Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pix of a pic

Yup... my oldest niece, my sistas and Mom at Knott's for a photo opt. My mom wanted to take a funny or crazy picture for her b-day and here we are. My Mom is the madame and we are her saloon gals.

House painted

It been like two months or more since we gave our house a face lift...

When we first got the keys to our house it looked like this.

The bottom and some parts of the backside even had a mint green color.
But now our house is fabulous!!!

It makes such a huge difference and even our neighbors have noticed the transofrmation.

Happy be-lated Halloween

I'm going through my camera and noticing that school and work had me so busy that I never posted about our very first pumpkin carving event. How could I forget such a momentous occasion seeing how we have been trying to crave pumpkins for forever and a day now.

I had checked out our local farmer's lot for pumpkins thinking they would be cheap and had a heart attack when some were priced for $25-$30!!! People are insane! We headed to Ralphs instead and got some for $5.00 each.

I cheated and got some stencils and made a scary monster. He made his guest appearance outside, but Jay wanted it inside so the neighborhood kids would be tempted to steal it.
I carved "Nessa" in the back.
Jay's was all done by himself. Yup, no stencils and it came out awesome looking!!!

Can you tell which team he's rooting for?

The actual day of Halloween we avoided being home and leaving lights on because we hadn't gotten candy.

First qtr down

My first quarter at Cal Poly Pomona is over! YAY!!! University life is much different then the junior college. You have to figure a lot of crap out yourself and there is definitely no hand holding processes. I never realized how much the JC helped out through process until making an appointment with my counselor at Cal Poly took me going to my major's home office, finding out who my counselor was, finding his office, finding his office hours, downloading my major's map, transcripts and some other form just to be prepared to meet him. Ugh! At the JC you walked into the counseling office and forms were there and they pulled you up on the screen. No need for all the running around and bull crap.

During the beginning of the quarter I got an email that I was accepted to some honor society. I went to two meetings and for club points gave blood for my first time. Fun thing is I stop going to the club meetings because the people were lame.
After giving blood though I got wrapped in my favorite color... PURPLE! And it's this bandage that isn't tape. What an awesome invention.

Now I have like 8 more quarters to go.

Lab final blooper

It was the day of my lab final. I had only been sitting for less then ten minutes and somehow my whole left leg had fallen asleep without me knowing. There was no heavy or tingling feeling. The teacher opened the door and people started to file in. I must have lifted myself completely up with my awake leg 'cuz when I went to step my ankle caved in, my leg gave out, I heard a pop and was thankful for the wall in front of me that I grabbed onto with dear life.

This my friends is my first sprained ankle!!!
I was wheeled into class so we could start the lab final which required me to go to 20 stations. I hopped myself to each station. Imst have looked like a funny sight.