Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Conversations with MOM

My Mom stopped by my work to bring me lunch. I was going to go to the gym and run 3 miles, but once I saw her I decided to skip the gym and spend some QT. We sat near the horse trails behind my work and talked about everything! My relationship with Jay, our family past, she gave me motherly advice, sex, my Dad's estate, we talked about my friend Santa and what's up in her life, about mothers in general and their POV. As I was walking her back to her car, the conversation of anal came up. Not sure exactly how it came up, but it did. And then I shared with her that Jay and I have had anal and the conversation went on.

(I am picturing Jay reading this and his cheeks getting red)

I interrupted her sentence with "do you think it's weird that I just told you Jay have done it anally? Her reply "No, that's FANTASTIC!"

I love it that my family is so open and that I have a Mom that I can talk to like a friend!

oh, and she brought me a spinach salad, plantain bananas cooked in molasses, sweet potatoes, and chicken enchiladas. Can you tell she is used to cooking for a big family!

MOMs, you gotta love them!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd. If I were ever injected with that sodium whatever solution used for a "truth serum" and was unable to keep my mouth shut altogether in the presence of my mother, any information like what you told your mom would send MY mom to an early grave.

General Francis X. Hummel said...

I knew your mom was cool. My reaction still did anal come up that is not a topic that just comes up outta nowhere. Dad, "honey do the kids in school call you names? dummy if you answer a question wrong....or cameltoe?"

Jane Doe said...

Cindy - My family is ridiculously open. Once my sisters and I were having dinner with my Dad and we debated about strippers and if vaginas were pretty or ugly.

Jay - Yup, my Mom is cool! Seriously, that's just the way my family is, we jump from one subject to the other. I think we were talking about opening up to each other and experience, etc. And I love the Weather Man... that part cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Mom rocks! LOL!!!!!

Jane Doe said...

Mom does rock! She realized that we are all human beings and just because we are her daughters doesn't mean we don't do stuff like that. Eeww!Does that mean Mom and Dad did it and that's why she thinks it fantastic?

AutoPets said...

Sorry to jump in with a comment like this, but we just have to announce our new product, the Litter-Robot Open Air.