Friday, August 7, 2009

Possible stalker

I got a random email today from some guy I don't know at work but he obviously has been watching me. He sits downstairs and I am up stairs. I don't talk to anyone downstairs besides the admins or the occasional executive, so who the heck is this guy.

Brian writes:
"Hi Vanessa,
I met you this morning by the front door and couple of times in the park and library while ago…I noticed that you worked for Sales dept and I need to talk to you regarding the sales function in Bldg A. This is for one of my friend who like to join the [work's name] sales team. I was wonder if you have time to talk about this during lunch break, if so please let me know. Sorry that I did not introduce myself properly before. Thanks again"

*me thinking I don't recalling meeting someone downstairs this morning and how creepy!*

My reply:

You could always forward your friend's resume to me and I could give it to the proper person. I do not think I would be the appropriate person to speak to regarding open Sales position, but I could always have the hiring manager/VP give you a call or set up a meeting."

Thanks again for the info…sounds good.."

"You're welcome."

"How about lunch together??"

"I can ask the hiring manager if a lunch meeting is possible. Please forward the resume and the position your friend is interested in and I will get back to you."

Haven't got an email back from the guy, so hopefully it gets it that I am not interested at all!


General Francis X. Hummel said...

Ok, so I normally don't comment, but here you go...This guy is not a stalker. He is obviously a guy that likes you and didnt have the balls to just approach you and introduce himself. No crime in that. He was just trying to be slick. Now if you notice him when you pull into our driveway, then I would say he's a stalker. As of right now, he's just a guy who was trying to get you to go to lunch with him. Take it as a compliment.

Vanessa said...

Being a girl it's a little creepy that he said we've met at the library and park where I haven't talked to anyone! I normally sit int he quiet room at the library and at the park I am normally on a bench reading, so it's just a little weird that he said we have met and I don't know him. But I will take it as a compliment :)

cindy said...

He obviously misused (or used too liberally) the word "met." He probably meant "saw."

It is a compliment, and since this is clearly unwanted attention, however flattering, I think you handled it brilliantly. I love your last response, how you deliberately "misunderstood" his blatant lunch advance by making it sound like a lunch interview for his friend with your boss.

General, I can see Vanessa's perspective in the stalker thing. Some guy she's never spoken to, never been introduced to, can't even identify, has gone out of his way to not just notice her, but find out her name, where she works, her email address, and email her with some bogus thing about some "friend." It IS a little creepy for a girl to receive, altho I think you're right, he's not stalking (yet) as much as just going thru a lot of trouble. He should've taken those balls and said hello to her in person instead, my opinion. At least let a girl put a face to the name/email.

Flowtriss said...

I think it goes both way... nice compliment but also stalkerish. You did handle it very well Nessa and you have to keep us updated on what happens ;) How is your weight contest going???

Vanessa said...

There are no updates. He must have gotten the hint because he never contacted me again. I really want to know who this guy is. Maybe in a month or so I will head down there and see what he looks like.

The first two weeks were great on the weight lost comp. I lost so must, but I think me retaining water around the time I weighed in and shocking my body with increases activity and a new diet all contributed to the big number. This week I have only lost 1/2 a lbs. SADNESS! But I have a week to go, so I think i will double up on some workouts.