Friday, February 22, 2008

Light bulb

This week I find myself super stressed out and exhausted! Could it be from last week's crazy schedule? I feel burnt out on school and not very motivated! Could I be any more emotional?? Maybe it's because I started my period a week early FOR THE 2nd month in a row!

Then a light bulb went off... I haven't worked out this entire week! I notice a trend when I don't work out and me being hard on myself and having lack of motivation.

So I need to start clocking in some time in the gym! It totally changes my outlook and is a stress reliever.

Tonight I will get a good workout, though. I am going out clubbing for David's (the martial art's student that gave me a black eye) 21st birthday! My bro-in-law has hook ups at a local hip-hop club and we all get in for FREE. I think there will be 10 of us going.


Anonymous said...

ooOOOh, fun! Make sure to post pictures. Your clubbing outfits are always so cool.

Jane Doe said...

Yup,, it will be fun becasue it's NOT by 21st birthday! I am sure I will see him trash and puking before the end of the night! I wonder if he will make it to practice tomorrow.