Friday, October 5, 2007

My untanned bottom

Monday was my first workout during lunch and I was a trooper. I workout even after realizing I didn't have a pair of socks! Silly me only brought ONE sock and I wan't about to make a fashion statement and sport just one!

Wednesday went SMOOTHLY!

*patting myself on the back!*

Today, however, after a good workout I found myself towel-less for my shower. Seeing how I was going back to work, I couldn't skip out on the shower. I frantically look in my bag for something to wipe myself dry with and found a clean shirt that I was going to use for my run tonight.

Normally, since the gym is literally 3 minutes from my work, I get dress in the shower to avoid seeing any of my coworker nekkid. Or worst, them seeing me nekkid or any of my tattoos!!

So there I am getting dress, have my bra on, then I put on my black undershirt, topped off with a cute, orange, v-neck and reach for my panties and they are NO WHERE to be seen! ICK! I grabbed my stuff and made a mad dash to the locker for my panties. (SORRY, no photos! LOL!) Good thing there was no co-workers in sight. Had this been Monday I would have had three co-workers and my VP's wife in the locker room all seeing my untanned butt!

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