Friday, August 31, 2007

The face behind the blog

A couple of weeks ago Flat Coke & Flies tagged me to post a picture of "the person behind the blog." I finally got off my lazy behind (not lazy, actually just very busy) and went to Walgreens to scan some photos for your viewing pleasure. Granted I could have just dig through my closet and pulled out my all-in-one printer/fax/scanner that I purchased a year ago but have never used, but held off until I could squeeze a trip to good ol' Walgreens into my schedule.

So here is a picture of the gal behind this blog...

Well, it's more like the behind of the gal behind this blog. Haha!

And here are two front view...
(This is Cindy and I on the last day of me living with her :( *sniff*)

(This is me with my belated doggie, Princess Laya. And yes, that is a metal mixing bowl on my head. I think I was going for a super-hero look)

p/s I tag YOU! If you haven't done this and you are reading this, you have been OFFICIALLY tagged!


Anonymous said...

The first picture is just too hot for words. DAAAYYYUUUUMMMMM!!!!

You & Cindy look like you could have gotten into a lot of trouble living together.

Love the last picture...nothing like a silver bowl on someone's head for a picture.

Jane Doe said...

*blushing*... awww, thanks!

Cindy and I did have a lot of fun living together. She knows of all the great restuarants, and our nights included ditching class and indulging. If you haven't tried Godiva, chocolate cheesecake, yet... you haven't lived!

I have no idea why I even had a mtel, mixing bowl outside with me, but nontheless, it made it in the pix.

Anonymous said...

I think Kitty Kat's life was more trouble-free when she was living with me...except for all the jujitsu ditching. :) It was nice to have someone to hit the gym with at all hours of the nite, too. And by "hitting the gym," I mean sitting in the steam room and gossiping. haha.