Thursday, February 28, 2008

Doing it right

Friday night was the eve of David's 21st B-day! My bro-in-law DJ's at the club and could get us in for free as long as we got there by 10:30PM. I told everyone to meet at the club at 10PM, just to be safe and texted everyone when I was leaving, so if they were not on the road, they better hurry the hell up! Jay stayed home with his daughter. He was originally going to come with, but after some bad news that his ex is planning on moving out of state with their daughter he was not up to partying. I totally understood and told him I would head over to his place afterwards.

I wore a repeat outfit, one ya'll have seen before.
I got to the club right at 10PM and surprise, surpirse... no one in our party was in sight. Around 10:15 I saw David, Richet and Sensei-T drive up, park almost in front of me and make a bee line to the guest line. HELLO!!! You have to get in with me! I rush over there and wish the b-day boy a happy one! We get in and the manager has a stupid rule that even though you are on the guest list, if you are under 21 you have to pay $10.00 to get in. Talk about nickle and dimming! That means the b-day was getting charge. I was busy trying to get the b-day boys friends in cuz 1.) they were LATE! 2.) they did not "dress to impress" as the dress code requires. Who wears sneakers, a T-shirt, ball cap AND baggy pants to a club whose dress code specially states "dress to impress"?!?! *sigh* All were under 21 except David's cousin, so that might explain it. Any who, we got them in. Thank goodness that I know people! I hope someone spotted the b-day boy $10.00 for his entrance fee.

Once we got in we danced to everything playing. Three of the guys that came with break-dance to anything that played. It was quite comical to watch break-dancing being done to Spanish rock. My bro-in law kept giving shout outs to the b-day boy all night and I bought the almost 21 year-old a shot right were we got in, Patron baby! And at midnight a shot of 151!

Jay said we need to take him out again and get him trashed cuz out of all his friends I was the ONLY one that made sure the b-day boy had alcohol and water, for that matter. I left about 1AM so I could go see my honey. I got a text about 3AM from David saying Thanks! I'm glad he had a good time!

Sunday I skipped practice. I had a lot of homework to do, chores and a little surprise for Jay up my sleeves. I knew he had a lot on his mind with the potential move of his daughter, all the research he has been doing, the statics that say the odds are not in his favor, so I planned a little something when he got home to help him relax a little bit.

On the bed was some roses... hint for some after dinner love making!
I made dinner and set the table up. I have never cooked salmon before and have it a shot. I combined two recipes and it came out tasty, which I was shocked that it did. I complimented it with Mediterranean rice and asparagus.

Oh... and I cooked peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. I love the way they tasted fresh from the oven!

After dinner we had some R&R time with stress relief, masks. Jay did the chocolate mud mask and I did one that is a cloth with stuff that cleans your skin. We look ridiculous! But it was fun!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Taking a break

Yesterday I was feeling tired and as if I was coming down with something, so I stayed home from school. Jay and I decided to vegg the entire night. Funny thing is when I got home, I felt better. Must be Jay's magic!

We made a mini home theater (that's what we call putting tons of pillow and blankets on the floor), ate chicken wings, ice cream, cookies and pizza. I shouldn't be PMSing, but from all the food I brought home you would think differently. Jay said that I can't leave him if he gets fat, becasue I am the one feeding him. Haha! We laid there all bundled up in blankets and talked the night away. At some point the TV came on and we watched Law and Order. It was nice to take time and just enjoy each other. I think both of us have a lot on our plate and just needed to breathe. I drifted off to la-la land and around 4am woke up to my panties being ripped off and Jay being frisky! Now that's a GREAT way to wake up and start a day!

Hope you all have a great begining to your day, too!

Friday, February 22, 2008

The b-day celebration continues

Monday was the company's February birthday celebration potluck. I had completely forgotten about it and almost left to the library to study when an admin asked what I had made for the potluck. I am so happy that I am one of the guests of honor and didn't have to bring anything. There were different chicken dishes from curry and veggies, homemade chicken nuggets, pear and raisin chicken and some rice, garlic bread and salad as sides. It was quick yummy!
I was on a call and just missed the Happy Birthday signing (oh darn! hahaha!), so I posed for a picture.
Please make fun of me when I say the ENTIRE month is my birthday month, but see it's true!!!

Light bulb

This week I find myself super stressed out and exhausted! Could it be from last week's crazy schedule? I feel burnt out on school and not very motivated! Could I be any more emotional?? Maybe it's because I started my period a week early FOR THE 2nd month in a row!

Then a light bulb went off... I haven't worked out this entire week! I notice a trend when I don't work out and me being hard on myself and having lack of motivation.

So I need to start clocking in some time in the gym! It totally changes my outlook and is a stress reliever.

Tonight I will get a good workout, though. I am going out clubbing for David's (the martial art's student that gave me a black eye) 21st birthday! My bro-in-law has hook ups at a local hip-hop club and we all get in for FREE. I think there will be 10 of us going.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Birthday and Wedding weekend

Friday night started off a very eventful weekend. I met up with lil sis and bride-to-be for our last wedding meeting and to get our nails done. It was so relaxing after the week I had to sit there and be pampered!!!! Afterwards, we went to her house to go over the rehearsal dinner and wedding's final details. I left around eleven with a to-do-list and action plan.

Next day I woke up early got ready and head down to San Diego for Jayla's birthday. The lil tike is a BIG 2 years old and was celebrating the day at Chucky Cheese. I played a lot of games and beat Eric in basketball. I ALMOST beat Jay, but at the last minute he scored two points. It was the first time I was going to meet Jayla's mother (Jay's ex). I have never been in this type of situation and felt a little in the spot light. I would catch people looking me up and down. I know that is natural to see who I am, how I look, how Jay and I act together and especially around Jayla and her mom, so I would just shoot them a quick smile and continue with what ever I was doing. There were some of her friends that were very welcoming and we would chit chat as Jay took Jayla to play in the wonderful land of Chucky Cheese and catch up with old friends. I think for being an awkward moment all three of us (Jay, Jayla's mom and I) handled ourselves very well!

Afterwards, I drove to my sister's house for the rehearsal dinner. We practiced all the important stuff, like were we would stand, etc. and watched a VERY cute movie that would play during the ceremony before we walked down. It was put together so wonderfully. It starts off with my sister and her hubby driving in the car and both of them reliving how they eloped, which was hilarious story, and then trailed of with some tear jerky music and photos of them. Since we would not get to see it, she showed us.

The next day was THE BIG DAY! Now, I must say... damn that Murphy's Law! I was trying to be a good maid of honor and get stuff that my sister said she would like for this day. One of those things was alcohol. I bought some wine coolers to have as the bridal party got ready and when I got home some of the bottles rolled out as I opended the car door, smashed on my foot and ground and broke. No glass flesh wounds, so I cleaned it up, changed and went on my merry way to get my hair done. After two and a half hours, many tears from me, and another stylist fixing my hair, I looked half decent! I had taken a photo on my phone of what it first looked like and had to erase it cuz it looked awful! Oh, and the lady tried to over charge me, probably because she realized I wasn't going to leave a tip. Yup, I will be calling the corporate office and complaining today.

Murphy's Law was in action again when I went to two stores afterwards for Patron One store was sold out and the other didn't sell it, so I decide it was a sign and headed off to the hotel were the ceremony was going to be held. Everything went smooth sailing from there. THANK GOD!

I was taking pictures with the brides camera most of the night, so I don't have that many on mine. But here on some highlights!

Here is the bride-to-be and I as we get ready.

Here Jay and I are at the alter. Doesn't my honey look so handsome??? I love that he got a tie to match my dress. I have like 4 inch heals, so normally I am not that tall.Here's my lovely mom with the ring bearer. Yup, Diego brought the rings down the aisle and sat through the ceremony, too. He is such a good dog!
I find it HILARIOUS that it soooo hard to get guys out on the dance floor for the tossing of the garter belt. Don’t Jay and Dennis look so eager to catch it?
Here is one of the few pictures I have on my camera on my sister. She looked so beautiful!

Here is my mommy and me. My height I got from my Dad, but my looks mainly from my Mom. Can you tell? We look so much alike!
Can you believe that Santa is 6 months pregnant in this picture? Oh I hope (if, I ever get pregnant, which hopefully I don't!) that I look that tiny when I have a lil being in me.

Here's my oldest sis with her doggie.

The rest of the night was so much fun! My lips, though, are shaking from smiling so much with all the pictures that were being taken. Oh, and I did my toast. My voice cracked a little and I almost cried, but held it together. Aw...but made the bride cry!

Out of the whole night, one of the neatest parts was to see my mom's sisters and her dancing the night away. Man, my family can dance!

Update: My Mom just sent me more pix... here they are

Friday, February 15, 2008

I have had better days!

Do you ever have those moments that you wake up feeling heavy, yet as if you have a hole through you? It's like I am hurt, mad, frustrated, confused and on the verge on tears. Last night I felt like I was back in my childhood home being made fun of. Even though last night I was not being made fun, but the feeling was the same. Stress headaches suck! I don't see where people get a raise off of getting under other people's skin. What is this great thrill they get out of it?

Well, I got an apology this morning. I guess that should count for something.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stress and giggles

I'm a little stressed out this week. I have a Chem. quiz today, a trig mid-term tomorrow and a Chem. test on Thursday, plus an essay due by tomorrow. Not to mention my sister's wedding is this weekend and as maid-of-honor I have to do a speech, which I have not started on. So to lighten up my day I thought I was post two things that made me chuckle.

This morning while driving to work I heard a traffic report that said "due to sympathy driving" there was congestion on some freeway. Umm... is that what they are calling looky-loo driving now? They are so creative!

Sunday I went to vacuum and Maxwell freaked out, as he always does, when I brought out the vacuum. He ran into the spare bedroom, opened the closet and went in there for safety. When he heard me come into the room he dashed towards the kitchen because he knows he is not supposed to be in the closet. I started vacuuming and heard such a ruckus in the kitchen and went to check it out. I saw him next to my Tara statue, a Buddhist goddess, trying to be all incognito. I looked around and saw that he tried another kitchen counter corner and had knocked all my stuff down. He must have thought I disapproved of him pretending to be to be a statue, so made another mad dash for the kitchen table where he found his next safe spot from the vacuum.

Behind blinds where he stay for the remainer of my vaccumming. If he only knew that I CAN SEE HIM and so can the vaccum, if it had eyes.

And yes that is a Halloween pumpkin that has not been carved, yet. We are a little behind on the holiday spirit.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Heasrt castle with the fam

Jay and I made it up to my sister's house Friday night. Well, more like Saturday morning as we arrived at 1:30AM... but didn't get in until 1:45ish cuz my younger sister who made the trip up would not wake up! I must have called her like 15 times. Plus, we tapped onthe window and doored on the door. Finally, she openned the door for us. The next day her husband said he heard us but was waiting for her to wake up. WTH?

Anyhow, the next morning my sister Karla cooked breakfast for all of us. We had yummy egg whites with veggies, turkey bacon, toast, OJ and fresh made juice. It was a great meak and I thought it was nice that her hubby (who is a cheif) made our eggs to order. He had to make three separate ones. A few hours later the rest of the gang showed up and off we went to Hearst Castle. We got there and waited for our tour bus to take us up to the huge castle. Here's half the famil waiting for the bus, as well. There were 10 of us all together.

One of the first things you see is this beautiful entrance! Right across from it is a view of the ocean.

This is my oldest sister and her family. Her hubby couldn't make it cuz he had to work that night, but the rest did.

One of my favorite part is the out door pool! I want to work at Hearst Castle becasue once a year the employee and their families get to swim in the pool.

Here is a sculpted chimney. Sorry for the poor quailty of the photo, but no flash was allowed inside. I had just shown Jay a picture that I save with a similar design because I wanted to have something like it custom made for my future house. This reminds me of it.

I remember the first time I visited the Castle I saw this mosaic. Until then I had never known about them. Talk about shelter. Whenever I see this, it reminds me of that time. I love tapestries! The ones I fell in love with are some on eBay and were being shipped from the UK, so I never got them. Too bad because with the US$ being less the the Euro now, I should have made my move before. Oh well!

Being a swimmer, I couldn't wait to see this pool. If only I was famous and could pay for a personal tour and dip in the pool! *sigh* But I only get to view it from behind a gate for now. See all that yellow stuff? It's gold plated.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Loss for Idiots!

Ummm... I started writing this post two days ago and never posted it. Oops!

With my sister's wedding and my New York trip, I need to lose weight. Well, they are more like motivational factors to help me jump on the Lose Weight Band Wagon. To jump start the shedding of pounds I will be doing the Cabbage Soup Diet for the next two weeks (now it is the next week in a half). Just like the page states, it's a Fat Loss program for idiots. It makes sense, I will be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that flushes out my system and gets rid of waste, eating foods that take more energy to burn then they have and they have a lot of fiber, so it will fill me up.

What I realized so far, is man I snack a lot! I normally go for the nut on my desk and now that nuts are not on the plan, I realize how often I would reach for them. Plus, a lot of my calories come from juice. I drink juice and those vitamins waters all the time. I must get 400-500 calories from them each day. THAT'S A LOT! Plus, I noticed that I used to visit the cafeteria on my breaks at school even if I wasn't hungry. I haven't weighted myself yet, but I am hoping to lose like 6 lbs during this whole process.

Oh and I will post Hearst Castle pictures tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Yup, It's THAT day

... My b-day! :)
The celebration started a couple days ago when Cindy wished me an early Happy Birthday. The eve of myb-day started with a Happy early Birthday from Sensei T. After class, I went over to Jay's and he had baked me a cake and had it professionally frosted at the local Albertson'd. Too cute! We, more like I, just had to have cake before the offical date., so at 10PM we were digging in.
(I love the chicken Elmo is the background!)

(The cake with my cell phone making a guest appearance on the side. The place spelled my name wrong, not Jay. By the way, did you notice my favorite color purple was used?)

(Action shot of me blowing out the candles)

We tried to wait up until midnight to open my gifts, but fell asleep on the couch. At midnight I got a call from my lil sis and Sensei T wishing me a Happy Birthday, but nothing woke us up! We were out like a light. I did wake up early and opened the gifts from Jay. I got very stylist Nine West ankle boots that I opted to wear to work that day (yup, still had to go in). He showered me with beautiful and touchuing words in a VERY sweet card, VS Love Spell ltion, body wash and spray, a NikePlus gadget, Nike hoodie, a purse AND... a CAR! A mini one, of course! But it is of my FAVORITE car EVER!!! A Prowler! I took it to work and have it starring at me on my desk. The front wheels move when you move the sterring wheel.

On the way into work I got a warm call from my oldest sis. We have not always had the best relationship and we are growing a strong one now. For some strange reason I tell all my sisters I love them when I get off the phone or in emails, except her. During the last year I have been trying to get over the beginning awkardness of telling someone you love them. Today it just flowed out and it felt great!

At work they had a breakfast in my honor with the works! My department sent me flowers, all the admins got me cards and gifts like shirts, chicken soup for a women's soul, $25 gift card to Pottery Barn, earrings and then there was the re-gift -- a lotion set that our catering department gave us ALL for christmas. Merriann must have not know that WE ALL got one. But I was grateful for the gift. My cubicla was decorate with balloons.

Oh, and my
bone growth stimulator came in. I got fitted and am on my way to healthy shins. Extra special gift from my insurance company, because they covered the $4,200 machine at 100%.

Then for lunch my sweetheart MADE me lunch and went to the park to eat. Jay makes the BEST turkey and rice! I felt so lucky to have someone who would go out of his way to cook for me and make me feel so special! Thanks honey!!!

As I packed my car with all my goodies I wanted to check out my purse that Jay gave me and the sneaky lil devil snuck MORE gifts in there and was waiting for me to find them. There was a pair of comfy, grey puma shoes AND an iPOD!! Holy Moly, I am spoiled!

So here I am at home waiting for Jay to make it up here so we can get on our way to my sister's house. Why you ask? Because tomorrow the whole fam is going to Hearst Castle!!!