Saturday, September 29, 2012

Run thru my alma mater

I stayed around campus after work today waiting for a co-worker to arrive so we could go for a run.  The goal was to run this 5K route so I can see what I am in for on an upcoming race.  The race honors a student who was fatally hit by a car on campus.  His family created this race in his honor and to provide scholarships to students as well. 

I know it's silly, but I literally had this fear of running this particular hill at my alma mater. I think I have too many memories of walking from class to my car which is at the top of this hill and being out of breath from just walking!  The race takes you from the BOTTOM of this hill and I wanted to conquer it before race day. 

My co-worker and her cousin ran the route and I ran the hill in it's entirety, then ran down to where my co-worker was and ran it up with her.  Then, together we ran down and gave much encouragement to her cousin and ran up this hill with her.  I conquered this hill and ran the steepest part THREE times!  I'm feeling pretty good about this.

The rest of the run was beautiful as we ran the back roads, thru campus and along horses.  I have to add, at times the horses would run up to us thinking we had food and then continue to run along side us.  Definitely a run I want to do more often.  Why didn't I ever take advantage of this while I was going to school there?


Life has been on the right path for some time now.  It feels great to be happy. I have an awesome husband who cracks me up, understands me and super supportive in so many ways.  I was just going through memory land and thought "wow, I am lucky!" I find myself having this internal dialog a lot lately and especially about my husband.  I want to remember this feeling and not let it go.  I don't want to be one of those people that constantly talks about how it used to be. So here's to us and always remembering the love that brought us together and the love that makes us a strong couple!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My sister describes friends as shoes.  "Some are stilettos" and while they are fun you can only have them on for a little bit and then have to put them back in the closet. Others are a comfy pair of sneakers or slippers and you can have all the time.  Then there are those that are your favorite pair.  The ones you will never give away and are made of the best quality.  Every shoe has a purpose.

It made me think of some of my friends and the surprises they have given me. 

I was mentioning to my niece and sister last night that I wish I had more friends like me.  What I meant by that is someone who will drive to see me and who is reliable (I can do without the anal part haha). If I hear a friend say they want to do something or dream about some thing, I want to be a part of it.  I'll normally look up the event or activity and get the ball going.  I rarely cancel.  I drive to many of my friends house because they think I live in another country. I guess I just want people to also go out of their way too.

The other day my friend Debbie called.  I was coming back from Laguna Hills from a training and she had asked me to go have dinner with her.  Honestly, I didn't feel like driving back to the O.C. and then she offered to drive up to my area.  When I told her I was shocked that she would go out of her way to drive to see me and I explained that I generally have to drive to see my friends she said it was B.S. and friendship goes both ways.  It made me feel special and understood. 

The conversation with my sister and niece ended with laughter as we started thinking about the nerdy talks a twin me and I would have.