Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My weakness, my true love...Ice cream

Yes.. a post to my favorite snack.

I have to confess, as I got off work Saturday night I was craving chocolate ice cream. Rite Aid was closed by then so I couldn't get a scoop of chocolate goodness, so would have to settle for something in the ice cream aisle at Starter Bros. Crystal had recently introduced me to mochi chocolate that are to DIE for and I hoped that I would find them there. No luck. Then I saw some Skinny Cow Mint Fudge cones. For the most part, many ice cream makers cannot get the mint flavor right, so I thought I would get these and probably not like them and just throw away the box. I know I am weird to want to throw it away, but if I don't then I have a horrible snacking habit that will allow me to devour them all. I got in the car and unwrapped one right away and floated off to my ice cream heaven. The blend of fudge and mint was excellent and then what proceeded to happen makes me think I am OUT OF CONTROL! I came home and had another one immediately after walking thru the door. Thank goodness they are 150 calories instead of the ususal 250-400 range of other ice cream favorites, but still I now consumed 300 calories and am still wanting more. I believe I was a obese person in a previous life because I even hide the wrappers in the trash as of almost ashamed that I was losing control of my impulses. And then... yes... I ate another one! And the taste was so good I didn't even want to brush my teeth so I could continue to taste it. Something my love does and now I see why. I suddenly felt like Max (from the movie Mary & Max) with his chocolate hot dogs. His eyes roll back and he enjoys his favorite snack. Sad things is... this is just me with ice cream. Nope I am not PMS. I just <3 ice cream!! It's my weak spot.

So with only one cone left in the box, what did I do in the morning? Yes, I ate it! And then proceed to throw away the box in the outside trash can. It cracked me up... I must have a addiction or something cuz isn't this what addidict do, they hide? Haha... well, luck for me there is worst things to be addicted to.

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