Monday, October 8, 2007

Boot Camp Challenge

Prerace meal was breakfast burritos made by the one and only, Jay! Very yummy! We made it to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot ready to go with our breakfast for Champions in out tummies.

Prerace motivation was watching recruits in formation on the Parade Deck.
Jay is not a huge fan of taking pictures, so here I am taking one with out him know and it came out pretty good!

When I saw this big on my screen I wanted to die! Am I trying to make a fashion statement with my pants so high up?
Look at us, it doesn't even look like we just ran for 30 minutes through hell and back! Little do you know, we were just there. j/k
My race results:
Time: 30.08
Overall: 695th

Mr. W is modeling the Go Girl energy drink that was given in out goodie bag. In the bag was dog tags, coupons, muscle mag and my favorite on a $39 50 min massage coupon. I will be cashing in on that soon!

Poor Doggie! What is your owner doing to you?

After a cool recovery lunch & shopping with Cindy, Mr. W and Jay at the outlet, Jay and I headed off to the BEACH! We were in search for the nude beach, but the gate to enter was closed, so we went to the next one down. I improvised and wore my panties and sports bra as a bathing suit.
We ended the night with watching the movie Knocked Up. Why is it that everyone that had seen it never told me about the vagina shot of the baby coming out????


General Francis X. Hummel said...

You are very quick with that camera. I always knew cats were sneaky! I had a good day at the race and afterwards.

Jane Doe said...

I learn from the best... Angelina and Maxwell! LOL, yay right, they try to be sneaky but lack the wild cat instincts!

Anonymous said...

How in the world did you manage to get a picture of both you AND Jay perfectly framed in profile without even LOOKING at the camera?!

Don't worry about the high pants. They don't look high. You ARE a tall girl.

And MY goodie bag did not have a dog tag. I'm still upset about that. =P I paid good money for that race!! But then Dwaine paid good money too and didn't even go. I think he made his team forfeit (only having 4 show up for a 5-man team) cuz they didn't show up on the finisher results online at all.

Nude beach. I'm glad Mr. W doesn't read blogs. (BTW, doesn't your underwear get washed off in the water? Maybe it's just me.)

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - You called when I was in class and I forgot to call back SORRY! Boo on Dwaine! That's too bad that his team had to forfeit! I would of ran it anyways. Have you heard from him, yet?

Anonymous said...

No! The dweeber has not called me back, despite all the messages I'd left on his cell! I may not call him again, ever! Hmmph.

Anonymous said...

He called me back. My phone was dead so he left a vm. He saved our friendship.

Jane Doe said...

Good! Good for him he got your VM and not you live. Hope he had a good time in SD