Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boot Camp to the power of 3

(This is all my goodies! THANKS, Cindy! I love the characters! They are too cute!)

(These are my beads at work! I have them up so I can see them all day!)

Last night I went to the third week of Boot Camp. My sis couldn’t teach the class, so Christina did and I think she was a little nervous, because she went through the drills like a mad women! But the extra push was welcomed! I want a 4-pack!

Cindy joined us and has a good time . . . or as good as a time that you can have when you are experiencing a crazy workout! Haha!

Before the workout I got some presents from China! YIPPEE! I got this cute shot glass with two charters doing a judo move and a purple (my FAVORITE color!!!), prayer beads. I don’t know the prayers that are supposed to go with them, but I use them as a daily pick me up. I go through all the beads and say things that I am grateful for in my life. I start off my day like this. It helps me to stay positive, remember the good and give me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. THANKS CINDY! I love them both! Oh…and the bag it came in has different characters and their names spell out “Beijing welcomes you”….I think I have that right. Cindy, do I??? It is in honor of the Olympics being hosted there. Cool, huh?

I took a picture of it all, brought the camera to work to post BUT forgot the cable to connect to the computer to get the picture. So until tomorrow….


Anonymous said...

PICTURE PICTURE PICTURE!!!! Don't forget the cable!!

Anonymous said...

Are you still not able to get online from home? And there are 108 beads on a Buddhist prayer necklace, do you not go to work until all 108 beads have been given a gratitude designation? I'm late every morning, so I can't do what you do. I'd be driving to work going thru the beads going, "I'm grateful this light's not red...I'm grateful there's no one at this stop sign...I'm grateful the car to my right missed my car when he flicked sunflower seed shells out his window...I'm grateful this roadkill isn't my cat..."

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - I didn't! I almost forgot to bring my bag up frommy car and glad I remembered. :)

Cindy - I can get online at home, just never there and still have dial up, so I just wait until I get into work.

I do it on the drive in and during the first hour at work. You'd be amazed at all the things that there is to be grateful for! Friends like you are always on the tops of my list!

Haha! "road kill isn't my cat!" ...heck why not be grateful! Haha!

Anonymous said...

so if someone were to drive next to you in the morning, and happen to look in your car, they'd see a girl who appears to be praying away while driving. You must look paranoid! Hee hee!

Jane Doe said...

LOL!!! No, I don't close my eyes , bow my head or have my hands pressed together. I just thinkl about them in my head or have them here at work in the morning! SOmetime I am rushed and don't get all the way through...