Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Qtr

Good bye summer days of sitting outside and reading a book, sleeping in, and having nothing really to do besides what I wanted to do. Summer was great. Sure, I had a calculus class for 6 weeks of it, but overall I got to spend time with friends & family, exercised, I joined a book club and just chilled. Jay and I also went to Jamaica and Vegas... which I will eventually post pictures and write about. I can't complain... it was great!

Now it's back to school time. I am taking water pollution (which doesn't have a lab, yay!), bio internship class (for the research work I am doing), organic chemistry, evolution and marine ecology (which has field trips). I am super excited for this qtr. 18 science unit in total. For the most part my teachers are enjoyable, knowledgeable and will keep me awake. Right now I am going into my 2nd week, so most concepts are review and seems easy, but I have been warned to not let that be a false sense of security. I

I feel very blessed to be able to go to school and be so close to getting my B.S. I want to make the best of this school year! I haven't been to many events or that involved so plan on doing so.

Other then that... 8 days away from checking off another item from my bucket list -- running 26.2 miles... YEAH BABY!