Thursday, May 10, 2007

Unexpected turn of events!

Tuesday I was supposed to go hang out with James and go eat at a Japanese joint called Honda-ya in Tustin, but a co-worker stopped by my cubicle and asked if I had brought the ingedients for the food we were supposed to be cooking after work. OMG... I totally double booked! Believe me, I would have totally preferred to go hang out with you, James, but I had committed to the girl like 3-4 weeks ago, so I had to keep that promise.

So off we went after work to my co-workers house to help cook a German dish called Rouladen for another co-worker’s boss’ b-day potluck the following day. Since I don’t eat pork or beef, I would not be able to enjoy our creation but helped do the prep work nonetheless. Unfortunately, one of my jobs was chopping the onions and I couldn’t get the stink off my fingers! I wash them a dozen times, poured rubbing alcohol and bleach on them, sprayed perfume and they still smelled! Eeww! Does any one know how to take the stink off for future reference?

I guess it was all worth it because I hear that it was yummy, tho. It’s beef with 2 strips of bacon, honey mustard, onions, & pepper rolled together and cooked in red wine, mushrooms and tomatoes.

(Here's us doing the prep work)

(Here's us enjoying some dinner that my co-worker's hubby cooked for us)
Afterwards, I hung out at home. There was supposed to be a group of us going out, but I got a call that no one wanted to go out because it was salsa night at the club and most of the group didn’t dance salsa. I was a little bummed because I had a connection that got us on the list, but decided to call it a night, took a shower and was in bed.

My phone rang about 9p and it was my buddy Santa who wanted to go out after all and I was game for it! I have never gotten ready so fast! But I did stop to take pictures of me and my outfit. I know…typical girl!

(I know it's blurry...but you can kinda see my entire outfit!)

We had to get there before 10:30pm to get in. We parked at 10:28 and ran up a flight of stairs so fast it was too funny! All you could hear were the clicking of high heels against the cement and us laughing hysterically!

The club blew us away! It’s an up scale club in Costa Mesa called Sutra . It’s VERY classy! Here are some pictures of the inside. I don’t know how to dance salsa and these people were GREAT dancers! I was so nervous and thought heck, I really don’t mind just hanging out on the plush couches and watching. The atmosphere is super cool, guys will ask you to dance, but they are not hitting on you or don’t come across that way. Everyone just seems like they are there to dance. Everyone that would ask me to dance I told them that I didn’t know how and they all said they would teach me and they did! Or at least tried too! It’s a beautiful dance and they have classes from 9p-10p before the club open every Tuesday and I met Alex… who can get us on the list. This guy is an AWESOME dancer!!! He danced with me the remaindered of the night and was twirling me all over the dance floor and kept a count for me, so I could keep with the beat. I had such a great time!

Today I am going to search for a salsa DVD and practice at home. I have become one dancing machine!!!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That is so awesome! and that place looks amazing!
It does look upper class! How much is it to get in usually?
Anyhow, thats cool that you are going to buy a DVD 2 learn slasa! :-) That is so awesome! :-)

Anonymous said...

That was me jessy :-)

Vanessa said...

Hey Girl! You want to come with??? It normally cost about $20 on a Tuesday, not sure about the weekend when they have hip-hop, house, etc.

Raly got me on the list! Isn't that cool? I love having the hook ups!!!

James said...

Try using rubbing your hands on stainless steel (like the sink, or a spoon or something). I have heard alot that stainless steel will remove the stink from your hands.

Salsa dancing looks really hard, especially for those who are a uncoordinated (like me)

Anonymous said...

When you get tired of your going out party clothes send them my way. What a hot get-up!!

Salsa dancing looks fun. I wish I could move my hips Shakira!

Vanessa said...

TurboTiger - Good to know! The next day they still smelled funny!

Flat Coke - Aww! Thanks! What a koinkidink!!! I just bought her CD and I can't get her songs out of my head! All those belly dancing classes I took with Cindy are coming back to me when I hear her songs.

Anonymous said...

all i have to say is FUCK! this was the best ever...we will be tues regulars baby....except this tues remember! =) love ya girl and soooooooooooo glad we are goin out together!

Ano the Blogger said...

Hey 'nessa!

Wow you are beautiful in those pictures! Too bad we didn't get to have dinner but it's ok -- I know you had already made a promise from a few weeks ago!

Jane Doe said...

Santita - That was the BEST club ever! Jay Jay says you can't stop talking about it! I LOVE IT! That is cool that Nick bought a salsa DVD, too! Looks like our group will be heading there Tues w/ us. NICE!

James - Thanks!! *blushing* But we are on for dinner tongiht! :) Maybe we will go TV shopping 4 me, too!?