Friday, August 3, 2007


Jay came over last night w/ his cute princess, Ms. Jayla. We headed to the Curry House in Irvine or Tustin, not quite sure which city that it is in. I had been there once before with the newly engaged couple, Cindy and Mr. W. We took it to go and headed to my house.

Even though I have lived in my apartments for over a year, there are new spots in the surrounding areas that I have never explored. Jay used to live near the Curry House and took me through a scenic route where I got to see a huge pond and trails near my house. I think I will buy my beach cruiser soon and go cruising through the trails.

After dinner we hung out and wrote down 6 month goals. Here are mine:

1. For the next 6 months I will practice my martial art forms for at least 15 mins, 3x's/wk.
2. Lose 12lbs of body fat.
3. Read one book/month
4. Not drop any classes during the Fall 2007 semester
5. Meditate 1x/week
6. Move to a less expensive place
7. Attend R.S.C. in Fullerton once.
8. Start on my quilt.

I wanted to get to 10, but I couldn't think of any more. Well, there was one, but I wasn't ready to commit to it just yet... it was put myself on a budget. I'll hold off on that one a for a little while longer.


Anonymous said...

how about, "Not ditch any classes"?
And "Not drink any sodas"

Jane Doe said...

Ditching class willnot be any easy one for me and I don't want to put something like that whihc I know I can't commit to.

And I don't drink soda :) Haven't in years...kudos to me! :)