah dah... give yourself a high 5 cuz your done!

Last night I did the workout and completed it in 58 minutes. During the last 20 minutes of my work out Jay appeared at the park to cheer me on. The one time I wanted to walk and started to I hear a yell coming from my love saying "keep running!" I did.

Today I am definitely feeling the pains of a good work out.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm all in

An hour before I left work yesterday my co-worker came over to and told me to make my way into the break room for an official weight in. Yes, my work had a scale in the break room and the funny thing is it's right next to the soda and vending machines. I had expressed interest in joining a weight lost competition and I guess I was officially in it.

It's for two months and based off the highest percentage of weight lost. I don't know the prize yet as we are exchanging emails still. The last competition lasted 3 months and the winner's tactic was to stop eating at 2PM and only consume 1000 calories since he can't work out because of a bad back injury. He lost 14 lbs total and the "Chunky Monkey" (person with the lowest % lost) as they call it lost only 4lbs.

I sized up my competition. I was honored and felt the pressure as one girl said she thought I would win. I decided to hit the gym after work and was planning a 1-3 mile run to kick off the competition. As I walked in I noticed there was a class in 20 minutes and coaxed myself in going. I kept telling myself "how hard could it be?" It's definitely not my sister's class where I would probably toss my cookies from the hit impact and me being out of shape. Plus, the teacher was over weight, so the class would be a good start to my weight lose goals. Well, it never dawned on me that while the teacher is over weight, she could take breaks and talk, but have us continue with the reps. My body was scream holy hell as it shook from the million repetitions. Nonetheless, I made it through the class and still managed to run a mile afterwards.

Today at lunch I ran 2.5 miles and got a "boot camp" workout from my sister that I plan to do at least once a week.

Wish me good luck!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little bit of this and a little bit of that

Where has July gone? It started off with a bang and I've been super busy the entire month that it shocked me when I wrote today's date down. July has been filled with family and friends, b-day celebrations, our 2nd official over night guest, house improvements, and great times with my love.

I'll post later about this past week where BOTH my out-of-state sister were in town and our mini family reunion at the beach.

This past weekend Jay and I headed down San Diego to check out the BodyWorlds 2 & the Brain exhibit at the San Diego Natural History Museum. I've been to BodyWorlds before, I think #3 it was. Some of the exhibits were the same like the embryos and vessel configuration, but this one had animals too. It was super neat to see the human body sliced up. I checked out body parts where I knew family members or I had surgery. Jay was surprised that he didn't toss his cookies. Since we were in San Diego we eat at one of Jay's favorite pizza places Filippi's Pizza Grotto. It was a old school pizza place, where the front was a Italian store and the back was for dinning in. The place was pack and for a good reason too. Because the food is DELICIOUS!!! I had a pineapple and bell pepper and Jay had a Parmesan chicken sandwich. My mouth is watering still!

We took the opportunity to stop by his niece and boyfriend's home too where I was greets by their 3 kitties (Spree, Motzy and Belly and I think they might have one more) and their lil dog, Chico. It was such a nice evening and the weather was perfect.

The next day I was of to Cal Poly Pomona for my mandatory orientation. It was an ALL day event, but at the end I was able to take my ID photo and sign up for Fall Quarter. Most of the classes I wanted were not available so I am taking a biology class with lab, and two GE classes putting me at full time status with 13 units. The only Humanities GE class that fit into my schedule was Dance in Contemporary Culture. Should be interesting. I spent the last day analyzing all my classes needed for my major, prereqs and this is what I came up with.

- It will take me approximately 9 quarters (3 years) of full time status to graduate with a BS in Biology
- In those 3 years I will be taking 13 biology courses (like zoology, botany, genetics, and microbiology) and that is not including the 28 units of electives in my major that I need to take as well, 3 General Ed classes, 4 chemistry classes (yeah a small number cuz I hate chem!), 3 physics classes and 2-3 math classes, including Calculus for Life Science.

What did I get myself into? Not only do I have to take the classes but basically get mainly A's if I want to get into vet school. Normal vet school applicants have at least a 3.75 GPA... I think I am at a 3.03 :(

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cindy’s 1/3 of Century Birthday Celebration!

Happy Birthday Cindy!!!

It seemed like I was never going to get to Cindy’s birthday party even though the morning of the was extremely productive and I was ahead of schedule. I made breakfast for Jayla and I of pancakes, fruit and turkey bacon, cleaned both bathrooms, and got both of us ready. I made the trip down to my home town to pick up my niece who was going to watch Jayla for Jay and I and that’s when the delays began. I hadn’t accounted for the traffic and sat in it for some time. As I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic some dip stick hits be from behind. I saw the whole thing as he was looking down and looked up at the last minute to see me in his way. The guy was RETARDED and wasn’t a gentleman at all. After pulling over to the side of the freeway I stuck my hand out waving for him to come to my car. A minute passed and he was still in his car. I climbed to the passenger seat and walked on the side of the freeway, told the guy this was not a safe area and I needed him to come to my car because I had a toddler in my car and did he come out? Nope! Instead he said that there was no damage almost insinuating that we shouldn't exchange info. I told him that he DID have damage to his car and I could find issues with my axle or bumper could fall off after I drove off, so we were definitely going to exchange info. He sent his girlfriend out to take pictures and he said frantically that he didn’t have a pen or paper. The guy was an idiot as I was clearly holding both in my hands. He rummaged through his glove box and mentioned something about his registration. I had to remind him that he needed to give me his insurance card and ID info, not registration! I got his info and he sent his girlfriend to get mine. What a jerk! He never got out of his car once and made the ladies do all the work. I left and was off to pick up my niece who had text me if we were getting lunch. Ugh… more of a delay. She wanted to get her eye brows done too before we headed to my house. Only a teen would need her eye brows treaded to watch a toddler! I dropped her off to get that done while rushing through a drive thru to get the two some grub since it was past lunch time. We finally made it back to my house (60 miles later), gave my niece the low down on local parks, Jayla’s routine, emergency contacts, etc, etc and FINALLY was on my way to Cindy’s b-day bash.
I drove up to the most awesome man-made beach looking lake and got prime parking. By this time it was an hour before the planned trip back to her house and there was a group going out kayaking for one last hooray. This was what I have wanted to do the whole day and made it just in time. It was so beautiful and a great arm and core workout. Four of us went out to the end of the lake and back in less then an hour and Mr. W told us it was a total of 2 miles round trip. Coming back you could see the mountains in the distance and the sky was a beautiful blue. What a great day to have a party.
Next it was off to the BBQ and open bar with Cindy as our personal bartender. The bar was filled with liquor and a drink menu with tons of options. I couldn’t help but order the “Panther” as my first drink. As I was waiting for my drink to be made, I tried one of the Jell-o shots. Both were so tasty! Next I tried the “Tootsie Roll” and could feel my cheeks turning pink, so had some ice tea and water the rest of the night.

The food was yummy. I must have had 3-4 veggie kabobs and picked on Jay’s plate too. Both of us snacked on grilled chicken with grilled onion slices. It was the first time I had seen someone grill sliced onions and thought what a great idea. There was a dip there with pine nuts on tops at one of the tables that was so good.

(Here's an action shot of Cindy bartending and Mr. W grilling away!)

Everyone was super friendly and I had a fantastic time!