Sunday, December 30, 2007


I just got of the phone with my sis from SLO. I want to cry, but no tears will come out. I want to run in my room and wake Jay up and be comforted, but that won't make everything better. I did sneak in and cuddle for a little bit and came out cuz I can't sleep.

My sis had a miscarriage. Her heart is broken! Lil baby Henry didn't make it last time and she was about 6 months along. This time my lil niece or nephew was here for 2 months. The hospital told her that 50% of women have them in the first trimester. My sister was super careful, but I guess it was just a short visit for my lil family member that is now if heaven.

It was cute I told my sister I could drive up and be with her for New Years and she said it was alright but minutes after we hung up she called me back and asked me to come up for the weekend and she said jokingly that she wouldn't mind if I stopped by Solvang (a little Dutch community) on the way up and pick up some danish. I just might!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007



To My Darling!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a day that makes you feel SUPER special! Cuz you are!!!
I love you!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Jay's Pre-Birthday

Jay's birthday is 2 days away!!! We have already started the celebrating. I ordered a cake from the Madonna Inn Hotel in San Luis Obispo and my sister picked it up and brought it down for me, since she was coming down anyways for our Christmas celebration. San Luis Obispo is like 4-5 hours away (driving) from my house.

Saturday my family sang Happy B-day to Jay and enjoyed the 4 layered lemon and coconut cake. I can't believe that it has been like 12 years since Jay has had a cake. I guess being right next to Christmas the b-day stuff gets over looked sometimes. Well, not this year! And my family even got him gifts!

We got home and Jay said since we started the celebrating he wanted to open up gifts. So what the b-day boy wants, he gets! He opened up some thermals and under shirts that he asked for. A Edgar Allen Poe Book and Law & Order Season 1 and the Premier Episode.

Yesterday night he opened another... it was a book of tasteful & sexy picture of me.

Happy almost Birthday my love!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Semester end celebration

*cough* *hacking* *sneeze* *sniff*

AH! I'm sick! Real bad, too! My voice has faded and is almost back. I missed two days of work :( I don't have sick time, so it's gonna hit the pocket a little, but oh well. Better I stay home, rest and not get the whole office sick, especially before the holidays. Thursday night the girl that covers my desk when I am out calls me "to see how I am" and wants to know if I am coming in the next day because 1.) there is a meeting in the morning that she basically doesn't want to come in early to prepare (since her shift starts at 9am and mine at 8:15) and 2.) her chest feels a little heavy and she thinks she has pneumonia and wants to get it checked out and the ONLY appointment available is in the morning. I could barely talk and was like are you kidding me?!?! Out of the two of us I am more likely to have pneumonia. Some people!

I'm on the way to recovery. The Wednesday before my sickness hit hard Jay invited me out to lunch. We went to one of my favorite spot, Lucille BBQ. I am a sucker for BBQ!!! I got the BBQ salad and Jay got the BBQ chicken sandwich. When I got to the table there was a dozen roses and a touching card from Jay for sticking to my goal of finishing the semester. I was touched! His words were so sweet! We had a great lunch!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Downward spiral

So... the last three weeks have been hellish! Work has been extremely demanding and I can't find time to breath or it seems since I haven't passed out from lack of oxygen. My bosses have been in terrible moods and since I work in Sales everyone is trying to make numbers and are stressed out. It seems to trickle down to me where I am a sound board or a punching bag. To make matters worst I have the period from hell, too! It was extremely painful, but light. I don't get mother nature sometimes! Then, there was finals! So I have been all stressed out and no time to blog about it. Oh and my Father's estate stuff, but looks like that might wrap up in April.

English final was last Wed. and it was a in-class essay about two murders and I am a judge an have to let one go free and one stay in jail. I think I did well on that one.

In math I got a little scared. Honestly, I hadn't put much effort. The teacher was super cool and class attendance was optional and so was the homework, so you give those options to people and the average person (ME!) and you will notice that the average person will not come to class very often and will not do the homework. And honestly... I was borderline in the class. *shaking head* I know, it's terrible. THEN, I found out that math lab hours are mandatory even though they do not effect your grade because the Dean can drop you if you don't have them completed. Total math hours needed was 800 minutes! Two weeks before the final and I barely find this out and only have 200+. Ah! Time to start clocking in some math lab hours. Saturday I went in for 5 hours. Luckily, Monday my English teacher gave us the day off to study for finals, so I went into the math lab and logged another 2 hours and 45 minutes. Tuesday I called in sick and logged in 6 hours! My lab hours were complete and I did most of the homeworks for my math class, too. That evening the teacher went over grades, the final and extra credit. If you do homework you can get 1-3 extra credit point and wahoooo I GOT ALL 3! I calculated what I needed on the final to pass the class and came in on Thursday with a can do attitude. Even though that morning told me something might go wrong! I was a zombie and when I took out the trash in the morning I walked back to my house and realized I locked the door! This would be the second time in 3 days that I did this. Good thing I didn't lock a window and could crawl through it. After the final I stayed around to see my grade and sadly I was 2 points away from what I had calculated to pass the class. I walked home in tears. I was so upset at myself and the situation I put myself in! I got home and added the number again and I need 224 point to pass and guess what?? I had some how calculated what I needed incorrectly and all my point combined equaled 224! I PASSED! YIPPEE! I PASSED! Kindda ironic how I would calculate wrong for a math class, but either way I passed!

Things are better now. I have one more final to go. Went to my sisters flamenco recital on Friday with the fam. It was a wonderful show and my sister had two new costumes from Spain!

Sunday I did a 3K with my niece, and younger sis, Jess, and oldest sis. It was GREAT! We did well and it was Jess and my niece's first 3K and they ROCKED!

This coming up Saturday I am looking forward to my family's Christmas... we are feeding the homeless and NO GIFT EXCHANGE! NICE! Also, Jay and I also decided not to exchange gifts, so the stress of gift buying is wiped away this year. I did buy, of course, for the kids -- my two nieces and Jayla -- and for my mom. So that's the latest!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Update on my boo-boo

Peek-a-boo! Just a little update on my eye...
I'm getting a lot of looks and since it was an accident that occurred in a martial arts class, I can't help but chuckle at people. Some look at me and when I make eye contact they immediately look down. So assume that I am get abused and offer things like their Green Beret (sp?) friend to "take care of him" to offering me a bat. Those in martial arts ask right away "Tae-kwon-do?" "Kickboxing?"... nope, MMA! But close enough
I've bee good and ice it every so often and I do it at work, too!

When my eye FINALLY opened, I saw the redness from the "subconjunctival hemorrhage" (it was on the emergency department chart sheet). It freaked me out because it's only on oneside. I look like a scary monster, well, my eye does.

Human Apple

This past Sunday the fam got together to celebrate my two older sister's b-day. The oldest wanted to wait for the 2nd oldest to be in town to celebrate. We watched Georgia Rules and ate veggie burgers and sweet potato fries. YUM! Before that we headed to the Brea Mall in search for our bridesmaids dress.

First stop was Windsors. I am a huge fan of the store, but it seems that everything on the mannequins looked great on them and not on me. My niece and I spotted this cool looking dress. When we put it on we looked like big apples! Look how short it is! And both of ours didn't zip up in the back.

We went to JCPenny and found the ONE! They had enough sizes for the entire bridal party and were on sale. My sister's wedding colors are gold and red, so naturally we went with a red dress vs. a gold one.

I liked one that was a dark red almost purple, but majority rules. Now I have to make an appt to get an updo. I feel like it is prom all over again.

Dear Spirit Sisters

Got this today and I thought I would share a bubble of thought ...

Woman Embracing Womanhood

There are many ways and myriad reasons for women to honor and embrace all that they are. And when any individual woman chooses to do so, all women collectively move closer to becoming what they are truly capable of being. By honoring her experience and being willing to share it with others—both male and female—she teaches as she learns. When she can trust herself and her inner voice, she teaches those around her to trust her as well. Clasping hands with family members and friends, coworkers and strangers in a shared walk through the journey of life, she allows all to see the self-respect she possesses and accepts their respect, too, that is offered through look, word, and deed.

When a woman can look back into her past, doing so without regret and instead seeing only lessons that brought her to her current strength and wisdom, she embraces the fullness of her experience. She helps those around her to build upon the past as she does. And when she chooses to create her desires, she places her power in the present and moves forward with life into the future.

Seeing her own divinity, a woman learns to recognize the divinity in all women. She then can see her body as a temple, appreciating its feminine form and function, regardless of what age or stage of life she finds herself. She can enjoy all that it brings to her experience and appreciate other women and their experiences as well. Rather than seeing other women as competition, she can look around her to see the cycle of life reflected in the beauty of her sisters, reminding her of her own radiance should she ever forget. She can then celebrate all the many aspects that make her a being worthy of praise, dancing to express the physical, speaking proudly to express her intellect, sharing her emotions, and leading the way with her spiritual guidance. Embracing her womanhood, she reveals the facets that allow her to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond to illuminate her world.aspects that make her a being worthy of praise, dancing to express the physical, speaking proudly to express her intellect, sharing her emotions, and leading the way with her spiritual guidance. Embracing her womanhood, she reveals the facets that allow her to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond to illuminate her world.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another bun in the oven

NOT my oven, of course, but my older sister Karla. Congrat BIG SIS!

She has been wanting to be a mom for so long. Her first pregnancy was not successful and Baby Henry passed away in her tummy. She has a blood clotting factor that she was not aware of and a blood clot had formed in the umbilicord. This time around she is aware of it and will have to give herself injections or take some kind of medication every day.

She had called me last night, but I was already asleep on top of books at my dinner table. Late night studying.

I called her back because her VM said it was VERY important and then I got her VM. I received an email from my sisters saying that it is a special day because we are going to be aunt, so I piece the puzzle together.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Theme park madness

Disneyland was a BLAST! It's so cool to take people to a place they have never been before. My friend Lisa met us at the gate at 8:30AM and got us in for FREE!

Jay was so excited the entire time and was amazed of the size. When you pass it on the street it really doesn't look as big as it is inside. The first character we spotted when we walked in was Pluto! I called him by another character name when I first saw him. Oops!
Main Street is the first part you pass and we eye balled all the candy, coffee and souvenir shops. Can you believe that it is full decorate for the holidays? The Christmas decoration all over the place and some of the rides have been altered to reflect the holidays, as well. Most notably is the Haunted Mansion and It's a Small World. And YES, Jayla went on the Haunted Mansion and didn't get scared or cry! What a tough cookie!

The VERY first ride we went on was the rockets. The have a joy stick that you can move your rocket up and down. It was so much fun and gave be butterflies in my tummy!
During one of our breaks we went hat shopping! Jay is going to kill me that I am posting this picture, but I just HAVE to! He was all model looking and all. This is one of the ones I tried on.... Watch out! An alien is eating my head!
Jayla was our model for a lot of the hats. I love this picture! She ended up getting the pink version of this one.

This one reminded me of Marge Simpson
I was surprised that my big head and tons of hair fit in these hats!

In Mickey's Toon Town Jayla didn't meet the height requirement, but looks adorable under the sign.

We ate non-stop with ice cream, funnel cake, snacks, juices, chicken & veggie skewers, sweets and everything else that theme parks sell.
The park wasn't that full and the most we had to wait in line was maybe 20-30 minutes. It was a GREAT time and maybe next time we can go to California Adventure. It might sound funny that someone from CA wants to visit a theme park about CA, but I do!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I can't believe that I am posting this but... this is the effect of rough sex!!!!!
Yesterday was martial arts practice and this darn newbie tried a move on me at full force and so started my black eye.

We did a combo mantis block and with the same hand elbow falling down on the face. It immediately closed once the impact occurred.

David was cool made a trip to Target to get an ice pack and Tylenol and had sensei T drive me home. I put ice on it the entire night and this morning.

I couldn't drive to work today because I can't open my eye and I didn't want to be a safety hazard to my fellow drivers on the road.

My sister took me to lunch with my two nieces before taking me to the ER because my doc couldn't see me. The PA, Doc and two nurses opened my eye. he pain was so intense that I cried twice. They did sight test, made me look up, down, side to side while following their finger or pen that they were holding up. They took an xray, too. After almost 3 hours, I was give the "everything came back normal, do the RICE (Rest, Ice, C?, and Elevate) method and follow up with your PCP". It will take 1-2 days for the swelling to go down and my eye to open and a MONTH for the hemorrhage in my eye and bruising to go away.

Oh and it will get worst before getting better! So it looks like I got Veteran's Day off after all!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today is my Friday

I'm a Monday thru Friday working girl and tomorrow I am taking the day off! So today is like my Friday and I am wrapping up a lot of stuff to let tomorrow run as smoothly as possible.

Where am I going you ask? I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! My friend works there and can let two family members/friends in for free each day. So you know who is going with me, right? JAY and lil Ms. Jayla! I believe there is no cost for Jayla because she is not even 2 yet, but I should check. It will be their first time there. I take it for granted that I lived near it my whole life and visited whenever I wanted. When I hear that someone has not been to the happiest place on earth, it's so shocking.


Note: I wrote this a week ago and realized I never posted, so here it is... just a lil late.
Well this weekend was the big move. Goodbye apartment #13 and hello house behind a house or as the refer to it in CA, back house. I am not a fan of the term, but that's the name of it.
Moving was not a smooth sailing process. I got rid of A LOT of stuff. I never realized how much stuff I had duplicates of or never used.
I had a little tiff with my new landlord and can wait until 9 months down the road when Jay and I move in together.
The tiff with my landlord went like this. A lot of miscommunication because I was speaking Spanglish and he interrupted me asking if he had seen my dolly and me accusing him or his family of stealing it. I explained to him that it was probably in the mess of boxes, etc in the house and I just didn't see it. He said it MUST have been one of my friends that stole it because why would someone just come to the back and steal a dolly. I explained over and over that it was probably in the house and I was JUST asking and that the ones that helped me DID NOT steal it. Hello, it was my sister, sensei T and Jay. Why on God's green earth would they steal from me and out of all things a dolly?!?!
He got all bent out of shape over everything after that!
From me not calling 10 days prior, when we had arranged 5 days. Me talking to his wife and her giving me the ok to move in completely on Saturday and her not telling him and him thinking I was moving in on Thursday the 1st and just moving in big things on the weekend. Him being upset because when I saw him (which was Sunday) he hadn't received a rent and deposit check, which had he talked to his wife, he would have known that she told me that they were not going to be home Saturday. She gave me instructions to go ahead a move in, the doors would be unlocked and the keys on the stove, and to give her husband the rent check on Sunday when they rent. ONLY ON FREAKIN DAY LATER! Then I pointed out to him that we scraped the wall moving my fridge in and he lost it yelling :you have to pay for that" over and over. I told him "I know!" I am just showing you so you know and if you want to fix it now you can or later.
Anywho, things are better now.
That Monday following the cable guy was supposed to come and they never showed up. I had taken the day off for them and they never bothered to even call me that they ran over and couldn't make it out. I got a $20 credit on my next bill because of it. My Mom was kind enough to be at my house the following day for their reschedule. She said that's what mother are for. Aw! Good thing she was there, because when the gas company came to turn on the gas they found a leak and she could communicate it to the landlord and I didn't have to talk to him. The landlord sung another tune after that and was so nice to deal with! He was probably feeling bad that he did catch the leak before I moved in. He came home and fixed leak and apologized that I would be out of hot water another day. Yup, that's right, I have been taking cold showers for 4 day and now going on 5 and eating out or making stuff that does not require a stove/oven.
The next day the gas company came out and turned on the gas and all was groovy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nothing is gonna hold me down

I made it to the gym during lunch today. I've been good about going and if I don't go it for a good reason, not me just being lazy. I felt like there was a force trying cause me to have a crappy time at the gym today.
I went into the locker room and while getting ready realized that I didn't have a water bottle. I thought, no biggie there is water fountains and I could buy one if need be. I went on my 3 mile run. It was A LOT harder then last night's 3 mile run after class with Jay at my school's track.
After my run I realized I forgot deodorant, body lotion and sandals to wear in the shower. I couldn't skip the shower, so I decided I would use my workout towel on the floor of the shower and toss it when I was done. I could always go without body lotion for the rest of the day and could buy deodorant on the way back to work.
I headed to my usual shower and darn it! It was out of soap. *sigh*
So I headed to the one next to it AH! It was out of soap, as well! *double sigh*
I wobbled with my feet on the workout towel to the third shower and YAY, it had soap.
What a crazy turn of events in just 45 minutes! Leaving the gym I had that song that goes something like "ain't nothing gonna hold me down...oh-no... I got to keep on moving" and my day seemed brightened and just then I found deodorant in my car!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Operation upchuck

Friday, I was SO proud of myself! I made it to the gym during lunch and ran 2.5 miles between setting 6-7 (10 - 8:43 minute mile ). I got off the treadmill early so I could do some extra stretching since I hadn't ran in awhile and since I have a 11 mile run through MOUNTAINS, I thought I would do some injury prevention.

Later on in the day I started to feel sick to my stomach and was feeling cold chills run through me. Soon I felt like I was going to pass out. I made it to the restroom and put water on my face and got a cold drink. Right when I made it make to my desk I felt the urge to make another restroom visit, this time it was to commence operation upchuck! Funny, how when that happens EVERYONE assumes you are pregnant! But I am not. I take the pill religiously at 9PM. Anywho, I thought I had over did it on the run and maybe my stomach was upset. Then I threw up for a SECOND time. I started to analysis all I had eaten that day and the thought of food poisoning ran through my head. Maybe the cream cheese that was sitting outside for an hour before I put it on my Friday bagel was the culprit. Or maybe it was the sandwich meat in my sandwich that was out of the fridge when i drove to Jay's and then drove to work the next day. Then I puked for a THIRD time... WTH? The minute my boss left, I was out the door to Jay's. Right before I left I had a Sprite and Cheez-its to settle my system. My focus was wearing thin and I thought to myself how was I going to make it to Jay's and thank goodness I wasn't driving home, cuz that's a lot further. I should have NEVER ate the Cheez-Its and drank the Sprite! I'll spare you the details, but it's gnarly coming out and suck when a bunch of high schoolers are looking at you upchuck. I went to Jay's ans Slept Friday night and Saturday. Jay was a sweetheart and took care of me. Made sure I had a bucket my the bed, which came in handy during upchuck # 5. I don't see how I would ever have made it downstairs in time. He got me saltine crackers, soup, Ginger Ale and Sprite.

I missed the math lab Saturday that I needed to go to to study for my math midterm and missed turning in homework Friday night for my online class. Oh well... that's life! I slept pretty much all of Sunday too, which I was supposed to come into work and work on a project. I finished the project today, tho!

This morning at 3:00 AM I woke up to Jay puking. Poor guy! I got him sick! He went to work for 6 hours and got someone to cover for him and now is resting at my house.

I'm feeling better and now he is not!

Friday, November 2, 2007


Jay told me that he had something for me. Before he went to his car he said it was "small." And then he got down on one knee...

Now, I am taking it too far. But he DID get me a RING!

It came of the cupcake he ate! Aw! Too cute!

Happy Belated Halloween

Happy belated Halloween!!! I was hoping to get out and go to a party, but that didn't happen :( I wanted to be the queen from the movie 300 sooooo bad, but me moving and with midterm, it just didn't happen. Oh well, next year! Unless, I find a happening party this weekend. Granted, I still have a midterm, essay and research paper to do, so maybe I will stay home. Oh, and I can't forget unpacking! I guess no Halloween party for me.

Last Friday my work had their annual "Fall Festival" where the building have a theme and decorate accordingly. My building went with the theme from the movie Monster House. Then kids come and go through out the building and get candy from candy stations, watch the movie that goes with the theme, and enjoy goodies along the way.

Jay came as Jay and Jayle came as a cute giraffe and scored on the candy. I can't lie, I grabbed so for myself too! They had my favorite - butterfinger.

We turned the corner and this employee was showing off his pet reptile. Not sure what it is, but I think it's a gecko. Had this been 20 years ago, I would have FREAKED out! I was not a fan of anything that wasn't furry and purr'd.
Hope you had a spooky one!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coughing up a lung!

We've been having fires in CA the past couple days. My work is VERY close to one of the sites. There's so much smoke in the air that the sun looks red all day long. When I walked out of a local shop I could see fires blazing in the hills in front of the store. On the drive to school, I passed a fire that was at the old El Toro base.
My work is retarded! The are obviously all about revenue and not the employee's health. The last two days we have gotten email that say
"We are continuing to monitor the current Santiago fire and smoke hazard with the Orange County Fire Authority. There continues to be no OCFA evacuation order in effect for any of our Southern California facilities.
While employees can't make it to work because the 5 Freeway is closed, school districts are closed, and employee either aren't coming in or have to leave early because their house needs to be evacuated. But hey, at least today they gave us mask. Of course with 2k employee they didn't want to spend too much money on masks, so there is a packet, YES ONE packet of them on the receptionist desk and no formal announcement has been made that they are there.
I was chatting with Cindy about them and she made me laugh with
i'm so sure if you go up in flames the mask will at least keep you
from smoke inhalation so you can burn to death instead of suffocate.

Camera happy gal

It's been crazy over here lately. I am moving, have 3 family birthdays in the same week, mid-terms and my regular life stuff. Last Thursday, October 18th was my nieces b-day. She came home to a surprise b-day dinner with her friends and family members.

I wanted to get her sneakers so bad, but there were none in her size, so I went with a gift certificate to Hot Topic, a bookmark with a timer on it and the book "5 Effective Habits of a Successful Teen." She is in her HS years and I wan to give her whatever tools I can to help her be a great student! I am sure she will use the GC before the book, but oh well... teens will be teens.


I stayed home and starting packing, sort, reminiscing. I was eating a bowl of cereal and a HUMONGOUS flake came out of the box! It's so blog worthy!

I attacked my kitchen and this is midway through the battle. Flat Coke hope you have a more organized mess when you move then I have.

My Mom stopped by to drop off dinner and pick up plants that I am giving to her and my sister. While she was there she went through all the stuff I was getting rid of and to my surprise took almost all of it. My Mom is involved in many churches and took the stuff for either the homeless, church plays or for herself.
These are 4 bags of clothes that I am getting rid of and am happy that they are going to homeless/less-fortunate in the Orange County Community. All that was just from my dressers. Last night Jay helped me sort through my closets and I came up with 5 MORE BAGS! There was some stuff that i placed on the floor near my apartment dumpster and they were gone in less then 30 minutes. What I find interesting was that it was 11:00 PM! What are people doing that late at night getting stuff? But I was happy that people were taking them verses going to landfills.
Jay and I went to Cirque de solei corteo.

Neither one of us had ever gone to a Cirque de solei. I must say it was one of the coolest shows I had gone to and I hear that if I enjoyed this one, the ones in Vegas are 10x's better. We will have to make a trip up to Vegas to see another show!
During intermission, we went through all the neat stuff in the gift shop/tent. Guess how much this mask cost? $100+ I guess that have to make money somewhere.

No camera were allowed inside, but I took a picture anyway with my flash off. My MOST favorite part was when they had a small lady attached to 4 HUGE balloons and pushed her into the crowd. Crowd members would push her feet and around the arena see went.
I met up with my sister and my niece and went to the Bridal Expo at the Orange County Fair Ground.
How appropriate that it would be here and me and the bride-to-be used to spend many summers here with our live stock. In this very ring we won tons of awards for showmanship and market.
Aw! Look they give the bride a sticker so she can be easily ID'd!

The Expo is filled with everything for before, during and after the wedding. And almost each both has samples of wedding cake, catering yummy and if they are not a food vendor they have candy or cookies. Needless to say we sampled a lot.

Then we passed by the both that made us all want to jump on a treadmill! This is what 5lbs of fat looks like. That's a big bulk. Eeeww!

I'm sponsoring my sister and her hubby's wedding invites and we found the ones! It's a royal red with gold boarder. The writing will be in gold, as well. It comes in a cute box, too.

For ordering the invites at the show, I got 10% off the entire order AND a purple (my favorite color) shirt with rhinestones that say "bridesmaid" and my sis got one that said "Property of the Groom."
Afterward, I rushed home to set up a surprise for Jay. We have a reward system that we use for each other and he had one coming for completing his Marketing class, Marketing Plan and getting a good grade, as well! ( ithink it was an A, right?) But I wanted to make it EXTRA special because he made
GO BABY! When he got home from work there was rose petals leading to the bedroom and bathroom. In the bathtroom a warm bath was drawn for him with his favorite scent bath salt, cinnamon spice. Candles were lit leading to the bathroom and in it. When he was taking a bath I brought in abreakfast-in-bed tray with his favorite beverage, snacks and magazines. While he relaxed int he tub, I finished preparing dinner. I cooked (yes, you read that correctly I COOKED!!!) BBQ flavored chicken, rice pilaf and steam veggies. From the bathroom to the bedroom was a trail of rose petals that lead to a heart shaped with rose petals in the bed. We enjoyed a great dinner and then he was treated to a full body massage by yours truly.
Bay, I am SO PROUD of you! You rock!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Plan B

I was on a round of antibiotics for 5 days for that wonderful (NOT!) bladder infection. You are supposed to not have sex or if you do, use protection because the antibiotics lower the effectiveness of birth control pill. So what do you get when you put two horn balls together that don't like condom? A pull out session. Since pre-cum can have some armed sperms ready for the hunt, I opted with the morning after pill. The name of is too funny -- "PLAN B" So $45 later, I'm protected!

So no mini Jaynessa in the works and would like to keep it that way!

I was Shot

It's super smoky by my work. My car is full of ashes and from my work windows you can see white smoke and black grounds where fires have blown through. I am in building A and today's meeting with the needle was in building C, so instead of walking, I got in my car and drove down two building.

I have never been a fan of needles. I remember being a kid and my sisters and I had to go get blood drawn. My cousin had gone the day before and had a huge bump from it. She forgot to mention how the bump got there. She was freaking out, had to have 3-4 medical assistant to hold her down and as the needle was in her she was moving, so no duh she would have a HUGE bump!

I hid under my bed and pretended to be asleep. My family looked for me and with some "coaxing" words from my Dad (ie. You have 5 seconds to get out or else you will go to the doctor with a bruised butt). We headed off and even though my two sisters before me didn't come out with a big bruised bump, I cried, and cried and made a big deal of it. I ended up sitting on my Mom's lap and got the blood taken from my veins. I didn't get the "I didn't cry" sticker or a lolli pop, but oh well!

To this day, I get weird about needles! I have to have the phlebotimist talk to me, I can't see the needle and can't walk them put it in either.

Which reminds me of another story.

When I was assigned to my little Navy group and we went down to get all our medical done. I learned the next drill weekend that they lost my first set of paperwork, so I had to get my AIDS test taken again. I went down to medical and I was an official guinea pig. The girl doing it had a person behind her walking her through the steps!

And who, I got my flu shot by our employee nurse today. She my job has a nurse. What can I say, we are spoiled! If you ever need anything from anticaid and cough drops to an ergonomic work setting evaulation, she is your gal!

I am ok and alive fromt he situation. I felt a litle warm and faint afterward, but nothing serious. It's just all in my head.

Friday, October 19, 2007

GREAT DEAL... Don't miss out!

Victoria Secrets has to be out of their mind! I get an email today that if I spend $150 online I get a FREE mini VS dog. But the ad says with any pink purchase. I think they need to revisit there marketing scheme, cuz this doesn't make want to jump and go shopping!

Gonna be a bear

In this life I'm a women. In my next life, I'd like to come back as a bear. When you're a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for six months. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you're supposed to eat yourself stupid. I could deal with that, too.

When you're a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you're sleeping and wake to partially grown cute, cuddly cubs. I could definitely deal with that!!!

If you're a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them, too. I could deal with that.

If you're a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup, gonna be a bear!

My bubble burst too!

To make a long story short, I had to return my original Tanita Inner Scan weight scale and my new one came in today. I was so excited, that I took it out of the box and set it up at my cubicle and did all the measurement. With out going over all my measurements, fact is I'm fat! :(

They came with protein bars and cookies, but now I am not excited for food as I was before I got on the scale.

I'm not missing my gym workout for sure!

Getting to know you

I got n email from Cindy yesterday saying she was bored and asking people to post… so this should entertain you for a little while!

Not too long ago I was being a typical girl and asking Jay tons of questions… so here are some and guess what, if you are reading it YOU ARE OFFICIALLY TAGGED to answer the questions on your blog!

Why were you given your particular name?
My Dad picked out my name. In fact, I think he picked out each sister’s name. If you haven’t heard the story before, it goes like this. My Dad was in a grocery store parking lot, when he spots a very attractive girl. The significant other of this girl called out to her, “Vanessa” and there the seed was planted in my Dad’s mind that his soon to be born baby girl shall be named Vanessa.

Funny, my Dad names all his daughters after attractive girls.

What is your favorite cookie?
Chocolate with white chocolate chips and/or macadamia nuts.

What place would you like to visit?
1. South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore

2. Egypt to see the pyramids
3. Turks and Caicos – for their diving
4. Cancun – See the pyramids
5. Northern CA – Redwood Forest & Yosemite (Yes, I live in the State and have not experienced these two treasures)
6. NY (so much to see there and it looks like I will be visiting this one is spring)
7. Spain – To see where my ancestors came from (another one that will be happening in Summer )
8. New Zealand/Australia

What is your favorite thing about your mom?
Her cooking

What is your favorite thing about your dad?
EVERYTHING! Mainly, the way his mind worked and that he would love to share it with me.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
My randomness

What musical instruments can you play?
“One time at band camp..” Yup, I used to play the flute! Haven’t pick one up since the 5th grade, tho.

What is the strangest thing you ever did?
Funny how the sexiest, stupidest, smartest thing I ever did pop in my head, but strangest, not so easy!
I guess being bored and have nothing to do at 2AM. I would dress in full goth and walk to random locations to see what time they opened. Also, I have play hide-and-go-seek in a cemetery.

What is the strangest food you ever ate?
Besides, accidentally eating food that has good bad. The weirdest thing I ate was a hollowed out pickle with strawberry ice cream stuffed in it. No I was not pregnant. I was in HS and a friend recommended it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

After class last night, Jay and I went to the gym. He taught me some lifting exercises and we hit the steam room. I was already super tired to begin with, but the steam room put me over the edge.

We headed home were I noticed I had a frequency need to urinate.
AH! I think I have a bladder infection. I’m going to the doc today to get meds. In the meantime, Jay was kind enough to make a trip to the local store for some over-the-counter stuff to help me. And had to make a second trip because he got the right brand, but was the wrong stuff -- cranberry concentrate supplement. So right before he left, I passed out on him.
(Btw, I am on the phone with him right now reliving the moment) He was gazing at me admiring my peaceful look as I drifted to dreamland. He said he thought “ah, so pretty…!”


I started to snore! AND it woke me up! We laugh for a little while and now today, I am cracking up at that moment over and over again!

Conversations with MOM

My Mom stopped by my work to bring me lunch. I was going to go to the gym and run 3 miles, but once I saw her I decided to skip the gym and spend some QT. We sat near the horse trails behind my work and talked about everything! My relationship with Jay, our family past, she gave me motherly advice, sex, my Dad's estate, we talked about my friend Santa and what's up in her life, about mothers in general and their POV. As I was walking her back to her car, the conversation of anal came up. Not sure exactly how it came up, but it did. And then I shared with her that Jay and I have had anal and the conversation went on.

(I am picturing Jay reading this and his cheeks getting red)

I interrupted her sentence with "do you think it's weird that I just told you Jay have done it anally? Her reply "No, that's FANTASTIC!"

I love it that my family is so open and that I have a Mom that I can talk to like a friend!

oh, and she brought me a spinach salad, plantain bananas cooked in molasses, sweet potatoes, and chicken enchiladas. Can you tell she is used to cooking for a big family!

MOMs, you gotta love them!

Uh-oh, spaghetti ohs!

*head bowing down in shame*

Yesterday, YES YESTERDAY, was boss' day and I had no clue! =(

Nothing I can do now! I guess I better use my boss' credit card to order my own flower for Administrative Day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kick butt to pussy cat

Saturday evening, Jay and I enter the world of ancient warriors who have perfected the art of hand-to-hand and weapons combat through hours of daily training for more than 1,000 years. It was Shaolin Monk Warriors displaying their art and some deadly moves!

Coolest moment of the night was finding out that this was Jay's first theater style show!

The cutest part of the show had to be the 2 youngest monks that were about 5 - 6 years old.

Funniest part had to be when kids from the audience came up to the stage and learn a kung fu kata and at the ki-ah part, on kid screamed "soy sauce!"

Most amazing part was when one monk laid on the sward blades (YES! THE SHARP PART), the a bed of nails was rest on his stomach. They proceed to place another monk on top of the bed of nail and placed a cement brick on the second monk's tummy. You probably guess what is next! A third monk brought out a sledge hammer and broke the cement block. Talk about an OUCH sandwich! But both monks walked away unharmed!

Sunday I met up with Cindy to join a bunch of gals and learn some new dance moves. I am not gifted when it comes to choreographed stuff and was being a little goof ball in class. The style of dance was burlesque and I couldn't stop laugh at me in my ballet shoes. The recommended something with soles so that you didn't slip and break something. Some girls were in heels and didn't falls, trip, slip once. I don't think I would take up the class, but a good time was had!

p/s Cindy can swing on a pole! Mr W. time to invest in one!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Be green

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind.
In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.
So here is my issue... stragely enough I just wrote my essay on this for my first in-class essay of the semester.
Alaska is truly our nation’s last frontier. It is also the last place in the U.S. where a few hunters still use aircraft to chase and kill wolves and other animals. They shoot these animals from the air or chase them to exhaustion before landing and shooting them point blank.

More than 30 years ago, Congress put an end to aerial hunting. But Alaska is exploiting a loophole in federal law to resume the practice. Other states could soon follow suit. It’s time to stop aerial hunting once and for all.
To read more about it and see what you can do to help stop it, visit website.
BTW, 14-20 is Wolf Awareness week

Thursday, October 11, 2007

What is the world coming to?

I step out of my car and the parking stall ,divider lanes had an advertisement on it. If you in one of the first 10 stalls, then you are officicall a desperate housewife as it is reserved speciaffically for them. SO what happens if a guy parks there?


After this morning's ordinal with my Dad's Estate loan and everything else that goes along with Probate, I've decided to do this..

*stepping on my soap box*

To all that have property, kids, own a vehicle, have final wishes, want a specific person to be Executor, etc, etc...

For the love of God, please get a trust!

If you have a bank account, go there and make sure you have select a beneficiary and that beneficiary know that they are it!


*stepping off my soap box*

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fire lit...

Now how do I keep the fire that has been lit from under me to stay lit?

A girl's worst nightmare happened to me, I GAINED weight! And now many of you might say it's muscle, blah, blah, blah... but I HIGHLY doubt it.

I went to the doc's office this morning and I was excited because I saw that my weight had a zero at the end, so I THOUGHT I had lost weight. See I was at 1(blank)2 early this week. I told the nurse that I was excited and she walked out saying maybe she saw it wrong and then came back in the room and notified me that I was wrong. Her eyes were fine and my eye balls need a check up. My little bubble had burst!

Earlier in the week I had weighted myself and lost 2 lbs and now I have gained 8? AH! Maybe it was that pint of Rocky Road ice cream. Maybe it's the scales? Or maybe it's the fact that SHE is here! Either way, I am hitting the gym tonight and TRYING to stay focused and motivated!

Oh, I need to get back on that running program again, ASAP! I act like I don't have a FULL marathon coming up or something! You would think that would be enough motivation...but it's not cutting it for me.

Any advice on how to stay motivated on my day to day basis???

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Family blues

Yesterday, I received a call from my Mom letting me know that my aunt Lili's son was stabbed and he is in the hospital. When I was younger I visited my cousin and his family a lot, so I was surprised when my Mom said, "David was stabbed... do you know David???" Of course, I do! We used to go to their house specifically becasue the had two playgrounds!!!! How could I forget? It was kid heaven! Maybe it was because she was stressed, but I found it a little amusing that she would think I would forget him or didn't know him for that matter.

It all went down on Sunday when my cousin was at a party and his friend and some person (not in their group) got into an argument. My cousin doesn't speak Spanish so didn't know what the two guys were arguing about. Moments later the guy returns with a group ofhis friend and my cousin gets stabbed in the stomach during a fight. He was rushed to the hospital and admitted for immediate surgery. Yesterday when I called he was in and out of consciousness, but stable. He will need to remain in the hospital for 5 days. He was lucky! The knife pierced through a main artry and he was close to death.

Moments like this I don't know the protocol. Do I visit while he is in the hospital? I remember being in the hospital many times and I was so out of it, I didn't get to enjoy the company or recongnize that people even came. Maybe I need to be there for my aunt, or shoudl I just stop by her house when he gets released?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Boot Camp Challenge

Prerace meal was breakfast burritos made by the one and only, Jay! Very yummy! We made it to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot ready to go with our breakfast for Champions in out tummies.

Prerace motivation was watching recruits in formation on the Parade Deck.
Jay is not a huge fan of taking pictures, so here I am taking one with out him know and it came out pretty good!

When I saw this big on my screen I wanted to die! Am I trying to make a fashion statement with my pants so high up?
Look at us, it doesn't even look like we just ran for 30 minutes through hell and back! Little do you know, we were just there. j/k
My race results:
Time: 30.08
Overall: 695th

Mr. W is modeling the Go Girl energy drink that was given in out goodie bag. In the bag was dog tags, coupons, muscle mag and my favorite on a $39 50 min massage coupon. I will be cashing in on that soon!

Poor Doggie! What is your owner doing to you?

After a cool recovery lunch & shopping with Cindy, Mr. W and Jay at the outlet, Jay and I headed off to the BEACH! We were in search for the nude beach, but the gate to enter was closed, so we went to the next one down. I improvised and wore my panties and sports bra as a bathing suit.
We ended the night with watching the movie Knocked Up. Why is it that everyone that had seen it never told me about the vagina shot of the baby coming out????