Friday, June 24, 2011

5 years ago...

Yesterday was the 5th year anniversary of my Dad's passing. It was a weird day. I started off here at work working a 0000-0600 shift. I had a CD of pictures of my Dad that were acting up! Maybe it was my Dad playing with the computer to let me know he was here with me. The pictures wouldn't load unless I started from the last one. It would still take forever to load and had tons of errors one second and then display the picture the next. At one point instead of appreciating the moment that it might be my Dad, I said aloud "C'mon Dad.. let them load!!!!" And then I thought "how rude am I???" and just patiently waited. Sorry Dad!

I thought of him throughout the day and had some moments where I teared up. I went to class from 6-9pm and was lost as the teacher explained applications of differentiation. I thought about going to the beach right after class and just being with him. Changed my mind and decided to go swim some laps at the pool instead. I don't know why I changed my mind. Maybe because it was late, a long drive or that I don't have to go to the beach to be with him. It's strange how everyone goes about there day and never really know what someone is going through. There's this world out there that doesn't know about what this day means to me.

I like this picture... it's my Dad a lil buzzed. Hehehe! There are somethings my Dad shared with me about this day during counseling. I really wish I would've talked to him more this day and let him know I loved him. I know he knows that now and glad he could open up to me during our sessions. My oldest sister recently told me that she was talking to her daughter and telling her the importance of honoring her parents. My sis has always been good at remembering to honor and remember our parents.

So I end with a happy picture of my Dad who I got to know as a parent and a friend... and remember him always. And I will continue to be a good daughter and honor my mom in memory of him.

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