Friday, June 24, 2011

Week 16

Received sad news yesterday (well for me that is)... I'm losing my workout buddy for about a year. She went off and got knocked up. In all seriousness, I am happy for her and just being selfish.

Cristy and I have been working out once a week for over a year. She is one of the reasons that I actually workout on Fridays. We've done track workouts, lifted weights, ran and even did a race together. She is a great workout partner! She definitely motivates me and I am super happy that she says the same about me. There are many Fridays that I know I wouldn't have worked out had it not been for her. I will need to push myself to keep it up, so when the time comes that she is ready to workout, I'll be ready.

This passed week marks 16 weeks before the race. My shin is flaring up again. I Googled the anatomy of the leg and figured out which muscle/area is bothering me. I plan to stretch my calves more and add more muscle to my legs to help that area out. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to lose some weight so less pressure and weight is bearing down on my leg.

My workout this week was as follows:

Tue: Ran 3 miles in 30:18. Last week I did it in 31mins, so I am improving :)
Wed: Ran 3 miles Thur: Swam 40+ laps. I lost count after awhile. (Yup... me after my laps @ about 11:15PM and the gym was still pretty packed)
Fri: 3 mile run and squats with 45lbs and lunges with 16 lbs.
Sat/Sun: Either Sat or Sun I am going to run 7miles and take the other day off. I work graves tonight and Sat 2-10p, so we will see when I squeeze it in. I really enjoyed last weeks run on the trails. Maybe I will do this run at the park near my house. It's a dirt track and while not like the trail, it will be outside and different from my treadmill view of a white wall.

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Jane Doe said...

Ran 7 miles on Sunday... took 73:12... so a 10:44 pace. Up to mile 3.5 I was good and then my thoughts ran out and it was a LONG additional 3.5 miles til I was done. Nonetheless... I accomplished my distance goal.