Friday, August 31, 2007

The face behind the blog

A couple of weeks ago Flat Coke & Flies tagged me to post a picture of "the person behind the blog." I finally got off my lazy behind (not lazy, actually just very busy) and went to Walgreens to scan some photos for your viewing pleasure. Granted I could have just dig through my closet and pulled out my all-in-one printer/fax/scanner that I purchased a year ago but have never used, but held off until I could squeeze a trip to good ol' Walgreens into my schedule.

So here is a picture of the gal behind this blog...

Well, it's more like the behind of the gal behind this blog. Haha!

And here are two front view...
(This is Cindy and I on the last day of me living with her :( *sniff*)

(This is me with my belated doggie, Princess Laya. And yes, that is a metal mixing bowl on my head. I think I was going for a super-hero look)

p/s I tag YOU! If you haven't done this and you are reading this, you have been OFFICIALLY tagged!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Take 2 and call me in the morning!

About a month ago (or longer) I started to feel extremely stressed out. I was cramming a lot in my schedule, working out like crazy to prepare for my running events, started a new position that I didn't like and was working on my Dad's Estate stuff (yes, that is STILL going on!!).

My friends could hear it in my voice and when they saw me could see if in my eyes. I felt like I was going to snap at any minute!

And then the strangest thing happen... it all melted away!

Funny how GREAT, no strike that, AMAZING sex will just put a smile on your face and make all your worries go away. I know my "dry" spell was not THAT long, but it seemed like an eternity.

Oh, happy days are here again!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Rules are meant to be broken

So... I have these rules. My own personal rules of how to live my life. I am sure we all have our own big list.

I would say in the last 6 months I have broken a lot of them... Tee Hee! All in the pursuit of happiness, of course!

So here is one of two big ones I have broken... I'm "seeing" (not sure the right word, so I am using that one very loosely) one of my friends. I'm not one to mix the lines of friendship and romantic stuff, but I did.



I'll keep you up-to-date on the latest with "us."

Oh... you probably want to know who it is, right? You have heard a lot about him in previous's Jay. ;*)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I can't believe my eyes!

Yesterday I made it to class early and was waiting for the previous class to end. I sat down on the floor and pulled out a book to read to pass the time. Two guys were sitting across from me and once I made eye contact, they asked about the class and if it was full. I let them know that as of Monday it was, but you never know.

One of the guys was very flamboyant and I thought he might be gay. Not that there is something wrong with that, just an observation. We chatted a little before class and they had a great sense of humor. It definitely beat reading my book.

Then I got the confirmation that this student was gay. We walked into class and he asked me to point out the teacher. Once I did, he fiddle with his hair, striked a pose and brought his shirt off his shoulder. He was trying to seduce the teacher into letting him into the class.

Wow, that is some confidence! After the shock factor passed, I was so amused with this guy. I can't imagine me doing that and I think it was cool that this guy would do whatever it took to get his education. It's all for the education and in his case, maybe a date, too!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Signs of Good luck!

Yesterday was my first day of Fall Semester at the local Jr. College. There was some unforeseen hiccups with my registration and by the time registration time came around all the classes were full except for my math class. I had to do the good ol' petition for a class, were you show up the first day and pray that some students that have already registered do not come and you get to take their spot. The teacher took roll and two students didn't show. There was hope! He had all the potential students that wanted to petition the class stay until the very end. I got two signs that I was going to get in for sure!

First sign was the $10 bill I found in my pant pocket. It was all crinkly from being wash nonetheless, it was $10!

Second sign was the assignment he gave us had a special date on it. You see he had us read an article and write an essay on it and the article was dated 2/1/YYYY... my b-day!

After class all the petitioners were anxiously waiting and the teacher decided to take more student then the maximum allowed. So I am in!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell... until next summer!

Yesterday was my last Monday boot camp for the summer. *sniff* I start school this coming Monday, so I won't be able to make it anymore.

The group yesterday was a small group of us. Maybe 10 total. It was an extremely hot day and I think that scared away a lot of people.

We started off with three sets of 50 push-ups and a run uphill in between and ended with lunges and stair climbs. The middle was filled with a lot of running, ab workouts and more push-ups.

I really like seeing the progress I have made and am going to miss Mondays at the park!

So until next season of boot camp...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Race results are in

I went on this morning to to see my race result and here they are:

Place: 146th

Division Place: 13th

Time: 1:06:30

Pace: 10:42

It was a intense run with A LOT of hills and I am so proud that I woke up and went. Believe me at 5:30AM when my alarm went off I had thought about going back to bed, but I DIDN'T!

Towards the finish line I turned a corner and was greeting with three, beautiful smiling faces. My niece Lizzy was near some trees, so I just yelled her name and waved. My oldest sister and niece where on the other side of the horse trail with their hands out for a high-five. I had the HUGEST smile as I passed them and gave them a high five! It was a great motivating factor to have them there and know that they would be greeting me when I was done.

I now understand why my 1/2 marathon training program has you do these runs. It's completely different run during a race then it is on a treadmill or outside. Your body acts differnt and the nerves kind get to you. These runs keep me focused on my goal and helps me gauge my progress.

Oh, GREAT news!!!! My two older sisters are going to do the half marathon with me. YIPPEE!!! It's about a month away... wish me luck! :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Hills are Alive

Tomorrow is my 10K! I was nervous that I would not be able to run it because I injured my knee during Monday's boot camp workout, but I gave it a lot of TLC and yesterday during my 6 miles it didn't bother me. Better yet, it doesn't hurt today either, so I am good to go!

I got an email and my oldest sis and she and my two nieces will be there to cheer for me when I cross the finish line.

Honestly, when I read her email today I got all choked up. Oh my, just typing it here I am getting choked up AGAIN. She wrote ".....I'm so excited for you AND.........what a great example for your two nieces!!!"

Wow... I'm a great example! *sniff* (granted I am PMSing, so it touches me a little deeper then it might normally)

Mom's B-day events

Last Wednesday was my Mom's b-day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

The fam and I went to a cool, Cuban restaurant called Havanas in Brea. The cooking is very similar to my Mom's home country, Costa Rica and she loved it!

Saturday, my older sis came down from the Central Coast of Cali and we headed to Downtown Disney to Build-a-Bear. My Mom loved teddy bears and had never been. My two older sister took her there and said she had a blast. Us two younger sister had a little criss with the niece that we had to assist with, so took care. My niece had a dance recital and her makeup artist cancelled at the last moment. I rush my niece to Sephora's and learned that they do not do make-up application. Fortunately, one of the associates saw our panic and helped us out. He is a professional make-up artist that was demonstrating one of the make-up lines in the store. The weekend prior he had just done the make-up for that girl from American Pie. You know the one with the flute... I am terrible with names.

My older sisters came into the store with my Mom and her new teddy bear. She loved the whole Build-a-Bear experience and was totally understanding that we were assisting my niece. My Mom is so cute, she put tighty-whities on her bear.

(Here's the fam at my niece's recital. The pink dress is the $100.00 costume and the newest memeber of our fam (Teddy Bear) is even in the pic)

Afterwards we went to my nieces recital. Can you believe that her costume for 1 dance, that last maybe 3 minutes cost $100.00. Mind you she will NEVER wear the dress again. My jaw hit the floor. Another reason I am not ready to have kids...they are so darn expensive!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Fishy in the water

I have been searching for an adult swim club in my local area for quite some time now and have not been able to find one. I contacted so many coaches and it seems that after high school you are on your own. I remember seeing a group of swimmers at La Jolla Cove in San Diego during one of my beach dives there. I did a search for the swimming group and found them! Gotta love the web!

They are the La Jolla Swim Club and have coordinated swim times, buddy finder and sponsor events. I printed out a form and signed up! Well, technically the mail guy hasn't pick up my mail, so I am not officially a member...but you get my drift.

If any of you locals want to join me for morning, open water swims on the weekends, let me know!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Stroking my ego!

I was tagged by Flat Coke & Flies to do a meme of 10 things I like about me. I must say this was a lot harder then it should have been. I guess I don’t give myself enough credit or is hard for me to pat myself on the back.

So here is my “It’s all about ME list!”

Ten things I love about me, myself & I!

1. I’m spontaneous and up for anything type of gal. In and out of the bedroom …tee hee! *blushing*
Well, almost anything! I’m not into the dare me to eat something gross like those crazy menu items on Fear Factor, but like extreme stuff like sky diving & scuba diving to hiking & hanging out on the whim. Many people care about whether they like or dislike the activity they have been invited to do, but for me it's about being with fun people and having a good time. And even if I have tried something once and had a bad experience, I will give it a second chance if someone wants to do.

2. I’m a “free spirit” I am not very uptight and don't pass judgement on a lot of things. I let people be who they are, because I am who I am. I notice that this easy going, non-judgemental aspect of me helps people feel comfortable around me and really open up.

3. I’m extremely organized & independent. It keeps me in line with things and makes sure things get done. It’s also helped me out at work. When you're very organized & independent it help out with other stuff in life, too. Since I am used to thinking of stuff that needs to get done, how to get it done and then actually doing the work to do so, those around me rep the rewards of it also. I think of stuff they might forget and am extra mindful of other.

4. I have good genes. In my speech class in college I remember my instructor saying that no matter how we feel about ourselves, we know where we stand in society as far as looks go. Even though I have “fat” moments and “feel totally ugly” moment, I know that I am not a hideous monster. I can honestly say that I am an attractive person, even when I am a little heavier. I like that my parents had good genes and I have an exotic look to me. I remember complaining once to a male friend that guys are such perverts and I can't stand when they drool over me, but he made a good point. He said imagine if no one ever drooled over you. I never thought of it that way.

5. I’m a chameleon. I can adapt to any situation and have some many style that are me or have been like sporty, girlie, bumming it, Goth, Cowgirl, business, etc.

6. I'm a random fact collector. My mind just absorbs them. When someone has a question, my friends will say "ask"

7. I'm proud to be the bringer of change. I'm an Aquarius. The coolest sign EVER! I am very proud of my sign and heck it might even be my next tattoo. Aquarius are know for their sex drive, free flowing attitude and for bringing change. We are a bright and happy sign! I haven't met an Aquarius that I haven't liked, yet.

8. I love it that I am a goof ball! I dunno why I like it, but I do. I think it brings out my inner child and I love hear that inner child laugh!

9. A GREAT friend! I'm very open-minded and kind-hearted. From the feedback I get I am told I am a great friend, which means a lot! I do things because they come to mind and I want to. I don't expect anything back and it's always nice to hear that people notice that and I touched them or helped them out in some way.

10. I'm not your typical girl! I love it that I don't care if my girl friend bought the same outfit. I'm not caddy and want to steal my friend's man. I love it that I am sporty but not manly and feminine, but not superficial barbie girl! I don't need a buff boyfriend to protect me because I am not a "frail" and can take care of myself. I'm normally the only girlfriend allowed to hang with the guys on guys night out.

So there it is...I am done stroking my ego!

So I guess this is when I tag someone else??? Jessy & James (hey, side thought, you say those two names together and you get Jessy James, cool! huh?)

Friday, August 3, 2007

I spoil me rotten

Someone gots to! Right?

I thought I would treat myself to a massage tomorrow. Cindy had forwarded me an email once with GoldStar events and I have been a member ever since. It's FREE! I get an email with local events for the coming week or so at a discounted rate to local business in my area.

I looked up the massage services in my area and signed up for a "DE-Stress!" @ the Essenza Health & Wellness Center.

The De-Stress! is a complete relaxation package. It includes a choice of full body massage (Relaxation, Deep Tissue or Hot Stone) a Deep Back Massage and a Revitalizing Peppermint Foot Massage to sooth tired and over-worked feet. My experience will then be topped off with a special Relaxation Gift Box, complete with a $20 gift card! 50 min. total

Perfect timing, too! Cuz I have been a little stress.


Jay came over last night w/ his cute princess, Ms. Jayla. We headed to the Curry House in Irvine or Tustin, not quite sure which city that it is in. I had been there once before with the newly engaged couple, Cindy and Mr. W. We took it to go and headed to my house.

Even though I have lived in my apartments for over a year, there are new spots in the surrounding areas that I have never explored. Jay used to live near the Curry House and took me through a scenic route where I got to see a huge pond and trails near my house. I think I will buy my beach cruiser soon and go cruising through the trails.

After dinner we hung out and wrote down 6 month goals. Here are mine:

1. For the next 6 months I will practice my martial art forms for at least 15 mins, 3x's/wk.
2. Lose 12lbs of body fat.
3. Read one book/month
4. Not drop any classes during the Fall 2007 semester
5. Meditate 1x/week
6. Move to a less expensive place
7. Attend R.S.C. in Fullerton once.
8. Start on my quilt.

I wanted to get to 10, but I couldn't think of any more. Well, there was one, but I wasn't ready to commit to it just yet... it was put myself on a budget. I'll hold off on that one a for a little while longer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Maid of honor perks!

I get to experience paradise once again! My sister and I have scheduled tentative monthly meeting to go over her wedding details and cross of items on the to-do-list, etc. For September's meeting we are going to meet at Glen Ivy Spa and meeting in the lounge area for 30 minutes to go over stuff, then enjoy an hour of soaking in the jacuzzi and detoxing in the steam room and then off to our massage!

I'm grinning ear to ear writing this! I'm getting the "Rejuvenate" massage.

The massage menu has changed since the last time I went with Cindy. The description for my massage is:
"This is your ‘inward looking’ chakra and affects intellect and understanding. More than any other, this chakra requires balance and firmly grounded energy. The color is indigo, the sense is spiritual, the element is all things. An excellent treatment geared towards increasing circulation to tired and aching muscles post workout or over activity. Our Rejuvenation Massage relieves muscle tension through the use of direct pressure, vigorous strokes and transitioning Hot Stone/Cold Stone applications. An excellent treatment to re-balance from an active lifestyle, post work-out or for the over-exerted"

My sis is getting the "Recharge ~ All American"
The web description is "the root chakra is the foundation system of the body, our will to survive. It also gives us power, stability and growth. The color is red, the sense is smell, the element is earth. Geared for the active, this stress relieving massage covers you from head to toe with special focus on the lower back and shoulders. Meant to De-stress and Re-Charge your whole body, this treatment finishes with a hot towel to the face and an energizing scalp rub. "

This will be the day right after my 1/2 marathon, so my muscles will be thanking me for the hampering!