Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Inspired thru my fears of being injuried

Yesterday I was supposed to run 3 miles, but after sleeping in, going to class in the evening and then staying up late working on research work I failed to squeeze in running. I was going to run it another day and take 2 consecutive "rest" days, but Jay insisted that I double up today. I've been maintaining my workout schedule and thought why not. I did my 4 mile run before class in 40:12, then when I got out of class I did my 3 miles that were due.

Now, during my last mile of my earlier run Jay had come in to the garage where I was running on the treadmill. He cheered me on and of course motivated me to step it up a notch. He said that I was playing it safe with my time. I thought about it. Maybe I was. I have been training to just get the distance down and only run for time once a week. You see, I had been training for a marathon back in 2007. I did too much too soon and got stress fractures up and down my lower legs. It was so bad that my doctor gave me a bone growth stimulator that I had to put on every night for 30 mins and told me I had to take a year off from running to help my bones heal. That is some serious stuff. Plus, during a run a few months before that incident my ankles had swollen up and were all BRUISED. It hurt to walk. The podiatrist had said I needed custom sport orthodics, which I got and he recommended that I get proper running shoes (which the running store I had got my shoes at had recommended the wrong ones).

So the truth is, yes I am apprehensive about training a little hard at times because of my past injuries. It seems like when I go passed a certain point my shins begin to hurt and sometimes for a week or two while I am just walking. And I really, really, really want to accomplish this running goal of mine.

So with that all said and done... last night I took my loves advice to heart and pushed myself. I tested myself to see if I was playing it safe and if my legs were stronger now. As Jay said earlier I might have more gas in the tank. I dedicated my 2nd run of the day to him and push hard. My slowest pace was 10:40 and fastest was 8:34 and I ran for the most part at a 6.3 setting which I think is a 9:31 pace.

And tah dah... I beat my last time by about 2 mins. My right shin did hurt, but I'm not out of commission. I felt very proud. Now if only I could keep up this pace for the entire race. :) Only training and time will tell.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My weakness, my true love...Ice cream

Yes.. a post to my favorite snack.

I have to confess, as I got off work Saturday night I was craving chocolate ice cream. Rite Aid was closed by then so I couldn't get a scoop of chocolate goodness, so would have to settle for something in the ice cream aisle at Starter Bros. Crystal had recently introduced me to mochi chocolate that are to DIE for and I hoped that I would find them there. No luck. Then I saw some Skinny Cow Mint Fudge cones. For the most part, many ice cream makers cannot get the mint flavor right, so I thought I would get these and probably not like them and just throw away the box. I know I am weird to want to throw it away, but if I don't then I have a horrible snacking habit that will allow me to devour them all. I got in the car and unwrapped one right away and floated off to my ice cream heaven. The blend of fudge and mint was excellent and then what proceeded to happen makes me think I am OUT OF CONTROL! I came home and had another one immediately after walking thru the door. Thank goodness they are 150 calories instead of the ususal 250-400 range of other ice cream favorites, but still I now consumed 300 calories and am still wanting more. I believe I was a obese person in a previous life because I even hide the wrappers in the trash as of almost ashamed that I was losing control of my impulses. And then... yes... I ate another one! And the taste was so good I didn't even want to brush my teeth so I could continue to taste it. Something my love does and now I see why. I suddenly felt like Max (from the movie Mary & Max) with his chocolate hot dogs. His eyes roll back and he enjoys his favorite snack. Sad things is... this is just me with ice cream. Nope I am not PMS. I just <3 ice cream!! It's my weak spot.

So with only one cone left in the box, what did I do in the morning? Yes, I ate it! And then proceed to throw away the box in the outside trash can. It cracked me up... I must have a addiction or something cuz isn't this what addidict do, they hide? Haha... well, luck for me there is worst things to be addicted to.

Friday, June 24, 2011

5 years ago...

Yesterday was the 5th year anniversary of my Dad's passing. It was a weird day. I started off here at work working a 0000-0600 shift. I had a CD of pictures of my Dad that were acting up! Maybe it was my Dad playing with the computer to let me know he was here with me. The pictures wouldn't load unless I started from the last one. It would still take forever to load and had tons of errors one second and then display the picture the next. At one point instead of appreciating the moment that it might be my Dad, I said aloud "C'mon Dad.. let them load!!!!" And then I thought "how rude am I???" and just patiently waited. Sorry Dad!

I thought of him throughout the day and had some moments where I teared up. I went to class from 6-9pm and was lost as the teacher explained applications of differentiation. I thought about going to the beach right after class and just being with him. Changed my mind and decided to go swim some laps at the pool instead. I don't know why I changed my mind. Maybe because it was late, a long drive or that I don't have to go to the beach to be with him. It's strange how everyone goes about there day and never really know what someone is going through. There's this world out there that doesn't know about what this day means to me.

I like this picture... it's my Dad a lil buzzed. Hehehe! There are somethings my Dad shared with me about this day during counseling. I really wish I would've talked to him more this day and let him know I loved him. I know he knows that now and glad he could open up to me during our sessions. My oldest sister recently told me that she was talking to her daughter and telling her the importance of honoring her parents. My sis has always been good at remembering to honor and remember our parents.

So I end with a happy picture of my Dad who I got to know as a parent and a friend... and remember him always. And I will continue to be a good daughter and honor my mom in memory of him.

Week 16

Received sad news yesterday (well for me that is)... I'm losing my workout buddy for about a year. She went off and got knocked up. In all seriousness, I am happy for her and just being selfish.

Cristy and I have been working out once a week for over a year. She is one of the reasons that I actually workout on Fridays. We've done track workouts, lifted weights, ran and even did a race together. She is a great workout partner! She definitely motivates me and I am super happy that she says the same about me. There are many Fridays that I know I wouldn't have worked out had it not been for her. I will need to push myself to keep it up, so when the time comes that she is ready to workout, I'll be ready.

This passed week marks 16 weeks before the race. My shin is flaring up again. I Googled the anatomy of the leg and figured out which muscle/area is bothering me. I plan to stretch my calves more and add more muscle to my legs to help that area out. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight so less pressure and weight is bearing down on my leg.

My workout this week was as follows:

Tue: Ran 3 miles in 30:18. Last week I did it in 31mins, so I am improving :)
Wed: Ran 3 miles Thur: Swam 40+ laps. I lost count after awhile. (Yup... me after my laps @ about 11:15PM and the gym was still pretty packed)
Fri: 3 mile run and squats with 45lbs and lunges with 16 lbs.
Sat/Sun: Either Sat or Sun I am going to run 7miles and take the other day off. I work graves tonight and Sat 2-10p, so we will see when I squeeze it in. I really enjoyed last weeks run on the trails. Maybe I will do this run at the park near my house. It's a dirt track and while not like the trail, it will be outside and different from my treadmill view of a white wall.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The DrEsS..

So with a wedding there comes finding the right outfit. I looked and LOOKED and came across some winners.
This one I kinda liked, BUT I felt like I was too young for it. However, it being my favorite color my heart was torn AND I had tried on SO many freakin dresses I was starting to get a little desperate.
THEN... there was THIS one!!! It was $79.00 which was out of my budget and needed tailoring done as the back was too big. The sales lady was pushing me to get this but I am sure that has to do with her wanting her commission to go up.

The dress above didn't get Jay's OK via text but I think he had to see it in person. I loved it!!!

This next dress was literally a draw. I saw it on the hanger and at first was lik e"NAH!!!" But then thought why not? I felt like I was hearing Stacy and Clinton (from the show "What not to Wear") urging me to try it on during one of their make over shopping sprees. I am super happy that I went out of my comfort zone and tried it one, because it was the one!

Jay gave me the thumbs up via text and my niece who was shopping with me liked it and I did too. And it was only $44.00!

So here I am riding shot gun on the way to Natalie's wedding. I'm only wearing mascara, eye liner and lip gloss and Jay thinks I am wearing "too much" make-up.

It's always so hard to get a picture with Jay since he is anti-picture taking, but here is at at a beautiful wedding.

It was a typical Armenian wedding with lots of traditional elements. The ceremony was at traditional Armenian mass wedding with every word in Armenian. Jay and I could only understand the couple's name. Haha! It was so nice to see tradition. I asked my mom if there were any Costa Rican or Nicaraguan traditions when getting married but she couldn't think of any. The reception was grand, with TONS of food. The couple danced a lot and were showered with love! It was a great evening!! I asked Jay does going to wedding make him want to get married... naturally he said no. I told him that I think it's a "girl" thing, cuz I watched Natalie and Art so happy dancing and everyone so happy and thought... I want this.... but for now am gonna settle for family gathering and seeing the twinkle in everyone's eyes and love as we hang out :)

15mile week

Week 17:

I thought I might as well keep a log of my workouts and what better place then my blog. I started training 2 weeks ago. It was one week of ok working out and then a week off due to my shins flaring up and finals. But time is ticking... and I need to jump on a program and STICK with it! I am planning on doing this schedule.

This week has been awesome. I have had energy like I wouldn't believe and am fighting a cold, so wasn't expecting that. I think that is remarkable.

Sun - Ran 3 miles
Mon - 30 mins of cardio and 30 min of weight training
Tues - REST
Wed - Ran 3 miles
Thur - Ran 3 miles
Fri - Tonight I will be doing cross-training for at least an hr
Sat - 6miles on trails (hopefully with my sis' dog Diego)