Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Maid of honor perks!

I get to experience paradise once again! My sister and I have scheduled tentative monthly meeting to go over her wedding details and cross of items on the to-do-list, etc. For September's meeting we are going to meet at Glen Ivy Spa and meeting in the lounge area for 30 minutes to go over stuff, then enjoy an hour of soaking in the jacuzzi and detoxing in the steam room and then off to our massage!

I'm grinning ear to ear writing this! I'm getting the "Rejuvenate" massage.

The massage menu has changed since the last time I went with Cindy. The description for my massage is:
"This is your ‘inward looking’ chakra and affects intellect and understanding. More than any other, this chakra requires balance and firmly grounded energy. The color is indigo, the sense is spiritual, the element is all things. An excellent treatment geared towards increasing circulation to tired and aching muscles post workout or over activity. Our Rejuvenation Massage relieves muscle tension through the use of direct pressure, vigorous strokes and transitioning Hot Stone/Cold Stone applications. An excellent treatment to re-balance from an active lifestyle, post work-out or for the over-exerted"

My sis is getting the "Recharge ~ All American"
The web description is "the root chakra is the foundation system of the body, our will to survive. It also gives us power, stability and growth. The color is red, the sense is smell, the element is earth. Geared for the active, this stress relieving massage covers you from head to toe with special focus on the lower back and shoulders. Meant to De-stress and Re-Charge your whole body, this treatment finishes with a hot towel to the face and an energizing scalp rub. "

This will be the day right after my 1/2 marathon, so my muscles will be thanking me for the hampering!


Whine Girl said...

I so need a spa day....

sounds great.

Jane Doe said...

JOdan come on down to Cali and we could have a girls day at the spa, too! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, interesting. their menu became a lot more holistic. very cool. your sis is gonna love the facility (Brea, right?).

Jane Doe said...

I was confused at first when I saw the menu and thought I click on the wrong thing and then realized that they changed it up.

I am going to ask if I can skip the hot stones, tho.

Yup, we are going to Brea. You know that lounge area we sat in first, we are going to do the wedding planning meeting in there and then enjoy the rest of the time inside! Pamering here I come!!!

Anonymous said...

and you can sip free tea in the lounge while you chat.

Jane Doe said...

I remeber they having delicious tea, too!

The last time we went I bought that sugar srub and still have 1/2 the jar left, so I am going to bag some and take it with us, so my sis can experience the scrub in those cool showers.