Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Got burned

My gas cap was resting on my tire as I filled up the gas tank. It was windy and the gas cap was blown under my car. I reached under to get it and the muffler burned the heck out of me. OUCH!!!


cindy said...

when I only saw the photo I thought it was an angel wing tattoo! Sorry it's an injury. =P

Jane Doe said...

That would be funny if I got just one wing of an angel. What would I tell people? I've only earned one and still working on the other. Haha.

It stinks and I keep forgetting it's there and touching that area. Hopefully it doesn't leave a mark.

cindy said...

big bandaid or bandage?

You can tell people the other wing's on the other arm, and refuse to show it to them.

Vanessa said...

In person it looks like an upside down V.

cindy said...

for Vanessa!
or Victory!!