Monday, August 6, 2007

Stroking my ego!

I was tagged by Flat Coke & Flies to do a meme of 10 things I like about me. I must say this was a lot harder then it should have been. I guess I don’t give myself enough credit or is hard for me to pat myself on the back.

So here is my “It’s all about ME list!”

Ten things I love about me, myself & I!

1. I’m spontaneous and up for anything type of gal. In and out of the bedroom …tee hee! *blushing*
Well, almost anything! I’m not into the dare me to eat something gross like those crazy menu items on Fear Factor, but like extreme stuff like sky diving & scuba diving to hiking & hanging out on the whim. Many people care about whether they like or dislike the activity they have been invited to do, but for me it's about being with fun people and having a good time. And even if I have tried something once and had a bad experience, I will give it a second chance if someone wants to do.

2. I’m a “free spirit” I am not very uptight and don't pass judgement on a lot of things. I let people be who they are, because I am who I am. I notice that this easy going, non-judgemental aspect of me helps people feel comfortable around me and really open up.

3. I’m extremely organized & independent. It keeps me in line with things and makes sure things get done. It’s also helped me out at work. When you're very organized & independent it help out with other stuff in life, too. Since I am used to thinking of stuff that needs to get done, how to get it done and then actually doing the work to do so, those around me rep the rewards of it also. I think of stuff they might forget and am extra mindful of other.

4. I have good genes. In my speech class in college I remember my instructor saying that no matter how we feel about ourselves, we know where we stand in society as far as looks go. Even though I have “fat” moments and “feel totally ugly” moment, I know that I am not a hideous monster. I can honestly say that I am an attractive person, even when I am a little heavier. I like that my parents had good genes and I have an exotic look to me. I remember complaining once to a male friend that guys are such perverts and I can't stand when they drool over me, but he made a good point. He said imagine if no one ever drooled over you. I never thought of it that way.

5. I’m a chameleon. I can adapt to any situation and have some many style that are me or have been like sporty, girlie, bumming it, Goth, Cowgirl, business, etc.

6. I'm a random fact collector. My mind just absorbs them. When someone has a question, my friends will say "ask"

7. I'm proud to be the bringer of change. I'm an Aquarius. The coolest sign EVER! I am very proud of my sign and heck it might even be my next tattoo. Aquarius are know for their sex drive, free flowing attitude and for bringing change. We are a bright and happy sign! I haven't met an Aquarius that I haven't liked, yet.

8. I love it that I am a goof ball! I dunno why I like it, but I do. I think it brings out my inner child and I love hear that inner child laugh!

9. A GREAT friend! I'm very open-minded and kind-hearted. From the feedback I get I am told I am a great friend, which means a lot! I do things because they come to mind and I want to. I don't expect anything back and it's always nice to hear that people notice that and I touched them or helped them out in some way.

10. I'm not your typical girl! I love it that I don't care if my girl friend bought the same outfit. I'm not caddy and want to steal my friend's man. I love it that I am sporty but not manly and feminine, but not superficial barbie girl! I don't need a buff boyfriend to protect me because I am not a "frail" and can take care of myself. I'm normally the only girlfriend allowed to hang with the guys on guys night out.

So there it is...I am done stroking my ego!

So I guess this is when I tag someone else??? Jessy & James (hey, side thought, you say those two names together and you get Jessy James, cool! huh?)


Anonymous said...

Ya know...your list of 10 things, they are SO TRUE! I had to agree with all of them just based on the you I got to know when you lived with me those few months.

Anonymous said...

Jessy James--lol

Great list--I love that you're spontaneous. I'm the kind who could just be lounging around and at 11 pm want ice cream and you'd be the perfect gal to go with me. Then we could be sad about our fat feelings but happy cause we got good genes & men would whistle at us on our way back from the ice cream shop!! lol OK I'm a dork.

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - THANKS! :) You just made my day! We so need to hang out more! I MISS YOU!!!!

Flat Coke - Thx! Actually Cindy and I had gone on a walk late one night and got ice cream. That was a cool day!

Bachatadharma said...

hello tiger
I like your space

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! We didn't get whistled at! Now I feel jilted. Hmmph. :)

Yeah, Flat Coke, we combatted our "fat feelings" by walking to the ice cream place and back.

Anonymous said...

I got tagged??? I will post it up on my My Space page soon =o) Love ya!!!!!

Jane Doe said...

Bachatadharma - Thanks! I;m a fan of big kats! I see you are too :)

Cindy - *whistle*

Jessy - Let me know when you post, so I can check it out.