Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Angelina got waxed!

Not my pussy cat, silly! My car!

Doesn’t she look beautiful??? If you can’t tell, I LOVE the actress Angelina Jolie and name a lot of things after her. One of my kitties and car are named after her and I used to have framed pictures of her all over my house as if she was family, but those are in storage boxes and now I just have magnets of her on my fridge.

So speaking of my “Angelina” (my car)... James needed to get rid of old Zaino products, so that he can test out the new one, and since my dirty car needed a new shine we tackled it this past Sunday. My car was nasty dirty! James had never seen so much dirt come off a car. Granted my Toyota 4Runner is a 2000 and hasn’t had this type of royal treatment on the regular. We were in luck, the weather was nice and hot, so the wax dried quickly. James was telling me that Cindy and him waxed Cindy’s new car during the winter months and it took 1 ½ to dry. Mine took about 15-20 minutes, which is not bad at all! Total we spent 4 hours cleaning and waxing her. I was so pooped from the last two days of action packed activities that I decided to skip cleaning the windows and tired and wanted food instead!

Seeing how it was Sunday and stores close early, we headed off to a cool store first and James treated me to a belated b-day gift. You will have to wait to see my new pet and hear all about it tomorrow after I have a picture of it! It’s SO cool! THANKS JAMES!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Afterwards, we went to Niko Niko Sushi and had some rolls. I was starving at that point and low on energy so much so that I filled up too fast and felt like I could go straight to bed. Go figure, tho, once I got home I had to get stuff ready for my brother-in-law’s b-day and for our very early trip to the Nicaraguan Consulate in Los Angeles the next day, so I didn’t get to go to bed until mid-night. *sigh* Maybe I will catch some zzz sometime soon, but my evening are all full this week, so maybe Saturday… or possibly Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you got for your b-day!!!

Your ride looks AWESOME!!

Ano the Blogger said...

Hey Vanessa,

I had such a great time sunday hanging out, checking out the store, and having dinner! I couldnt believe how much dirt there was on your car hahaha. We were still cleaning dirt off on the second coat of Zaino!

I didnt get much sleep either that night. Damn Cindy and her Turd song! :)

Whine Girl said...


I have zaino but I have no idea to put it on.. don't tell me to read the directions.. I want you, James and Cindy to demonstrate for me.

Cindy made it sound complicated, so I don't even want to try it without your (all of you) professional assistance.


Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - Wait no longer...I am about to post!

Ano - Even tho I was super tired from all the weeks activities, I had a great time too! Angelina and I both thank you!ANd can't wait to hear the song, again! I loved what you did with it so far!

Jordan - Just ship you and your car down and we will so do it!

It wasn't complicated for me, because James already knew what to do, so I just followed the leader!

Anonymous said...

It looks way better in person!
It ws so nice and shine! VERY GOOD JOB!! :-)

Zano Rox!

Vanessa said...

Thanks!!! I loved when we were driving back from the Consulate and you could see the sun's reflection on it!