Monday, February 23, 2009

My Happy Place

(I wrote this during the end of November...I's been a LONG time!)

You gotta love IT friends. My buddy Paul had recommended some time ago to download Mozilla (I know it took me forever to finally do it Paul) to gain access to websites that I normally can't access at work. I did and sometimes it lets me through. Yay! But I still can't access blogger.

I miss blogging at work. It was such a great pass time and a great break from work. Now I can only read a selected websites from work. Honestly, by the time I get home from school, I just want to relax and rarely pick up the laptop to type away. The thought of "Ooo… I'm going to blog about this" does come to mind a lot though. I decided to do what Cindy thought of and email my post to myself and just post them when I get home .. so you should hear from me a little more frequently. *crossing fingers*

Sunday's have been dedicated to volunteering at the zoo. It's been fun to getting to know the keepers and zoo life, meeting the animals and getting to work with some too! I don't mind doing the dirty work of picking up the habitats and shoveling and raking crap. My favorite part has to be working with the Lemurs. My first week was just cleaning habitats of primates and basically we would move them to another location before cleaning, which meant I didn't get to be in there with them. Then two weeks later I was paired to work with zoo keeper T. He is the coolest ever! He made sure to inform me of all the details of the animals, where they came from, there habitat, fun experiences he has had and a little about him moving to Panama to retire with his wife. The day flew by. Luckily, I missed the boa feeding of a dead rat! The whole process of
feeding the boas is gnarly! The zoo keeper has to thaw the rat out in hot water for 20minutes to make it appear to have a warm life-like body temperature and then dangles it in front of the snakes face to bring out the natural killing instincts of the snake and tad dah dinner is served. EW!

But the part I'm glad I didn't miss was HAND FEEDING the Lemurs. Yup, those cute animals in the movie "Madagascar" are the ones that I fed. Zoo keep T is awesome! He knew I was leaving at noon and wanted to ensure that I was able to interact with the Lemurs, so he changed up his routine and headed for the commissary for a bunch of grapes. We headed off to the Lemurs habitat and he armed me with a ton of grapes. Lemurs are the sweetest and most gentle animals. As they saw I had treats they all came over lightly placing their little hand on my leg, to let me know that they were there. Some would make light noises. There was one that hangs upside down for his grapes. I was so excited and as I placed it in their mouth they would gentle grab it with there little hands and chew away. I think I must have called my whole family that day to tell them about my day.

Oh an they sun bath too. They sit facing the sun and look like they are meditating.