Friday, February 1, 2008

Yup, It's THAT day

... My b-day! :)
The celebration started a couple days ago when Cindy wished me an early Happy Birthday. The eve of myb-day started with a Happy early Birthday from Sensei T. After class, I went over to Jay's and he had baked me a cake and had it professionally frosted at the local Albertson'd. Too cute! We, more like I, just had to have cake before the offical date., so at 10PM we were digging in.
(I love the chicken Elmo is the background!)

(The cake with my cell phone making a guest appearance on the side. The place spelled my name wrong, not Jay. By the way, did you notice my favorite color purple was used?)

(Action shot of me blowing out the candles)

We tried to wait up until midnight to open my gifts, but fell asleep on the couch. At midnight I got a call from my lil sis and Sensei T wishing me a Happy Birthday, but nothing woke us up! We were out like a light. I did wake up early and opened the gifts from Jay. I got very stylist Nine West ankle boots that I opted to wear to work that day (yup, still had to go in). He showered me with beautiful and touchuing words in a VERY sweet card, VS Love Spell ltion, body wash and spray, a NikePlus gadget, Nike hoodie, a purse AND... a CAR! A mini one, of course! But it is of my FAVORITE car EVER!!! A Prowler! I took it to work and have it starring at me on my desk. The front wheels move when you move the sterring wheel.

On the way into work I got a warm call from my oldest sis. We have not always had the best relationship and we are growing a strong one now. For some strange reason I tell all my sisters I love them when I get off the phone or in emails, except her. During the last year I have been trying to get over the beginning awkardness of telling someone you love them. Today it just flowed out and it felt great!

At work they had a breakfast in my honor with the works! My department sent me flowers, all the admins got me cards and gifts like shirts, chicken soup for a women's soul, $25 gift card to Pottery Barn, earrings and then there was the re-gift -- a lotion set that our catering department gave us ALL for christmas. Merriann must have not know that WE ALL got one. But I was grateful for the gift. My cubicla was decorate with balloons.

Oh, and my
bone growth stimulator came in. I got fitted and am on my way to healthy shins. Extra special gift from my insurance company, because they covered the $4,200 machine at 100%.

Then for lunch my sweetheart MADE me lunch and went to the park to eat. Jay makes the BEST turkey and rice! I felt so lucky to have someone who would go out of his way to cook for me and make me feel so special! Thanks honey!!!

As I packed my car with all my goodies I wanted to check out my purse that Jay gave me and the sneaky lil devil snuck MORE gifts in there and was waiting for me to find them. There was a pair of comfy, grey puma shoes AND an iPOD!! Holy Moly, I am spoiled!

So here I am at home waiting for Jay to make it up here so we can get on our way to my sister's house. Why you ask? Because tomorrow the whole fam is going to Hearst Castle!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Vanesa, I mean VANESSA!!! I can't believe they spelled your name wrong!! Who cares with all the great gifts you got!! Jay did a great job picking out things special for YOU. Have a splendid weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Vanesa! That is too cute! Aw you look so cute w/ your lil cake! I had alot of fun at the Castle! It was so beautiful! Love you and see you real soon! ~Messy Jessy

Jane Doe said...

Flat Coke - Yup it's funny, but true! Jay said once he saw how much space "Happy" took on the cake, he wondered how my name was going to fit. Not sure if the girl did it on purpose so my name would fit or it was an accident. I did make out like a bandit with the gifts!

Jessy - Thanks! I had fun up at the Catle, too. I am so glad we all got to go. Love you, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great time and got a bunch of great gifts! How was the castle? It sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for the Hearst pictures post! =)

This is probably one of your best bdays ever, huh? How life changes in just one short year.

I'm glad to read about all the spoiling, you deserve it. Nice job, Jay! Oh, and I had no idea a supermarket would frost a cake for you. I wonder how Jay knew about that.

Jane Doe said...

James - Thank you! I did have a great birthday and Hearst castle was so much fun! It was great to have the family together and have a mini trip.

Cindy - I will post pictures tomorrow when my computer cable and the amera are together to do so. I didn't come to work yesterday and had the camera, but no cable.

It was a great day!!! And SOOO much different then last year! A total 180!

Jay didn't know either, but asked while he was in there and the bakery person said she didn't know if she was allowed to do that, but if he brought the cake before 8PM she would do it for him.