Tuesday, May 8, 2007

On the go!

This past Saturday was chaotic! Especially for me because I normally sleep in until 3PM-ish. I woke up early and to me that about 9 in the morning. I started the day with doing about 6 loads of laundry, ran some errand, bought my Mom her Mother’s Day Gift and then headed off to my sister’s house to celebrate Mother’s Day. We were celebrating it early because my sister was in town from San Luis Obispo and this way my Mom could have all her kids together in celebration of her special day! It was also Cinco De Mayo, so we had a Mexican them lunch with jicama & orange salad tossed in OJ & Balsamic Vinaigrette, rice, beans, veggie soup, guacamole & chips, some other side that I can’t think of right now and Mexican “wedding cookies” for dessert.

Afterwards my Mom wanted to make a craft and she pulled out trays, glue guns, paint, little knick-knacks and let us create out own little creation. I painted and decorated a tray and plan to use it in my bathroom area to hold all my hair products. It was great quality time!

Afterwards I headed of to train martial arts with Sensei-T. YAY! It was so great to see him! We haven’t hung out in about a month and I miss him and practicing so much! I hope this wasn’t a one time deal and hope we start practicing on the regular again. I love it! It gives me so much energy! I feel so alive right after and with all this clubbing I need to make sure I can protect myself just in case things ever go south.

After practice I headed over to Santa’s and Jason was there, too! Jason even commented how much energy I had from my marital arts practice. I showed him the beginning of my martial arts form and did a forward roll. It was cool, because he knows how to do them as well and there we were in Santa’s living room doing rolls. This is a great group!

We ate dinner at Baja Fresh and then went on a mission to find me an outfit. I was having one of those moments were you feel ugly, huge and nothing seems perfect! Jason was a good sport and helped me along my down whirled spiral and finally I found something some what decent to wear.

We went to Rumba Room in the Universal City Walk area again. It was cool night. A lot of dancing and Paul, Dennis, and Carmen joined us. The only bummer was that I lost $20. Not sure when, how, where, etc…all I know is that it was gone! Oh well…. I guess this evens me out from the other night when some random guy gave me a twenty.

Afterwards, we headed off in search for food and ended up at King Taco in downtown Los Angeles. We walked in and I saw two very old security guards and thought “how would they be able to proctect me?” We were not in the best area and then I noticed they were both carrying fire arms. I hope their reflexes are still good! The cop we went out with noticed that the pistol of one of the guards didn’t even fit in his holster. That was too funny!

When we got to Santa’s house these two little rascals (Trigger in the back and Toby in the Front) got into some stuff and decided to lay it all out on the bedroom/living room floor. Not sure where the yellow feathers came from but those were all over the place. Not only that, Trigger left us a poo surprise on the carpet. Jason was a great sport and cleaned the poo up, while I picked up tissue and feathers!

Man…I did all this in just 24hours! I am so productive!

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