Thursday, May 31, 2007

Random Photos

(Messy Jessy, Me & my lovely niece showing off our stunna shades!)

(My beautifful Mama!)

(Do you notice something in the photo??? My lil sis is trying to bite my ear!)

(What is this??? Jess and Jahnice switched shades?)

(Santa, me & Charlene on our way to Off Campus. U like my corest???)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stepping up my game!

Friday I went to visit Jason and his beautiful daughter, Jayla, in San Clemente.

(This is Jayla! The happiest kid I have ever met!!!)
We visited the outlets in Carlsbad. I bought Guess jeans, a few stunner shades, Puma bag, Puma jacket, Kenneth Cole watch and a bunch of other goodies. Then we headed off to Jay’s to cook Chicken Parmesan. Jay made a comment last week that I need to step up my game in the kitchen so Santa and Jay are taking me under their wing and teaching me the ropes of cooking. We made a delicious meal and Santa joined us around midnight for a bite to eat and to watch our favorite childhood cartoon, HE-MAN!

Saturday morning I went TV shopping with James! I purchased this beautiful 52” Samsung TV. VERY, VERY NICE!

Afterward I had 3 hours of martial arts training and oh my… I can’t remember what else I did that night! Cindy thinks alcohol must have been involved then. Hahaha!

I was just chatting with the gang and I think this is the night we all did our own thing and I went to bed at 11PM. That is the earliest I have gone to bed in forever! I feel old!

Sunday I had my third session with my gym personal trainer...and I am a little worried about her. Her workouts are great, but she recommended that I don’t drink cuz of all the calories and try “toking” instead cuz it's calorie-free or try “coke” cuz it’s calorie free and will help with weight lost, too! Is she for real? Oh my goodness!

After that, I went with Sensei T and did 2 more hours of marital arts and I took it easy the rest of the day, just doing laundry and such.

Afterwards I hung out with Jay and Jayla and went to see Shrek the Third…It was hilarious! I love the Shrek movies. My favorite part is when Puss is in Donkey’s body and tries to give “Puss eyes” at the soldiers….and another favorite part is when Gingerbread cookie has swords aimed towards him and he craps a gum gum drop

Monday I had the day off! YIPPEE! I went for a dip in the pool and sunbathed for a little bit. Then hung out with my little sis, my niece, Jahnice, and Priscilla and watched ATL the movie. It was cool to hang out with my girls! I went to my sister’s boot camp work out and then head off to Dennis to eat the dinner Santa and I prepared earlier – asparagus, rice and spinach stuffed chicken. YUMMY!

Thursday cRaZiNeSs

Last Thursday I went to Josh’s (Gigi) graduation, he was getting his AA from Cypress College. That was my first Jr. College and is where I met Santa. We were goofing around and as the sun started to set it started to get cool we realized we should have brought a jackets. Santa’s lil nephew wasn’t wearing his sweater, so Santa decided to put it on.

Oh my… seems like a perfect fit! Haha!

You should have seen when we tried to take it off! She almost lost her nose in the process.
We got lost in a conversation and all of a sudden we hear Gigi’s name being called and us girls jumped up, hooting and hollering so loud that the crowd even looked back at us!

Afterwards we “lei’d” this Hawaiian boy and headed off to Chomps a sushi restaurant in downtown Fullerton. We had a great meal. I had the Sexy Mutha hand roll, sashimi salmon and a cucumber salad. It was not only a great meal, but great company too! There were 10 of us, mixture of friends and family!

No grad night would be complete without a night of partying…or at least an attempt to party! We headed off to Off Campus and thought we would be in for a great treat. Unfortunately, the DJ sucked! He was playing rock and alternative to a hip hop crowd. I have never seen the dance floor so empty and so many people pissed. I even saw some people jump up on the glass of the DJ booth and start yelling at him. The DJ didn’t even do anything. But Gigi was getting his drink on! And afterwards head off to Aarons for 5 more shots!

See…this is why I will never get wasted around Aaron.

Mid puke Gigi said “This was fun…we should do this again!” Oh to be 21 again!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

How do you measure head?

Being an Assistant you get to know your supervisor very well. Well, today I got up close and personal with my boss and had to measure his head. He is getting a distinguish alumni award from the university that he received his Masters Degree and I need his cap size for the cap & gown outfit. I feel a little girlie, because I had a sewing kit in my car that has a measuring tape. I was mending a friends blouse yesterday (at work, tee hee!) and had it, so don't think I carry it with me always.

I have such interesting moments at my job! Must say that is a first for me, though.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hearing them live!

See these handsome men??? Do they look familiar??

If not, let me educate you a little on them... they are Boyz II Men AND I am going to see them in concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boot Camp to the power of 3

(This is all my goodies! THANKS, Cindy! I love the characters! They are too cute!)

(These are my beads at work! I have them up so I can see them all day!)

Last night I went to the third week of Boot Camp. My sis couldn’t teach the class, so Christina did and I think she was a little nervous, because she went through the drills like a mad women! But the extra push was welcomed! I want a 4-pack!

Cindy joined us and has a good time . . . or as good as a time that you can have when you are experiencing a crazy workout! Haha!

Before the workout I got some presents from China! YIPPEE! I got this cute shot glass with two charters doing a judo move and a purple (my FAVORITE color!!!), prayer beads. I don’t know the prayers that are supposed to go with them, but I use them as a daily pick me up. I go through all the beads and say things that I am grateful for in my life. I start off my day like this. It helps me to stay positive, remember the good and give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. THANKS CINDY! I love them both! Oh…and the bag it came in has different characters and their names spell out “Beijing welcomes you”….I think I have that right. Cindy, do I??? It is in honor of the Olympics being hosted there. Cool, huh?

I took a picture of it all, brought the camera to work to post BUT forgot the cable to connect to the computer to get the picture. So until tomorrow….

On behalf of TurboTiger - Part Two

TurboTiger’s Secret Blog
Part 2

So the rest of the weekday went as such. The ex-gf doesn’t have a driver’s license, can’t drive, and I live out in the boonies. Getting around is gonna be a bit tough without a car. There is a bus a block away, where it goes, I don’t know. But there is a caltrains station on the way to the freeway, about a 5 minute drive, but a 30 minute walk. So in the morning I drove her to the caltrains station so shae can visit SF by herself, while I go to work. The first day she went to SF, she gave me a call and told me she missed the train back, and the next one won’t be there for over an hour, which means she’ll be at the Belmont caltrains station at close to midnight. So I tell her to take the BART down to the Millbrae station instead since it runs a lot more often, and I’ll go pick her up. I had considered myself lucky since it gave me time to hit the gym after work, and I won’t be compelled to spend all my free time with her.

She had said she wanted to go visit Hearst Castle so before she came I made reservations for a night tour of Hearst Castle, and motel reservations at Pismo Beach. Nothing glamorous, just a room at Motel 6, since that was the only place that had room that was also decently priced. The night tour of Hearst Castle is quite unique, the tour is done during the evening, with people walking around in period costume. They’re just sitting down, hanging around, playing cards, or monopoly. It was quite cool, as it was my second time at hearst castle. Unfortuantely by the time we got to Pismo Beach, it was pretty late and none of the good restaraunts were open, so I had to settle for marie calendar’s. Too bad because I was hoping to get some good seafood. Then back to the motel room for more noodle sex.

The next day we went to Splash Café, world famous for their clam chowder. Last time I was at Pismo Beach was during the Fourth of July, and the line out the door was about 50 people deep. Needless to say I didn’t wait in that line for a cup of clam chowder, but this time the line was about 10 people deep. I ordered the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. The bread top was buttered and toasted and made a world of difference. Yummy! I also ordered the friend calamari and fries, but that really sucked. They were cold and chewy. Unfortunately the weather at Pismo Beach was cold and windy, with strong winds that blew sand in your face. We strolled around a little bit then went back home.

Stupid Acts
Actually there were many stupid acts that annoyed me, but I only remember the ones that really pissed me off. On our way down to Hearst Castle, we stopped off at Carl’s Jr. Yah, fast food, but we were on the road and needed something quick to eat. Their new burger they were advertising was the pastrami burger, a meat pattie, with pastrami and cheese. Basically a huge slab of grease in between two buns. I mean I love my burgers but I know a bad thing when I see it. I asked the ex what she wanted and she said she wanted the pastrami burger. I look back at her with a strange look, and said “Are you sure you want that burger?” So I ordered the pastrami burger combo for her, and a regular six dollar burger for myself, since I didn’t want anything too greasy. I took the food to our table, set it down, and then went back to my car to grab my pda / gps to plan the rest of our route. After a few minutes of searching for Hearst Castle in the PDA and setting our course, I grab what I thought was my burger and noticed it was geasy as hell and stuffed with pastrami. I look up and see her half way finished with my burger. “Hey, why are you eating my burger!” I said. “Oh, I thought this was mine. It’s pretty good” she said. Raising my voice in frustration, I said “How can you think that was yours? There’s no pastrami in it! Do you even know what you ordered?” She replied back that she just saw meat and cheese in the picture. Even more frustrated I said “If you didn’t know what it was why didn’t you just ask me? I even asked you if you were sure that was what you wanted! Aaagh!” Now I was stuck with a greasy ass burger that I didn’t want in the first place.

Click on the pics to see bigger images.











Actioned packed wkend

So much happened in 2 ½ days…. Weekends are actioned packed lately! Friday I went to dinner with James at Wasabi Sushi in Tustin and it was a great meal!

Saturday morning was one of those mornings where you wake up super early and even though you are poo’d you can’t get back to sleep. My mind probably knew I had a lot to accomplish that day, so wouldn’t allow my body to catch some more z’s. I started to clean out the back part of my car and realized there was a bag that I haven’t taken out for almost a year. It was the one the mortuary gave me after my Dad’s memorial service. I had cards from the flower arrangements people sent, extra thank you cards & programs, the CDs with music we played during his service and other little things from that day. Before when I would bump into his stuff, I would be saddened and depressed, but not this day. I put on the CDs and his top two favorite songs came on:

- “Green, Green Grass of Home” by Tom Jones
- “I can see clearly now” by Everlife

I started to cry… just thinking about the stories that went along with the songs, our trip to Nicaragua, times scuba diving, times camping together, his smile, and when I bought him the Everlife tape for his b-day and he opened my mail and saw it. But it wasn’t a depressing cry or time….it was more like therapeutic one.

(Isn't my Dad handsome??? This was taken only months before he passed)

Afterwards I went to meet up with my lil sis, Messy Jessy and we went to Balboa Peninsula and took pictures of me doing martial arts and doing some extra filming of me for my lil UTube film! It's always cool to hang out with her and just goof off.

(My lil sis and me)
(Isn't my lil sis so creative? I love the B&W)

(Me on the peninsula rocks practicing stick fighting with escrima sticks)

(Me posing with my escrima sticks!)

(Afterwards, me and my lil sis! LOVE YOU GIRL!!! btw...I hate those shades! I need to get rid of them!)

We headed back to North OC so I could meet up with Sensei T and practiced my form. During practice he had a look on his face and I asked him what it was about. He said he could tell that I have been practicing, because I am doing a lot better and remembering things. Nothing makes a teacher happier then someone actually doing their homework...and in martial arts practicing is equivalent to homework.

We started our applications afterwards now that I have a foundation of most of the basic moves. It was really neat to see the moves in the forms I practice applied in real life scenarios. We went to Ten Ren tea afterwards and then I headed off to get ready for a night of dancing. I am a little dancing machine!

We (Santa, Jay, Paul, Josh, Rocky, Aaron & ME) went to the Mayan in Los Angeles. This is the one with three dance floors! We walked into a great surprise, a salsa competition was being hosted this night and the winner took home $2,500. It was an amazing show!

Afterwards, I headed down to the hip hop room with the gang a danced awhile, until I got a text from Alex asking where I was at. This is the promoter I met at Sutra that has GREAT dance moves! I met up with him and he took me up to the auditorium and was teaching me the basic salsa moves again. It was cool, because we had tons of room and I could hear his instructions. He spun me around like crazy and I was having a blast! thank goodness I didn't have too much to drink, tho, because I was a little dizzy just sober.

Once the dance floor wasn’t so crowded we headed down there for a little bit and that’s were I met my future dance teacher. We sat at a table and watched her for the rest of the night. She is sassy, sexy, and confident and knows her stuff. She totally works the crowd! I love it! Tonight I am going to part take in my first salsa class with her. Wish me luck!

Sunday, I went shopping like a mad women and then hung out with Santa at Irvine Spectrum, we had dinner at PF Changs and then watched Blood Diamond @ her pad with her two cute beagles by . That movie tugged at my heart! I will NEVER buy a conflict-diamond! I told Santa during the movie that I had already cried like three different times and towards the end I started to hear sniffing from her directions. It's sad to think that really goes on!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Go Figure!

See this beautiful, light, vaccum machine????

Of course, I would bump into this AFTER I just bought a later model. Look at the wonderful features:

Root Cyclone™ technology
Effortless steering
No extra costs
5 year warranty
Clean exhaust air
Quick-draw Telescope Reach™
Hygienic bin emptying
HEPA filter
Technical Specifications
For all floor types Brush ControlBrushbar turns off to protect rugs and delicate floors


Price includes shipping costs


On behalf of TurboTiger

TurboTiger’s secret blog
Part 1

I’ve decided to write this blog but I didn’t want my ex-gf reading this as she reads my blog. So I’ve asked Vanessa if she’d host my blog entry as I don’t have a link to her blog from my blog. Hopefully this won’t bite me in the ass later.

Ok, I finally have some time to write about what’s has happened a few weeks ago. As you know, my ex-gf from Taiwan came to visit me. This is not the same ex-gf as the one I broke up with about 6 months ago. She doesn’t have any friends in the bay area anymore, so her purpose for visiting would be just to visit me. She does have a friend in Los Angeles, so her plan on visiting was to visit and stay with me for a week, head to Los Angeles, visit her friend and niece in LA, and then come back here for another week. Unfortunately during this time I need to work during the weekdays, so she’ll be by herself.

When my ex asked if she could stay at my place, she wanted to stay in the second bedroom, because “sleeping in my bedroom wouldn’t be good for her”. I said she could stay in the second bedroom, but in the back of my mind, I knew she wouldn’t be staying in there for long. Yah, I know, evil of me, huh? I was talking with my friend L about this and all she had to say was “I can’t believe you made a booty call half way around the world!” (sigh) Why do I continue to talk to L?

So I pick up the ex-gf at the airport. It’s been so long since I’ve last seen her, about 5 or 6 years, that I didn’t recognize her at first. I gave her a hug, and went back to my house to drop her off so I could go to work. Came home after work and showed off my new culinary skills by making the maple glazed pork chops. She was thoroughly impressed since last time she saw me, I didn’t cook at all. It didn’t take long for us to finish dinner and for me to whisk her back to the bedroom for some sex. So much for her plans of sleeping in separate bedrooms. But something wasn’t right. The sex, it wasn’t that great. I mean I was getting some after all, so it ain’t all bad, but it wasn’t good either. Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t really have any feelings for her, or the fact that she goes all limp during sex. Yah, I mean almost all limp. I mean she was making all the right noises and stuff, but it was like doing a rag doll, it was that limp. Then it all came back to me. The sex, the low amount of conversation, the fact that we don’t talk, partly because of the language barrier, and partly because, well she’s pretty dumb. Some of the reasons why I broke it up with her in the first place. As a matter of fact, looking back at it, it was a WTF was I thinking type of relationship. I’m not sure why I ever even got into that relationship. After that night, I realized it was going to be a long two weeks coming ahead.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I felt 8 until...

My Mom is too cute! She has always loved making her kids lunch and even at my age, she loves to still make me lunch and meet up at my work. Behind my work building there is a horse trail with benches to sit and relax. There are all types of trees around like orange ones and eucalyptus. This place has a calming effect especially when the birds start chirping.

We met up in my work's lobby at noon and headed off to this peaceful place. As we talked and updated each other on our lives we enjoyed fruit salad, rice pilaf and Soyrico with veggies! It was SO yummy! I was chatting with Cindy afterwards and she asked ”don’t you feel 8?” I told her I did until my Mom gave me gifts. Yes, not only did Mom bring me lunch, but also came with gifts!

One of them was a book titled "The unspoken rules of Love" What women don't know and men don't tell you. I guess my Mom is trying to tell me something! Haha! Moms will be moms!!

My NEW Salsa teachers

They are in!!! My new Salsa teachers...

Meet DVD #1

DVD #2

DVD # 1 is "SALSA DANCE WORKOUT from Salsa Crazy!"
It helps to lose Weight, Get Fit, and LOVE Your Workouts

This From the Cover:

- Get Healthy - While Learning to Dance Salsa
- Lose Weight, Get Fit, and Love Your Workouts
- Learn SEXY Dance Moves That Will Make You Irresistible
- Work Out to Energizing World Class Salsa Music, You Won't Be Able to Stand Still!
- Friendly, Fun Instructors Introduce and Explain Steps Clearly
- Program Includes Key Stretching and Isolation Exercises for an Effective Workout
- Multiple Angles Help to Learn Dance Steps Easily
- Uniquely - designed Program Will Make Your Workout Exciting, Varied and Outrageously Fun!

DVD #2 - "LATIN Ballroom Dancer Volume One"
How to learn Salsa & Merengue!

This From the Cover:
Salsa and Merengue belong to the really fashionable ballroom dances of the year. Volume 1 shows you how to dance those two dances from the beginning to a professional status. The individual dancing steps are presented by attractive and professional dancers from the original countries in a nice Caribbean ambience. Additionally there are clearly arranged graphics. Different perspectives make learning Salsa and Merengue a very easy and entertaining experience. For advanced dancers there are also advanced combinations of impressing dancing steps.
Finally a very easy and efficient menu navigation supports the idea of dancing Salsa and Merengue like a pro within a few days.
Tuesday we are heading off to Sutra for Salsa dancing lessons and for practicing I thought I would get these to help me get used to the steps!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clubs take days off 2

Last night we were going to drive to Jay’s neck of woods, but there was nothing going on. I started calling clubs that I had fliers to and could only reach voice mails. So I texted my buddy, Rudy, and ask him if he knew of anything going on. He told me that clubs are closed on Wednesday. What?!?! Are you serious? Clubs take breaks??? I guess so!

So I told Jay the bad news… and he took it like a trooper! He recommended meeting up for dinner at Soto and they are out of this world!!! I checked out their website and they have opened for Ricky Martin before! That is too cool! They are very diverse in what they play. Last night their play list included a little bit of everything, from hip hop, salsa, meringue, R&B, latest hits… and the are GOOD, no…correction... GREAT! If I ever need to hire a band and can afford them, I will!

(That's them (SOTO) on the flyer!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Ex & clubbing

Last night roomie stopped by because he "accidentally" took one of my books and I had one of his, so we need to swap books and he was helping me move a couch to make room for my new TV (which I haven't purchased , yet).

It was weird to see him. His eyes told a story of so much pain & stress and I didn't get it! He broke up with me! You think he would be happy and enjoying his new life that he wanted so bad that he broke a 3 1/2 year relationship for. Don't get me wrong, my heart went out to him and I will always have a certain love for him, but I didn't want to go and rescue him, join in on the pitty party or jump his bones to make him feel all better.

I really am enjoying him not being in our apartment...excuse me...correction.... MY apartment (tee hee!) and I love having my own space and only worrying about me. After he left, I finished laundry and got ready to go out with Jay, Santa and some cops from their PD.

We headed off to Revolution bar/pub/club...really not sure what it was. It's in downtown Fullerton and is a small place. It's more like a meat market if anything!!! Guys do not take no for an answer!!! I had one guy keep asking me to dance and Jay is the coolest. He kept saying "sorry, man, she is with me!" But he still tried over, and over again!

All us girls always say that Jay is our "boyfriend," "we came with him" (then hug Jay), etc, etc. At one point us three girls were being asked to dance and at the same time we were all saying we were with Jay. I told Jay "might as well tell everyone that you are our pimp!" Cuz that is what it looked like, one guy and three girls all claiming to be his girlfriend. haha! A previous night Jay said he might get punch on of these nights cuz guys get jealous and mad when we say that. Oh well!

Needless to say, we are not going back! Well at least not on a Tuesday! The music was great, but the crowd is ghetto!

Oh...did I mention... roomie's friend saw me there. Haha! He did a double take and then stared at me the entire time he was passing me. Go figure that would be the time I am freakin Jay! NICE!!! Purrfect timing!

Kids repeat the darndest things!

Sunday I was hanging out with my Mom and my two cute nieces. The oldest is 14 and was on the computer and my lil niece who is 4 years old was in the room hanging out with us. My phone rang and you all know how I love the Justin Timberlake song, "Sexy Back"....well I have it as my ring tone and my lil niece knows the song! She is only 4 years old!!! My oldest niece all of a sudden says, tell your Tia ("aunt" in Spanish) what words you know so clearly and then my 4 year old niece said...

"I'll let you whip me if I misbehave"

OMG!!!! That's all I got to say....OMG!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lovin Life!

Last night was a GREAT night! After work I got ready to head to Hill Crest Park in Fullerton for my sister’s boot camp workout. She had started this “book camp” work out after she got out of the police academy and because her sister-in-law wanted to get in shape. Since then we start it after rain season and end it beginning of fall. It’s an AWESOME work out!!! We do lunges, squats, push ups, burpies, 8 man body builder push ups, abs work, etc, etc with running in between. The running is done either up a hill or up stairs.

My buddies James and Paul came last night. Last week Jason joined us. I am so proud of these guys! Normally, guys are the first to quit, throw up, leave to the restroom and never return. These three guys made it through the entire workout! Way to go!!! I hope you guys come back!

As for me, I will be there every week! I love the work out!!! It is hard core, but makes you feel good and when else would you push yourself that hard? Not often, if ever!

Afterwards, I went out! Yes…AGAIN! We were going to go to Hollywood to a salsa club that Alex recommended, but we thought about it and it was too far and it was a work day, so we kept it locally. Santa, Jay and I went to SideBar in downtown Fullerton. They had live music and this was one of the coolest nights we have ever had. We sat down and talked about our lives and exchanged stories. Jay has the BEST stories!!! I love just hanging out like that! The more and more I hang out with them the more I grow mad love for them!

Friday, May 11, 2007


It's interesting to notice the same cars on the road every day. There are a few that I always seem to bump into (not literally!) on the drive to work. There is one in particular that I love driving behind!

To the owner of this car:

With the license plate that says "OPT4JOY" I just want to thank you for the daily reminder to be joyful! Nice choice!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Early Mother's Day Celebration

On the post title "On the Go" I mentioned that my family and I celebrated Mother's Day early... and here are some photos from that day.
(These are my three beautiful sisters and me)

(Here we are again with my Mom at the end and "Lizzy Looper" being carried like the lil princess that she is)

(Here's a full body shot of my sistas & me)

(My Mom wanted to do a craft on this day, so I made a tray to put all my hair products on. I should be holding it up, but instead she is and I am holding up her presents. Haha!)

Unexpected turn of events!

Tuesday I was supposed to go hang out with James and go eat at a Japanese joint called Honda-ya in Tustin, but a co-worker stopped by my cubicle and asked if I had brought the ingedients for the food we were supposed to be cooking after work. OMG... I totally double booked! Believe me, I would have totally preferred to go hang out with you, James, but I had committed to the girl like 3-4 weeks ago, so I had to keep that promise.

So off we went after work to my co-workers house to help cook a German dish called Rouladen for another co-worker’s boss’ b-day potluck the following day. Since I don’t eat pork or beef, I would not be able to enjoy our creation but helped do the prep work nonetheless. Unfortunately, one of my jobs was chopping the onions and I couldn’t get the stink off my fingers! I wash them a dozen times, poured rubbing alcohol and bleach on them, sprayed perfume and they still smelled! Eeww! Does any one know how to take the stink off for future reference?

I guess it was all worth it because I hear that it was yummy, tho. It’s beef with 2 strips of bacon, honey mustard, onions, & pepper rolled together and cooked in red wine, mushrooms and tomatoes.

(Here's us doing the prep work)

(Here's us enjoying some dinner that my co-worker's hubby cooked for us)
Afterwards, I hung out at home. There was supposed to be a group of us going out, but I got a call that no one wanted to go out because it was salsa night at the club and most of the group didn’t dance salsa. I was a little bummed because I had a connection that got us on the list, but decided to call it a night, took a shower and was in bed.

My phone rang about 9p and it was my buddy Santa who wanted to go out after all and I was game for it! I have never gotten ready so fast! But I did stop to take pictures of me and my outfit. I know…typical girl!

(I know it's blurry...but you can kinda see my entire outfit!)

We had to get there before 10:30pm to get in. We parked at 10:28 and ran up a flight of stairs so fast it was too funny! All you could hear were the clicking of high heels against the cement and us laughing hysterically!

The club blew us away! It’s an up scale club in Costa Mesa called Sutra . It’s VERY classy! Here are some pictures of the inside. I don’t know how to dance salsa and these people were GREAT dancers! I was so nervous and thought heck, I really don’t mind just hanging out on the plush couches and watching. The atmosphere is super cool, guys will ask you to dance, but they are not hitting on you or don’t come across that way. Everyone just seems like they are there to dance. Everyone that would ask me to dance I told them that I didn’t know how and they all said they would teach me and they did! Or at least tried too! It’s a beautiful dance and they have classes from 9p-10p before the club open every Tuesday and I met Alex… who can get us on the list. This guy is an AWESOME dancer!!! He danced with me the remaindered of the night and was twirling me all over the dance floor and kept a count for me, so I could keep with the beat. I had such a great time!

Today I am going to search for a salsa DVD and practice at home. I have become one dancing machine!!!