Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm all in

An hour before I left work yesterday my co-worker came over to and told me to make my way into the break room for an official weight in. Yes, my work had a scale in the break room and the funny thing is it's right next to the soda and vending machines. I had expressed interest in joining a weight lost competition and I guess I was officially in it.

It's for two months and based off the highest percentage of weight lost. I don't know the prize yet as we are exchanging emails still. The last competition lasted 3 months and the winner's tactic was to stop eating at 2PM and only consume 1000 calories since he can't work out because of a bad back injury. He lost 14 lbs total and the "Chunky Monkey" (person with the lowest % lost) as they call it lost only 4lbs.

I sized up my competition. I was honored and felt the pressure as one girl said she thought I would win. I decided to hit the gym after work and was planning a 1-3 mile run to kick off the competition. As I walked in I noticed there was a class in 20 minutes and coaxed myself in going. I kept telling myself "how hard could it be?" It's definitely not my sister's class where I would probably toss my cookies from the hit impact and me being out of shape. Plus, the teacher was over weight, so the class would be a good start to my weight lose goals. Well, it never dawned on me that while the teacher is over weight, she could take breaks and talk, but have us continue with the reps. My body was scream holy hell as it shook from the million repetitions. Nonetheless, I made it through the class and still managed to run a mile afterwards.

Today at lunch I ran 2.5 miles and got a "boot camp" workout from my sister that I plan to do at least once a week.

Wish me good luck!


Flowtriss said...

Aw! you will be fine :) Good luck and I know that you are gonna win! :D

Jane Doe said...

Thanks so much lil sis. There is one girl that has been working out every day expect for day off. It motivates me to work out harder when i think about it. There are at least two people that are like what ever and are motivated to work out at all which isn't motivating for me. We will see. Next Thursday is our first weigh in. I'll let you know how it goes.

cindy said...

Keep us updated! And I hope for your sake that there's no CHEATERS this time.

Vanessa said...

This time we weigh in at work in the breakroom together, so there can't be an cheaters :) I am happy for that!