Friday, August 10, 2007

Mom's B-day events

Last Wednesday was my Mom's b-day. Happy Birthday, Mom!

The fam and I went to a cool, Cuban restaurant called Havanas in Brea. The cooking is very similar to my Mom's home country, Costa Rica and she loved it!

Saturday, my older sis came down from the Central Coast of Cali and we headed to Downtown Disney to Build-a-Bear. My Mom loved teddy bears and had never been. My two older sister took her there and said she had a blast. Us two younger sister had a little criss with the niece that we had to assist with, so took care. My niece had a dance recital and her makeup artist cancelled at the last moment. I rush my niece to Sephora's and learned that they do not do make-up application. Fortunately, one of the associates saw our panic and helped us out. He is a professional make-up artist that was demonstrating one of the make-up lines in the store. The weekend prior he had just done the make-up for that girl from American Pie. You know the one with the flute... I am terrible with names.

My older sisters came into the store with my Mom and her new teddy bear. She loved the whole Build-a-Bear experience and was totally understanding that we were assisting my niece. My Mom is so cute, she put tighty-whities on her bear.

(Here's the fam at my niece's recital. The pink dress is the $100.00 costume and the newest memeber of our fam (Teddy Bear) is even in the pic)

Afterwards we went to my nieces recital. Can you believe that her costume for 1 dance, that last maybe 3 minutes cost $100.00. Mind you she will NEVER wear the dress again. My jaw hit the floor. Another reason I am not ready to have kids...they are so darn expensive!

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