Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I was Shot

It's super smoky by my work. My car is full of ashes and from my work windows you can see white smoke and black grounds where fires have blown through. I am in building A and today's meeting with the needle was in building C, so instead of walking, I got in my car and drove down two building.

I have never been a fan of needles. I remember being a kid and my sisters and I had to go get blood drawn. My cousin had gone the day before and had a huge bump from it. She forgot to mention how the bump got there. She was freaking out, had to have 3-4 medical assistant to hold her down and as the needle was in her she was moving, so no duh she would have a HUGE bump!

I hid under my bed and pretended to be asleep. My family looked for me and with some "coaxing" words from my Dad (ie. You have 5 seconds to get out or else you will go to the doctor with a bruised butt). We headed off and even though my two sisters before me didn't come out with a big bruised bump, I cried, and cried and made a big deal of it. I ended up sitting on my Mom's lap and got the blood taken from my veins. I didn't get the "I didn't cry" sticker or a lolli pop, but oh well!

To this day, I get weird about needles! I have to have the phlebotimist talk to me, I can't see the needle and can't walk them put it in either.

Which reminds me of another story.

When I was assigned to my little Navy group and we went down to get all our medical done. I learned the next drill weekend that they lost my first set of paperwork, so I had to get my AIDS test taken again. I went down to medical and I was an official guinea pig. The girl doing it had a person behind her walking her through the steps!

And who, I got my flu shot by our employee nurse today. She my job has a nurse. What can I say, we are spoiled! If you ever need anything from anticaid and cough drops to an ergonomic work setting evaulation, she is your gal!

I am ok and alive fromt he situation. I felt a litle warm and faint afterward, but nothing serious. It's just all in my head.


Anonymous said...

Well, you know MY blood-drawing story. YECH. It's weird, cuz you can tell yourself, "I've endured way worse pain than this; I've lost patches of skin bigger than this; I get bruises more violently than this..." and it doesn't help. At least it's done and over! What did you have blood drawn for, just a checkup?

Jane Doe said...

When I was little we all had to get blood drawn. Not fun at all!

At work, no blood drawn, just the flu shot.. I am wuss... I KNOW!