Friday, July 31, 2009

Passion Fruit Tea

Last night Natalie made the long trip from her house to our new place. She called when she hit some bad traffic and I was happy that my bro-in-law taught me a short cut that I could direct her through. Still I think it took about an hour and 15minutes to arrive. She is our 2nd non-family guest and got the tour of our new house. She even brought us a bottle of Merlot to celebrate our new purchase. I think it’s cool to hear different people’s point of what they would do in this room or that space. Afterwards we were off to Starbucks to catch up and have some good ol’ girl talk. It was late in the night so I didn’t want a lot of caffeine and tried Starbuck’s Passion Fruit Ice Tea. Hmmm… I think I now have another drink to add to my favorites. It was full of flavor. We got carried away with our conversion that we didn’t realize they were closed until someone had to cut our conversation short with the bad news. Luckily, there were some benches and tables right outside and the chatting continued. We talked about family, our goals, relationships, cultures, religion and how we wanted to enhance our lives. She mentioned that she wanted to have more bonding moments with friends like having everyone over to make cupcakes or enjoy a bond fire in her back yard which is set up for entertaining. Now I have an itch to bake cupcakes!! Too bad I won’t be doing any of that while on this weight lost competition. But lemon cupcakes do sound good.

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