Friday, August 21, 2009

The Empire

We got the final weigh in email from one of the competitors that is no longer with the company. Here is this week's weigh lost for the team:

KT: GAINED 3 lbs
MR: Lost 1lb
DE: Lost 1.5lbs
AZ: Lost 3 lbs
JC: Stayed the same
TS: Stayed the same
and I lost 3.5lbs!!!

Since the winner is decided by percentage and not total lbs lost, I had to do some math (since the "official" spreadsheet hasn't been sent out yet) and I came in first place on this two week's round. Nice! I am proud of myself but see that this group isn't very motivated to lose weight. Almost everyone I talked to said they barely workout and eat like crap. *sigh* I feel bad for one girl though. Her and I are in an alliance to cheer each other on, give each other tips and NOT sabotage the other. Well, she has been working out and was one of the people that didn't lose any weight. I gave her the diet I was on and maybe she will do it.

A wake up call and something hard for me to see was at the beginning of the competition I was the 2nd heaviest. Granted, there are height difference but STILL!! The the first weigh in I was 4th heaviest and now I am 5th heaviest out of 7 people. I am stoaked about that! I don't think I will be number one as that girl is 144lbs and I would look like a stick at that weight, but I am happy being #5.

KT wrote an email saying:

" The Empire won this round...

Seriously! Do you ladies have a side bet to see how much I can GAIN? I'm Up 3 lbs. But I did spend 4 days in the land of Beer and Cheese (Wisconsin)."

and these pictures were attached...

(Hmmm... what's up with the flipping me off pix?)

I guess I'm the Empire.


cindy said...

You know what inspires me when I wonder why I bother? Photos of Britney Spears pre-baby and Salma Hayek, who are both around my height.

Vanessa said...

Salma Hayek is a good one. Haven't seen Britney much, but sister said she looked in great shape at her concert. Oh the joys of having money to afford a trainer when ever you want. My favorite actress is too lean for me to look up to her for motivation. I do see some gals on the Oxygen mag that are toned but not manly and they seem to do it for me too.