Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clubs take days off 2

Last night we were going to drive to Jay’s neck of woods, but there was nothing going on. I started calling clubs that I had fliers to and could only reach voice mails. So I texted my buddy, Rudy, and ask him if he knew of anything going on. He told me that clubs are closed on Wednesday. What?!?! Are you serious? Clubs take breaks??? I guess so!

So I told Jay the bad news… and he took it like a trooper! He recommended meeting up for dinner at Soto and they are out of this world!!! I checked out their website and they have opened for Ricky Martin before! That is too cool! They are very diverse in what they play. Last night their play list included a little bit of everything, from hip hop, salsa, meringue, R&B, latest hits… and the are GOOD, no…correction... GREAT! If I ever need to hire a band and can afford them, I will!

(That's them (SOTO) on the flyer!)


Anonymous said...

Anything that has Ricky Martin's name on it is the bomb. Shake your bon bon!!!

Vanessa said...

He is such a cutie!!!!