Sunday, December 13, 2009

First qtr down

My first quarter at Cal Poly Pomona is over! YAY!!! University life is much different then the junior college. You have to figure a lot of crap out yourself and there is definitely no hand holding processes. I never realized how much the JC helped out through process until making an appointment with my counselor at Cal Poly took me going to my major's home office, finding out who my counselor was, finding his office, finding his office hours, downloading my major's map, transcripts and some other form just to be prepared to meet him. Ugh! At the JC you walked into the counseling office and forms were there and they pulled you up on the screen. No need for all the running around and bull crap.

During the beginning of the quarter I got an email that I was accepted to some honor society. I went to two meetings and for club points gave blood for my first time. Fun thing is I stop going to the club meetings because the people were lame.
After giving blood though I got wrapped in my favorite color... PURPLE! And it's this bandage that isn't tape. What an awesome invention.

Now I have like 8 more quarters to go.

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