Friday, June 17, 2011

The DrEsS..

So with a wedding there comes finding the right outfit. I looked and LOOKED and came across some winners.
This one I kinda liked, BUT I felt like I was too young for it. However, it being my favorite color my heart was torn AND I had tried on SO many freakin dresses I was starting to get a little desperate.
THEN... there was THIS one!!! It was $79.00 which was out of my budget and needed tailoring done as the back was too big. The sales lady was pushing me to get this but I am sure that has to do with her wanting her commission to go up.

The dress above didn't get Jay's OK via text but I think he had to see it in person. I loved it!!!

This next dress was literally a draw. I saw it on the hanger and at first was lik e"NAH!!!" But then thought why not? I felt like I was hearing Stacy and Clinton (from the show "What not to Wear") urging me to try it on during one of their make over shopping sprees. I am super happy that I went out of my comfort zone and tried it one, because it was the one!

Jay gave me the thumbs up via text and my niece who was shopping with me liked it and I did too. And it was only $44.00!

So here I am riding shot gun on the way to Natalie's wedding. I'm only wearing mascara, eye liner and lip gloss and Jay thinks I am wearing "too much" make-up.

It's always so hard to get a picture with Jay since he is anti-picture taking, but here is at at a beautiful wedding.

It was a typical Armenian wedding with lots of traditional elements. The ceremony was at traditional Armenian mass wedding with every word in Armenian. Jay and I could only understand the couple's name. Haha! It was so nice to see tradition. I asked my mom if there were any Costa Rican or Nicaraguan traditions when getting married but she couldn't think of any. The reception was grand, with TONS of food. The couple danced a lot and were showered with love! It was a great evening!! I asked Jay does going to wedding make him want to get married... naturally he said no. I told him that I think it's a "girl" thing, cuz I watched Natalie and Art so happy dancing and everyone so happy and thought... I want this.... but for now am gonna settle for family gathering and seeing the twinkle in everyone's eyes and love as we hang out :)

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PishPoshNat said...

your dress was BEAUTIFUL and you and Jay looked hott together!! I hope you and jay had a good time! sorry about all the armenian! lol