Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Psychological warfare

Tomorrow is the first weigh in for our 2-month weight loss competition, so in celebration of such an important day a little fairy dropped off a care package to each of my competitors this morning that had:

2 Pringle canisters
2 mini Twix
2 mini Snicker bars
1 packet of Hostess mini blueberry muffins

With a lovely note that said:

“Something SALTY
Something SWEET
And look a breakfast TREAT

The whole package had a grand total of 760 calories and 41 grams of fat. It’s not my fault if they can’t resist. *devilish grin*

One girl automatically though it was me and dropped the bag back off at my desk. I told her I had received one too (i know I lied but I had to!) and so began “alliance” emails.

MaryAnne:: (writing to two other competitors with the title “alliance”)

So after a disturbing morning where a breakfast goody bag was left on my desk I realized that this competition just got serious. I have confirmation from a source that Vanessa is pure evil. John has agreed to an alliance, Kirk the choice is yours.

May the force be with you, (hahaha… I am kinda serious about this alliance thing)”

Kirk sent this out:
Exercise we must!

Strong we will have to be, hmmmm?

MaryAnne: Forwards everyone the email with “FYI”
Me: “You know the first one to point the finger is normally the one to be the actual culprit. *Side ways glance to MaryAnne* Was it you that put one on my desk?????”
MaryAnne: “I say nothing. Til tomorrow.”
Then some more packages were delivered with the help of other co-workers to the other competitors…
Kirk: Seriously, attempting to FATTEN us up the day before the weigh in? }:-)
Of course, you know, this means war!”

(There is the bag that was left on his desk)

(Bugs looking at the bag with a disapporving look!)

So it’s my period week (I know TMI!) and was terrified to get on the scale, but when I did I saw that I have lost 5lbs. YAY! I’m off to a great start. I am super anxious to see what others have accomplished these last two weeks.


Flowtriss said...

LOL!!! OMG ur right this was funny! I love the picture of bugs bunny and his face lol! OMG!!! I think that now its going to be fun w/ this lil "goody bag" mystery happening before weigh in. Things just got serious!!! LOL I love it! Good luck and i know that you will do well :D

Jane Doe said...

Thank you!!! I don't know why someone automatically thought it was me...maybe because I sent everyone a coupon for Jamba Juice and suggested the 800 cal Peanut Butter Moo'd.

Today was weigh in and I lost 6.5lbs. The next girl lost 4 lbs and 2 guys lost 1 lb and 4 lost nothing. I am gonna try so hard to lose 4 lbs before next weigh in. :)

Flowtriss said...

You can do it :D Good luck! When does it end?

Jane Doe said...

Thanks!! It ends on 9/17... not too far away!

Vanessa said...

Hey, guess what? One of my competitors (the one that placed 1st in last weight lost comp) stopped by with home baked organic chocolate brownies and chocolate covered expresso beans. I know from personal experience that just because it's organic doesn't mean it isn't filled with calories. I declined them all three or four times he offered them to me. LOL... He has nothing on me! I guess he got scared when he saw two girls were beating him.

cindy said...

You're freakin hilarious! I read this aloud to hubby and bro-in-law and they both laughed.

Great job on the weight loss! That's a lot of weight in a pretty short time. Keep it up. Great willpower!

Vanessa said...

Thanks! I think the day before next weigh in I will delivery some mini dounuts. Haha!

I'm doind a jump start diet from the Oxygen Magazine planned out by a nutritionist that's supposed to speed up my metabolism and lose upto 10lbs in 3 weeks. I hope it works cuz losing 10lbs would be awesome!

cindy said...

how much weight are you trying to lose?

Vanessa said...

I would like to lose 15-20lbs. Healthy weight lost is up to 2 lbs per week, so I want to do that or a little more. The winner is decided by a % which is calculated by the total lbs you lost by your beginning weight. I wanted to lose 8-10%. Last competition the winner had 7.1% last time, 2nd place 5.4% and 3rd 2.7%. 1st place winner ask me if I was doing the diet he did - only eating 400-800 calories per day! WTF? No way jose!!!

cindy said...

did the winner gain all his weight back? if he's not used to eating so little, he's not gonna maintain the 800 calorie daily intake.

Jane Doe said...

No he didnt but he said that since his back surgery he can't work out much, his resting heart rate is 44bpm (low!), his borderline hypothyroid, and has a slow metabolism, so he has to eat that way to not gain weight. Last weigh in he last .5 lbs. I did the math and he lost an average of 1.66 lbs/week last competition.