Thursday, October 25, 2007

Camera happy gal

It's been crazy over here lately. I am moving, have 3 family birthdays in the same week, mid-terms and my regular life stuff. Last Thursday, October 18th was my nieces b-day. She came home to a surprise b-day dinner with her friends and family members.

I wanted to get her sneakers so bad, but there were none in her size, so I went with a gift certificate to Hot Topic, a bookmark with a timer on it and the book "5 Effective Habits of a Successful Teen." She is in her HS years and I wan to give her whatever tools I can to help her be a great student! I am sure she will use the GC before the book, but oh well... teens will be teens.


I stayed home and starting packing, sort, reminiscing. I was eating a bowl of cereal and a HUMONGOUS flake came out of the box! It's so blog worthy!

I attacked my kitchen and this is midway through the battle. Flat Coke hope you have a more organized mess when you move then I have.

My Mom stopped by to drop off dinner and pick up plants that I am giving to her and my sister. While she was there she went through all the stuff I was getting rid of and to my surprise took almost all of it. My Mom is involved in many churches and took the stuff for either the homeless, church plays or for herself.
These are 4 bags of clothes that I am getting rid of and am happy that they are going to homeless/less-fortunate in the Orange County Community. All that was just from my dressers. Last night Jay helped me sort through my closets and I came up with 5 MORE BAGS! There was some stuff that i placed on the floor near my apartment dumpster and they were gone in less then 30 minutes. What I find interesting was that it was 11:00 PM! What are people doing that late at night getting stuff? But I was happy that people were taking them verses going to landfills.
Jay and I went to Cirque de solei corteo.

Neither one of us had ever gone to a Cirque de solei. I must say it was one of the coolest shows I had gone to and I hear that if I enjoyed this one, the ones in Vegas are 10x's better. We will have to make a trip up to Vegas to see another show!
During intermission, we went through all the neat stuff in the gift shop/tent. Guess how much this mask cost? $100+ I guess that have to make money somewhere.

No camera were allowed inside, but I took a picture anyway with my flash off. My MOST favorite part was when they had a small lady attached to 4 HUGE balloons and pushed her into the crowd. Crowd members would push her feet and around the arena see went.
I met up with my sister and my niece and went to the Bridal Expo at the Orange County Fair Ground.
How appropriate that it would be here and me and the bride-to-be used to spend many summers here with our live stock. In this very ring we won tons of awards for showmanship and market.
Aw! Look they give the bride a sticker so she can be easily ID'd!

The Expo is filled with everything for before, during and after the wedding. And almost each both has samples of wedding cake, catering yummy and if they are not a food vendor they have candy or cookies. Needless to say we sampled a lot.

Then we passed by the both that made us all want to jump on a treadmill! This is what 5lbs of fat looks like. That's a big bulk. Eeeww!

I'm sponsoring my sister and her hubby's wedding invites and we found the ones! It's a royal red with gold boarder. The writing will be in gold, as well. It comes in a cute box, too.

For ordering the invites at the show, I got 10% off the entire order AND a purple (my favorite color) shirt with rhinestones that say "bridesmaid" and my sis got one that said "Property of the Groom."
Afterward, I rushed home to set up a surprise for Jay. We have a reward system that we use for each other and he had one coming for completing his Marketing class, Marketing Plan and getting a good grade, as well! ( ithink it was an A, right?) But I wanted to make it EXTRA special because he made
GO BABY! When he got home from work there was rose petals leading to the bedroom and bathroom. In the bathtroom a warm bath was drawn for him with his favorite scent bath salt, cinnamon spice. Candles were lit leading to the bathroom and in it. When he was taking a bath I brought in abreakfast-in-bed tray with his favorite beverage, snacks and magazines. While he relaxed int he tub, I finished preparing dinner. I cooked (yes, you read that correctly I COOKED!!!) BBQ flavored chicken, rice pilaf and steam veggies. From the bathroom to the bedroom was a trail of rose petals that lead to a heart shaped with rose petals in the bed. We enjoyed a great dinner and then he was treated to a full body massage by yours truly.
Bay, I am SO PROUD of you! You rock!


Anonymous said...

he made the deans list???
Wow! :D
I am so proud of him! That is awesome! And DANG!!!!! You had a bunch of cllothes gurl! Many ppls will be blessed and cloth cuz of u! Good job! :) Ilove all the picture and I had such a great time and the bridal show! :) Love ya and TTYL

Jane Doe said...

He sure did! I am so proud of him, too! That's a big deal and I wanted to celebrate all that hard work!

I know, I had clothes since Junior high. I couldn't believe it. You shoudl have see Jay's face when he saw some of the stuff. I finally got rid of some of my goth stuff, but not my coat! NEVER!

How are the invites coming along? DId the lady email you?

Anonymous said...

Hey, where are the pictures of the rose petals and candles and the tub? j/k

I was hoping to read your scholarly boy's reaction to seeing all your work, but you didn't write anything about it, so I went to his site, and he hasn't blogged yet. Haha. Did he like the bath? Was he surprised? Did he feel SPOILED? =)

Jane Doe said...

I was neverous that he might not like it, but he totally digged it. It was cute, after he sat in his bath tub he called his BF in NY and ask him "guess where I am right now..." He loved every part of it and said it was the specialest thing that a girl has ever done.

*putting kudo points on the board for me*

*and for Jay for saying it and doing all the work to get the reward*

Anonymous said...

that's SO CUTE. That he called his boy and BRAGGED!!

General Francis X. Hummel said...

Well, I was not really bragging. Just telling him how special I felt. I was really shocked and extremely appreciative that Vanessa put all that effort into catering to me and spoiling me. It was like my own personal spa day! I loved every minute of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Actually, I think I must have said thank you about 100 times that night as well as how good I felt. oh yeah...the coat you were referring to was in my drawer..but I took it to the good will. I thought you said you didnt want it any more.

Jane Doe said...

"bragging"/"telling same diff. lol I 'm glad you appreciated it!