Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Loss for Idiots!

Ummm... I started writing this post two days ago and never posted it. Oops!

With my sister's wedding and my New York trip, I need to lose weight. Well, they are more like motivational factors to help me jump on the Lose Weight Band Wagon. To jump start the shedding of pounds I will be doing the Cabbage Soup Diet for the next two weeks (now it is the next week in a half). Just like the page states, it's a Fat Loss program for idiots. It makes sense, I will be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables that flushes out my system and gets rid of waste, eating foods that take more energy to burn then they have and they have a lot of fiber, so it will fill me up.

What I realized so far, is man I snack a lot! I normally go for the nut on my desk and now that nuts are not on the plan, I realize how often I would reach for them. Plus, a lot of my calories come from juice. I drink juice and those vitamins waters all the time. I must get 400-500 calories from them each day. THAT'S A LOT! Plus, I noticed that I used to visit the cafeteria on my breaks at school even if I wasn't hungry. I haven't weighted myself yet, but I am hoping to lose like 6 lbs during this whole process.

Oh and I will post Hearst Castle pictures tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!


Anonymous said...

yay! good luck!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the page you linked...are you doing the Cabbage Soup Diet or the Fat Loss Program for Idiots? The Idiot program spends like 5 pages trying to convince you how great it is and why other diets fail and this diet works, and then at the end, it makes you pay $20-$50 before it'll let you download the Idiot diet. Did you download it? If you did, I'm curious what this big miracle cure to fat is, this "diet-shifting" thing that it promises.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! If your gonna do that you for sure are disciplined beacsue that looks hard ;) Good luck an di know that you can do it :) Love ya!

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - Oh, I am just doing the diet not the program with 5 pages. Opps! I weighted myself today and 4lbs lost! YAY!

Jessy - You should so do it! The fruit day was the easiest for me cuz there are so many fruits to choose from and I wan't hungry at all. The all veggie day was harder. The one that was the best was milk and banana day. I blended a banana, soy milk (cuz I don't drink cow milk) and ice and made a smoothie. YUM! I am doing it for another week if you want to do it together and shed some weightbefore your wedding day.

Anonymous said...

Yay, it worked! Nice going!

Vanessa said...

Thanks! Yup it did! MY clothes feel looser. I was thinking I might continue the diet until NY time, just to keep me in check. Maybe do it M-F and eat normal onthe weekend and lighter of course not the ice cream junk that I love.