Thursday, July 17, 2008

Had surgery

If feels so weird not to be able to check blogger from work, but it is now officially block from my work computer and my computer at home is down. My buddy Paul is going to come check the home one out.

I will post what I have been up to a little later, but wanted to give an update on my surgery. It took place this past Tuesday the 15th. I had to spend the night just in case I bleed or has too much swelling blocked my air ways, then I would be close to help. They only removed the left side of my thyroid, which is a good sign. I see the doctor on Monday to get the pathology report. I was able to finally take a shower today and boy did it feel good.

I have had nothing but a lot of tender lovin care before and after my surgery. There were 60 people at my mom's church praying and fasting for 3 days. HOLY MOLY! My sisters, Mom, Jay, niece and my mom's pastors stopped by and tonight Cindy is stopping by to show me her engagment picture and drop off some DVD's to entertain me while I am home. When I arrived from the hposital Jay had the place filled with purple balloons, roses, a card and party garland. It really lifted my spirts to have the place decorated and so much love. Everyone says I have a good color and seems to be healing well, so off I am to the road to recovery.