Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Signs of Good luck!

Yesterday was my first day of Fall Semester at the local Jr. College. There was some unforeseen hiccups with my registration and by the time registration time came around all the classes were full except for my math class. I had to do the good ol' petition for a class, were you show up the first day and pray that some students that have already registered do not come and you get to take their spot. The teacher took roll and two students didn't show. There was hope! He had all the potential students that wanted to petition the class stay until the very end. I got two signs that I was going to get in for sure!

First sign was the $10 bill I found in my pant pocket. It was all crinkly from being wash nonetheless, it was $10!

Second sign was the assignment he gave us had a special date on it. You see he had us read an article and write an essay on it and the article was dated 2/1/YYYY... my b-day!

After class all the petitioners were anxiously waiting and the teacher decided to take more student then the maximum allowed. So I am in!


Anonymous said...

Yay! You get to LEARN! Yaaaay!

Bachatadharma said...

lucky girl!
I don´t find money in my pockets, opposite it uses to disappear me.
Say me the magic knack, please

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - I am sooo excited! My teachers are so cool. I am glad I am going back.

Bachatadharma - Thanks! No magic...just good ol' leaving it in your pocket and finding it later. Haha!