Sunday, December 13, 2009

House painted

It been like two months or more since we gave our house a face lift...

When we first got the keys to our house it looked like this.

The bottom and some parts of the backside even had a mint green color.
But now our house is fabulous!!!

It makes such a huge difference and even our neighbors have noticed the transofrmation.


cindy said...

so are the insides completely done now? you guys put in so much work!

Jane Doe said...

Nope we are still in the works. We want to remodel the kitchen, bathrooms, move the water heater and heating system outside or in the garage. Eventually we want to redo the floors in the hallway, kitchen and living area with wood or another tile. People always told us that once you have a house it was one project after another and they weren't kidding. I think everyting should be done in 3-5 years. :) *crossing fingers*